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Sunday, 30 March 2014

Do We Have To Pay TAX? 001 - by White Rabbit [Spaniard PI]

Vladimir Putin: Russia Issues International Arrest Warrant For Rothschild Soros

Vladimir Putin: Russia Issues International Arrest Warrant For Rothschild & Soros!

Vladimir Putin, now in full control of Russia as Prime Minister, wishes to build a strong Christian nation. In a televised Christmas message on January 7 2008 Putin said:
 “The Russian Orthodox Church contributes to the promotion of moral values in society. One should not completely draw a line between the culture and the church. Of course by law in our country the church is separate from the state. But in the soul and the history of our people it’s all together. It always has been and always will be.”
Russia will make The United States reflect upon what they allowed Rothschild to do to their own country. So when you see protests against Vladimir now, keep in mind it is probably staged by The Rothschild’s trying to control Russia once again.
Putin Issues Arrest Warrant for Financial Terrorist George Soros!!
Financial terrorist and Hungarian bank dick, Convicted Felon George Soros… Russian Intelligence has fingered Soros for using cross-collateralized compounded Swedish and Danish foreign currency derivatives for the purpose of an attack on the Russian stock market..
Soros’ use of these cross-collateralized compounded derivatives utilizing Luxembourg banks violates the terms of the Basil II European Union banking agreement.
The thing that should give pause to the Heads of State Western is like Putin did in freeing Russia from those who wanted to bring the total economic and social collapse and beat up in jail all those who have tried.
Are they influencing Lubawitschern Putin? The fact is that Putin is loyal to Russia and its people, and never allow anyone, even when he is in command in that nation, to sell out and to let his country into the clutches of the NWO. For this he ordered to issue an international arrest warrant against George Soros, who has been caught red-handed as he prepared to send financial aid to what is called opposition in Russia, which recently made the streets in dozens of thousands of people telling lies and misinformation-cheating during the elections.

Now Mr. Soros has little room to continue his dirty games with the speculation that has devastated the entire global financial system, in collaboration Rothschild / Rockefeller and other jackals.
Putin’s speech, which was officially issued by the Russian authorities.
Today it is made public the following statement by the Russian Federation and its Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, has been asked for an arrest warrant against the International Terrorist Finance, the Hungarian currency-Mogul George Soros, the Russian secret services have found that Soros was using foreign currency derivatives with other Danes to start an attack against the Russian Currency Shares in the market.
It should be noted that Soros was using these derivatives with the help of Luxembourg banks, which is forbidden after the contract was made by the EU called Basel II.
Both the IMF (International Monetary Fund) and European Union have issued an Interpol “Red Notice” which is not only against the immediate arrest of Soros, but also against the Sharks on Finance, Bush, Clinton, criminal organization, Marc Rich and his firm, which is located in Switzerland, the Commodities Broker-Richfield, which is why the Russian Premier Putin has recently met the Chef of the Federal Reserve Bernanke Bermard making clear that the Russian Federation will not accept that such use is made of people like Soros and Rich to commit criminal acts of the derivatives market and Finance, which led to social destabilization across the globe.
Putin will be done and start the hunt for these criminals and their accomplices Bankers Rothschild, Rockefeller……….
………the full text at

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Why Did Zionists Create Pornography?

British Labour raise Pakistani Flag in England – Rochdale

British Labour raise Pakistani Flag in England – Rochdale – and it makes “Labour” happy

Reporter: Amy Westlake
Councillor Colin Lambert, Councillor Ashley Dearnley, Mayor Peter Rush, Simon Danczuk MP and Ghulam Rasul Shahzad OBE ready to raise the flag of PakistanCouncillor Colin Lambert, Councillor Ashley Dearnley, Mayor Peter Rush, Simon Danczuk MP and Ghulam Rasul Shahzad OBE ready to raise the flag of Pakistan
The flag of Pakistan was raised at the Town Hall this morning (Friday 21 March) to commemorate Pakistan Day.
The flag was raised by Mayor of Rochdale Councillor Peter Rush. The ceremony was attended by local dignitaries including Rochdale MP Simon Danczuk, Leader of the Council, Councillor Colin Lambert and local councillors.
Ghulam Rasul Shahzad OBE, who arranges the flag raising every year, said: “It is about our heritage and providing information to the local community. It is also about our youngsters as well because they are the future.”
Flag of Pakistan being raised
Flag of Pakistan being raised
Mr Shahzad was also thankful to Rochdale Council and local councillors for supporting the flag raising every year. He added: “I have to thank the Mayor for coming along and raising the flag and the council for their support every year. People come to this event and it really brings everyone together.”
MP for Rochdale, Simon Danczuk said: “It is great that we have so many people of Pakistani origin in Rochdale, not only in the community but in the business community as well. It is a pleasure to be here today.”
Students from Rochdale Girls Schools at the flag raising
Students from Rochdale Girls School at the flag raising
Councillor Colin Lambert added: “This is about the cultural heritage that is brought to our borough.”
Councillor Ashley Dearnely said: “It is my pleasure to be here every year. It is great to see our town united and I think we have been lucky in that we haven’t had any issues within our town, like the riots in Oldham. People really are at the heart of our community.”
Pakistan Day celebrates the commemoration of the Lahore Resolution. The Lahore Resolution called for independent states for Muslims in north western and eastern British India. It was then decided that a separate and single state would be created. This was called Pakistan.
Anti-English Labour

All Wars Are Bankers' Wars

All Wars Are Bankers' Wars

Exporting Chaos: 'West spent $5 billion destabilizing Ukraine'


Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Gerald Celente - Trends In The News - "Pledge To Foreign Allegiances?" - (

Time to target the worst villains of all

Time to target the worst villains of all

by Stuart Littlewood

Last week David Cameron, addressing Israel’s Knesset, pledged to defeat any boycotting of Israel. “Britain opposes boycotts,” he said without having consulted the British people on the matter.
This should be enough to put the international BDS movement (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) and the PSC (Palestine Solidarity Campaign) on a war footing.
But when a friend suggested to one of the PSC’s senior people that next year’s general election candidates who had joined Friends of Israel should be named and shamed, he got a sniffy response. Being a Friend of Israel, he was told, “is not a totally reliable indicator of where people stand”.
The enemy within
There’s no doubt where the ringleaders stand, though. Their words and actions make it perfectly clear. And with electioneering already in full swing, now would be a good time to target them. Cameron and his lieutenant William Hague have provided abundant ammunition, here for example, to mount a devastating campaign exposing their unnatural devotion to a foreign military power that practices apartheid and treats international law with contempt.
The pair are currently drumming up sanctions against Russia after the citizens of Crimea, exercising their right of self-determination, upset the West’s apple-cart by voting to rejoin ‘the Bear’.  On the Foreign Office website Hague whined: “We are witnessing a clear attempt to pave the way for the annexation of part of the sovereign territory of an independent European state, through military force and an illegal and illegitimate referendum.” Yethe and Cameron continue rewarding Israel for annexing Jerusalem, large parts of the West Bank, the Golan Heights and Gaza’s airspace and territorial waters, at gunpoint and all without a referendum of any kind.

Appeasement has never worked

Appeasement has never worked

History’s most famous instance of appeasement involved Neville Chamberlain making peace with Hitler in order to buy himself some time, but appeasement is an everyday event. Any time you hear, “Oh, just give them what they want and they’ll go away,” you’re hearing appeasement.
Most people do not realize this, but a democracy is inherently for sale. The greatest number of votes wins, so it is in the interest of all parties to find a way to motivate others to vote for them. This results in parties offering what are essentially bribes to voters in exchange for the vote.
Most people do not also realize this simple truth of reality: all things act in their own self-interest. Animals are not bashful about this since to them self-interest is an extension of individuality. Humans are more cryptic and create the social fiction that people act outside self-interest, e.g. altruism. In reality, altruism is the oldest form of vote-buying.
In the modern West, our countries are literally carved up by the corrupt practice of democracy and its inevitable vote market. Whatever group gets the dollars, then gets the publicity (whether a printing press, a TV or an internet site), then gets to make its promise, and then gets the votes. At some point, society would hit the bottom when it ran out of Other People’s Money (OPM) but now it knows how to borrow.
Thus nothing obstructs the process of special interest groups parasitizing society at large. The vast majority of people in our civilization are just trying to have normal lives, with careers and families. They are too busy to oversee the vast complexity of government, and in most cases, lack the knowledge and aptitude to parse their way past the complex network of jargon and procedure of a modern government. When problems crop up, like a corruption scandal or a race riot, the tendency by the voters is to become passive and cut their losses and appease the dissident party.
The problem with that approach is that when appeasement becomes the norm, it becomes anticipated. Thus groups act out in order to demand more from the rest, and then invent mythologies of victimhood so that they feel justified in extorting more.
A simple fix to this is to stop the appeasement. If special interest groups have enough money to buy votes, they have enough money to fix their problems. If we combined the intake of the SPLC, NAACP, Rainbow Coalition and related groups, there would be the basis for a generous scholarship organization for African-American students. If we combined the intake of all the climate change groups, we could probably purchase most of the open land in America and plant it with trees. If the construction and agriculture industries invested all their money into a stock fund instead of lobbying, they could probably subsidize themselves.
This is why the modern state is a parasite: it takes from the capable and gives to the incapable based on the weak will of public opinion. It is essentially a wealth transfer mechanism. The result is that good people work harder, while special interest groups increasingly get a free ride. To enforce it, a Soviet-style ideological system is created, and people follow it irrationally because they believe they must in order to get ahead. At some point, it all falls apart, and then no one has any options.
We are our own worst enemy, humans.

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Gerald Celente - Trunews - March 6, 2014

The Truth About Abraham Lincoln

'Power in Kiev has nothing to do with democracy' - Churkin to RT

The Looting Of Ukraine Has Begun

The Looting Of Ukraine Has Begun

The Looting Of Ukraine Has Begun
ukrainian woman

 This supporter of the Ukraine joining the EU has received her reward: a 50% cut in her pension.

According to a report in Kommersant-Ukraine, the finance ministry of Washington’s stooges in Kiev who are pretending to be a government has prepared an economic austerity plan that will cut Ukrainian pensions from $160 to $80 so that Western bankers who lent money to Ukraine can be repaid at the expense of Ukraine’s poor. It is Greece all over again.
Before anything approaching stability and legitimacy has been obtained for the puppet government put in power by the Washington orchestrated coup against the legitimate, elected Ukraine government, the Western looters are already at work. Naive protesters who believed the propaganda that EU membership offered a better life are due to lose half of their pension by April. But this is only the beginning.
The corrupt Western media describes loans as “aid.” However, the 11 billion euros that the EU is offering Kiev is not aid. It is a loan. Moreover, it comes with many strings, including Kiev’s acceptance of an IMF austerity plan.
Remember now, gullible Ukrainians participated in the protests that were used to overthrow their elected government, because they believed the lies told to them by Washington-financed NGOs that once they joined the EU they would have streets paved with gold. Instead they are getting cuts in their pensions and an IMF austerity plan.
The austerity plan will cut social services, funds for education, layoff government workers, devalue the currency, thus raising the prices of imports which include Russian gas, thus electricity, and open Ukrainian assets to takeover by Western corporations.
Ukraine’s agriculture lands will pass into the hands of American agribusiness.
One part of the Washington/EU plan for Ukraine, or that part of Ukraine that doesn’t defect to Russia, has succeeded. What remains of the country will be thoroughly looted by the West.
The other part hasn’t worked as well. Washington’s Ukrainian stooges lost control of the protests to organized and armed ultra-nationalists. These groups, whose roots go back to those who fought for Hitler during World War 2, engaged in words and deeds that sent southern and eastern Ukraine clamoring to be returned to Russia where they resided prior to the 1950s when the Soviet communist party stuck them into Ukraine.
At this time of writing it looks like Crimea has seceded from Ukraine. Washington and its NATO puppets can do nothing but bluster and threaten sanctions. The White House Fool has demonstrated the impotence of the “US sole superpower” by issuing sanctions against unknown persons, whoever they are, responsible for returning Crimea to Russia, where it existed for about 200 years before, according to Solzhenitsyn, a drunk Khrushchev of Ukrainian ethnicity moved southern and eastern Russian provinces into Ukraine. Having observed the events in western Ukraine, those Russian provinces want to go back home where they belong, just as South Ossetia wanted nothing to do with Georgia.
Washington’s stooges in Kiev can do nothing about Crimea except bluster. Under the Russian-Ukraine agreement, Russia is permitted 25,000 troops in Crimea. The US/EU media’s deploring of a “Russian invasion of 16,000 troops” is either total ignorance or complicity in Washington’s lies. Obviously, the US/EU media is corrupt. Only a fool would rely on their reports. Any media that would believe anything Washington says after George W. Bush and Dick Cheney sent Secretary of State Colin Powell to the UN to peddle the regime’s lies about “Iraqi weapons of mass destruction,” which the weapons inspectors had told the White House did not exist, is clearly a collection of bought-and-paid for whores.
In the former Russian provinces of eastern Ukraine, Putin’s low-key approach to the strategic threat that Washington has brought to Russia has given Washington a chance to hold on to a major industrial complex that serves the Russian economy and military. The people themselves in eastern Ukraine are in the streets demanding separation from the unelected government that Washington’s coup has imposed in Kiev. Washington, realizing that its incompetence has lost Crimea, had its Kiev stooges appoint Ukrainian oligarchs, against whom the Maiden protests were partly directed, to governing positions in eastern Ukraine cities. These oligarchs have their own private militias in addition to the police and any Ukrainian military units that are still functioning. The leaders of the protesting Russians are being arrested and disappeared. Washington and its EU puppets, who proclaim their support for self-determination, are only for self-determination when it can be orchestrated in their favor. Therefore, Washington is busy at work suppressing self-determination in eastern Ukraine.
This is a dilemma for Putin. His low-key approach has allowed Washington to seize the initiative in eastern Ukraine. The oligarchs Taruta and Kolomoyskiy have been put in power in Donetsk and Dnipropetrovsk, and are carrying out arrests of Russians and committing unspeakable crimes, but you will never hear of it from the US presstitutes. Washington’s strategy is to arrest and deep-six the leaders of the secessionists so that there no authorities to request Putin’s intervention.
If Putin has drones, he has the option of taking out Taruta and Kolomoyskiy. If Putin lets Washington retain the Russian provinces of eastern Ukraine, he will have demonstrated a weakness that Washington will exploit. Washington will exploit the weakness to the point that Washington forces Putin to war.
The war will be nuclear.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Living in a Prison Planet

Living in a Prison Planet

Living in a Prison Planet New Databases Threaten Our Liberty By Jimmy Mengel 2014-03-03

 And set a watcher upon her, great and strong Argos, who with four eyes looks every way. And the goddess stirred in him unwearying strength: sleep never fell upon his eyes; but he kept sure watch always. —Hesiod, The Aegimius The Greeks were the first to document the frightening idea of "mass surveillance" that plagues us today. For the Greeks, "the watcher" was represented by Argus Panoptes — a giant monster with one hundred eyes. His name meant "all-seeing," and he was employed by Zeus' wife Hera with the task of guarding Io — one of Zeus' many lovers. Read More 
 Living In a prison Planet

Sunday, 2 March 2014

'Brave German Woman' Rebukes Islam's Lie World CBN News Christian ...

Germany one Christian woman has decided to stand up and declare Christ alone as Lord over her country.