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Friday, 10 February 2017

He Will Not Divide Us HWNDU SHUT DOWN Liberalism Dying

By Julius Maltby

10 Feb 2017
Earlier today, the He Will Not Divide Us #HWNDU #Hewillnotdivideus Live Web cam installed on the Museum of the Moving Image was shut down. Progressive Liberal Globalists are losing on all fronts. Their violence and vitriol is the manifestation of their impending defeat. KEEP UP THE MOMENTUM. DO NOT ABATE, DIMINISH OR RELENT YOUR EFFORTS. Drive these SJW's, Feminists, Man Haters, Christian Haters, Heterosexual Haters, Traditional Family Haters, Gun Haters, Rural America Haters, Catholic Haters, Worker Haters, Western Civilization Haters from the land. Drive them before us. In a cultural war their can only be ONE VICTOR. In order to have a victor, the enemy has to be utterly and totally defeated. EXPUNGE LIBERALISM. EXTINGUISH IT. The bulwarks of the liberal globalists have been breached. Now they need to be violently driven from any halls of power, humiliated and destroyed. They have shown that they will never tolerate anyone not like-minded, thus it is completely acceptable that we no longer tolerate or accept them in our midst. They are the minority and they will soon be the silent minority. The vitriolic attacks, violent riots and protests after a legitimate election in a free democracy accompanied with the burning of US flags and civil unrest is disgusting. This country is a fighting couple that just needs to get a divorce finalized. Dear Liberals, you are my ideological enemy forever. You refuse to fight for my rights, therefore I will never fight for yours. You are on your own. The problem is this - the red on the map is where food comes from, the red on the map is where your soldiers are raised, the red on the map is where mechanics, manufacturers, industry and even doctors come from. While you sit and study liberal arts, we build, construct, produce and work. You do nothing. Your occupations, your idle time, your thoughts and conversations are all meaningless and useless. The nation does not benefit from you. You are a disease, a pox upon the land. Be gone.

What is a Liberal? - A liberal/progressive is a self hating, anti western civilization, socialist, that is intolerant of any ideology outside of their own. They HATE white men, Christianity, Firearms, monogamous heterosexuals, English Common Law, sound money, and successful people. Typical Liberals are profoundly arrogant, pretentious and of an entitled demeanor. Often they are violent agitators of civil unrest, promoters of racial division, and violent illogical protests that they themselves do not understand. The Liberal suffers from a very low birth rate do to their inclination for abortion, high rates of birth control, and homosexual relationships - all resulting in a requirement to adopt or spread their ideology through perpetual indoctrination via the media or institutional education. Ultimately we foresee them going extinct, it just may take some time and a dose of violence.

I am much more a Libertarian than a "republitard". I consider myself a political atheist, not subscribing to either party. Even volunteerism is superior to our way of government now. The problem is, I do not agree that there is as much, "injustice" the main stream narrative suggests. What rights exactly do women NOT have here in America? They have if anything MORE rights then men. They have the RIGHT to not become property of the state and forced into the draft (they are exempt whereas at 18 as a male I was forced to register as a combatant for the state). Women are benefited by affirmative action, where they achieve preferential treatment in tests, and promotions and hiring by many institutions and agencies as well as accepted into colleges. Same goes for race. Seriously? Still pulling race cards, after 8 years of an African American president? After all the celebrities, highly paid sports athletes, doctors, lawyers, and so on, who happen to be of diverse racial background. Stop trying to fan the flames of hate and race contention like CNN wants you to. I am not looking to the 19th century as a goal - I am looking for a world where the progressive liberals and liberal globalists stop forcing their ideology and world view on those who want none of it. The progressive liberals are like fundamentalist evangelicals or the protestants of old, forcing their beliefs on different cultures and people groups. Leave people alone. If I chose not to agree that a man can suddenly "identify" as a women and that is it, he can now use a women restroom, that is my right to believe and ENFORCE in my business or institution. If I do not want my child adopted by homosexuals, THAT IS MY RIGHT. Liberalism is a caustic ideology that dilutes cultures, assaults traditional family values, violently exterminates resistance to conformity (Bolsheviks, Jacobins), and wishes to wield the monopoly of force via the state to crush any who do not yield. I will fight liberalism until my dying breath.

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

If the government have ever calculated the economic cost of migrants/refugees

By M Baska

I wonder if the government have ever calculated the economic cost of migrants/refugees and benifit cheats remitting funds from the UK to other countries which varies per destination country.Migrants in the UK send money home using several channels. These include family and friends returning home, money transfers operators (MTOs) such as Western Union and MoneyGram, banks and informal hawala brokers The hawala method of transferring money is informal and it is very difficult to trace most of these flows using official government records.It is very difficult to collect data on the cost of remitting on the informal remittance market. However, the World Bank database on the cost of sending money through formal channels suggests that remitting from the UK using Western Union and MoneyGram is more expensive for those sending money to Poland in comparison with other major migrant sending countries to the UK. Sending GBP 120 to Poland costs GBP 10.33 using Western Union, while the same amount sent to India only costs GBP 8.50, this estimates is for November 2015.
However, differences between the costs of remitting to the five obvious destinations.
Estimated amounts of remittances sent from the UK in 2014 vary widely from £1.5 billion to £16.5 billion.
However, all main data sources agree that the UK is one of the top-10 remittances sending countries in the world.The UK accounts for 15% of remittances to Pakistan.
The cost of remitting from the UK varies per destination country and transfer method. The major money transfer operators (e.g. Western Union, MoneyGram) typically charge from 7 to 11% of the total amount remitted.
There is little information on the characteristics of remitters in the UK, including characteristics such as income levels and welfare programme participation. Some studies suggest that there are ethnic differences in remittance behaviour in the UK.

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Ian Millard - 'The Zionist Assault on freedom of Expression in England'

We slave under a ruthless Orwellian tyranny.  And the tyranny is killing us off.  Killing us off spiritually and biologically, killing us off as a culture, as a nation, as a people, as a race.  All those who oppose this tyranny and its agenda are hunted down, hounded, persecuted and destroyed.  No one is allowed to express an opinion of which the tyranny does not approve.  It doesn’t matter how wealthy you are, how influential you are or what you do for living.  If you reveal yourself as being opposed to the regime’s agenda, you reveal yourself as an enemy of the regime.  No one is safe, not even lawyers.  Sylvia Stolz was imprisoned in Germany for defending her client too zealously, yes, for her client was accused of a thought crime and such crimes are deemed the worst of crimes by our worst of rulers and our rulers are the worst of rulers. Ian Millard was a British barrister who was struck off from his profession and can no longer practise, and all for holding political views of which the regime did not approve.  There is no placating such a tyranny.  The only thing to do is to fight it.  For once they have taken away our means of earning a livelihood, once they have demonized us, ostracised us, destroyed our capacity to create and maintain families, then, we have nothing left to lose. The most dangerous creation of any society is a man with nothing left to lose.  And this society is creating an awful lot of men with nothing left to lose and that is why this society - this regime - is doomed.

Saturday, 4 February 2017


By Neil Whitelam

A SMALL ESSAY; Think about one word , one act that seems to have gone away.. 'discrimination' !Very rarely do we read about whites discriminating against non whites.Yes we used to read about it decades ago but its very uncommon today.What we do read about is white racism or alleged racism against non whites. This does not indicate to me that people have become racist, it indicates to me that people have become intolerant of all the 'race card playing' ' positive discrimination' ' affirmative action' ' forced diversification' the ' special preferential treatment' been dished out to non whites. One would ask why they need all the aforementioned if we do indeed live in an equal society ? Perhaps the aforementioned is proof we don't !!!!.Racism is a 'knee jerk' reaction to UNFAIRNESS a means of protest. But its not true racism I.e hate fuelled , like I said its a protest. ( however hate is a product of sustained unfairness).What I witness in the media is that the tables have changed, what we have now is a frame of mind, an attitude, a trend, a permission slip for non whites and the PC media to use all 'aforementioned' to whip us into place and corral us were our man dare not jump out of the corral for fear of been branded racist.  We have become a race of fearful, compliant zombies scared of our own shadows. Enoch Powell was right when he said the 'black man will have the whip hand over the white man' Yes a whip that the black man did not obtain himself but was rather handed by an over tolerant , empathic, sympathetic British people who believed in fair play.'Give them an inch and they took a mile' is a perfect way to describe the situation.But let us talk of alleged racist words like P-ki, Nig-er, C-on, Chi-k ... yes I had to abbreviate because the thought police will act !!!!We British have always used abbreviated slang words like the aforementioned to describe people, we even apply this slang towards our own like Taff, Geordie, paddy, cockney, jimmy, jock, yellow belly, brummy, scouser. the list is endless, we also apply it to people from other countries Frog, Spick, Dago, Kraut, Jap, scrob, The word N-gger or Nigga has now established itself in the English language, who established it ? not us whites but the blacks themselves, through their open use of it towards themselves on the street, in film and in music. Even white kids call themselves N-gga because in black culture it means homie or friend. I remember an American who once said to me that' N-ggers come in all colours' and if you read history they do- wiki states ' For reasons common to the slave condition all slave classes ( WHITE AND NON WHITE ) displayed a lack of industrial initiative and produced the famous Lazy Nigger, who under Russian serfdom and elsewhere was white. Just as not all blacks, even under the most degrading forms of slavery, consented to become niggers, so by no means all or even most of the niggers in history have been black........describes how many white residents of the Old Colony Housing Project in South Boston used this meaning to degrade the people considered to be of lower status, whether white or black. As you can see non whites do not have a monopoly on the word N-gger.Never the less in todays society it is accepted only non whites can call non whites N-gger whether as a compliment or insult.Now is this a FREE, TOLERANT, IMPARTIAL, EQUAL SOCIETY ?

Friday, 3 February 2017

British Pensioners Neglected By There Own Government yet Immigrants get Cornucopia

The Horrific Details of how our Old people after a life of service to what they believed to be there nation, are being BETRAYED! are listed below. The filth of the parasite corparate government quiet clearly favour foreigners and 3rd world free loaders. It is beyond belief. 

Additional Weekly Hardship Allowance: £0.00
Additional Weekly Hardship Allowance: £100.00
A British old age pensioner is no less hard up than an illegal immigrant/refugee yet receives nothing
Please read all and then forward to all your contacts so that we can lobby for a decent state pension.
After all, the average pensioner has paid taxes and contributed to the growth of this country for the last 40 to 60 years.
Sad isn't it? Surely it's about time we put our own people first.
Please have the guts to forward this. or copy an paste

Allegiance, Law and the Empty Golden Seats of Power

Published on 3 Feb 2017

Allegiance is essential.
Without allegiance there is no kingdom.
And since our government, right up to the Sovereign has no allegiance all seats of true government are empty...