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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Liz Jones of the Daily Mail - Racist

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Written by Green Arrow
January 2012

lizjones_120_x_89The trouble is, the Daily Mail is run by people who really hate the True British but being greedy bastards they know that to retain their falling readership they have to report on some stories that are critical of the establishment and are in tune with right thinking British People.

However, behind the scenes, they are about as anti-white as you can get (the Saint Stephen Lawrence Love Affair) and rest assured there is nothing more sick, evil and dangerous than an anti-white renegade who puts all other races before their own.

One such renegade is the evil bitch Liz Jones, who is a columnist for the rag and is the real face of the Daily Mail.

This revolting and snobby creature has a habit of offending normal decent people. There was the outrage when she made light of the murder of Jo Yeates when she criticised the way the murdered woman spent her last few hours for a start.

A vegetarian anorexic who hates the country, she made a few pounds from a book that attacked the countryside and the people who lived in it, saying that they were old, smelly, hairy and did not wear Prada.

The book was written after she did a white flight and then found out that she missed her trendy yuppy London bars and fancy restaurants before scuttling back to Sewer City. She then whined that the countryside people did not take to her - personally they should have thrown her in the nearest midden.

This creature also upset women, when she penned a piece in which she proudly confessed to stealing a black lovers semen to have a child. How decent of her to offer to dispose of the condom. She figured she had actually paid for the sperm because, as she says, she kept the man in food. Is that paying for sex?

By now you should have learnt enough to make a sound judgement about this sick creatures life but there is a bit more that you should read that shows that she is clearly insane as well as a vile anti-white racist who I would not urinate on were she on fire.

An hat tip to Ace Patriot for reminding us of this story from 2009 in which the creature writes as a headline - I've never lived with a white man, but racism is still there in my DNA.

Today I am going to reveal something I have never written about before (and you thought there were no more guts to spill).

Here we go. I’ve never had a relationship with a white man. I’ve never had sex with a white man, although I have kissed the odd one, many years ago.

Such is her hatred for white people that she even has a pop at the white whore, Cheryl Cole for going out with a black, who had "Caucasian" features, saying that Cole had a racist fetish for dark skin. Talk about barking mad.

Originally - she writes - that she first started dating blacks because it was "fashionable" and "cool" before moving on to Asians who were the "new blacks" and so much more intelligent because they could write books.

White people, no matter how many community projects we might fund or months we might serve fighting for a foreign cause, are capable of racist thoughts and actions that need to be stamped on, hard.

Told you she was an evil bitch. Just do not pay for any newspaper - all you do is make rich bitches like Liz Jones richer.

And todays white renegade is Alasdair Palmer of the crap Telegraph who delights in writing:

"There are around seven million people in Britain who were not born in this country. One hope for a more peaceful future is that the demarcation lines between ethnic groups are being blurred. Put simply, people are falling in love and having children. The most accurate estimate suggests there may be two million Britons with at least one non-white parent. So it’s getting harder for racists to talk in terms of “us versus them”.

Just so you understand what this cess pit serpent is saying. He is saying nothing about 7 million unwanted and univited colonisers - he is welcoming the white genocide. A pox on him and may it take him quick.

Monday, 16 January 2012

Chris Bryant MP - Paliament is a Gay Bar Now

Chris Bryant MP - Paliament is a Gay Bar Now PDF Print E-mail
Written by Green Arrow
January 2012

chrisbryantpervert_120_x_120Chris Bryant, the homosexual MP for Rhonda and former Common Purpose manager, who is mainly remembered for posing in grubby soiled underpants whilst texting: "I'd love a good long f**k" to a stranger he met on a website for homosexuals - who enjoys the sick delights of "fisting" and "rimming" - is in the news again.

It seems that our sick corrupt parliament is now so full of perverts and paedophiles frequenting the Strangers Bar, that he has announced that his "husband" is worried about him going to work.

No "husband" was not a mistake. Bryant shamefully dumped on all Christians and the Law when he managed to get the poisonous Ashkenazi Dwarf and Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow to allow him and the creature he calls his "husband" to waive the law and allow Bryant to "tie the knot" in the Chapel of the Palace of Westminster, despite the law saying that houses of worship can not conduct civil partnership ceremonies.

"Indeed, sometimes when you go into the Strangers Bar you feel as though you are in Rupert Street [in Soho]. It is virtually a gay bar now, and my husband sometimes worries about whether I should be allowed in there any more."

Well thanks for the tip about Rupert Street - I shall never be able to cuddle my Teddy again - but his statement about the numbers of homosexuals in the government, should give you some understanding about why there is a drive by the establishment to promote homosexuality in our class rooms. You should now also understand on just how the law on sodomising children was passed, despite it being against the wishes of the British Public - because Parliament is run by an homosexual mafia.

Well you get what you vote for and clearly the people of the Rhonda have no problems with their sons being sodomised by paedophiles once they reach the age of 16.

To me, sodomy is an aberration and whilst the law may say it is legal, any person carrying out such an act on a 16 year old boy is a paedophile in my eyes as well as obviously a pervert.

You should also know, that there is something much stronger than even organisations like the Masons - it is stronger even than a chain of steel - and that is a Daisy Chain of linked homosexual MPs, who put those they have "bonded" with before anything else in their sordid lives.

Sunday, 8 January 2012



CHRISTIANS rejoice in the benefits they receive in the knowledge they have of Christ Jesus. This knowledge is both intellectual and experiential and gives them a lift in all the perspectives that they have in their experience of the trials, temptations - and joys and blessings - of this life. As Great Britain, even the whole world, heads towards an economic depression (or worse); as evil men wax or grow worse and worse; as political and Church leaders seem to fail us and fail Christ the King; the genuine Christian does, and can, look up to the supreme head over all things to the Church (Ephesians 1: 22), even the great God our Saviour, Christ Himself (Titus 2: 13).

JESUS said that in the world we would have tribulation but we are to be of good cheer for “I”, He says, “Have overcome the world” (John 16: 33). There is clearly a lot going on in our country, which is being effected by evil men, promoting great evils and thinking all the time that they can, and will, get away with it. But that does not change the fact that it is God, not man, who is the ruler of men and lifts up whom He wishes, and puts down whom He will (Daniel 4: 35, 37); and that He will bring the most high and lofty word, and look, to the most terrible and awesome judgment. Fools mock at this. Only fools would. It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God (Hebrews 10: 31)!

OUR job is to rejoice in Him and what He brings, be it good or ill (Philippians 4: 11); and to do so with joy abounding and full of glory (1 Peter 1: 8). Oh! Praise Him all ye heavenly host. But we are also to occupy till He comes (Luke 19: 13). We, in the Christian Council of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, will continue to be doing this, as will others; recognising, however, that it is not our fight but His who has all earthly power and Heavenly glory. Hell is rising but it will never, can never, prevail against the Son of the living God and the true Church, the true community of faith, which He (and only He) can build (Matthew 16: 18).


Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Nigeria: An Object Lesson In African Financial Management

Nigeria: An Object Lesson In African Financial Management PDF Print E-mail
Written by John of Gwent
January 2012

oildrop_120_x_187Prompted by the previous article, I just spent five minutes browsing the BBC news web site to see whether they were circling like vultures waiting for someone else to kill their next meal for them, or whether they had, as I suspected, long since taken their fill of Emma West's story and moved on. As some will already know, last year brought me a once-in-a lifetime opportunity to study the behaviour of the Electronic News Gathering vulture and it was no surprise to me to see thay have found new pickings.

But my eye fell upon a story that I feel outlines just where this country is headed should those running it, and those who ran it for the thirteen years before that, continue to have their way.

It seems that there is uproar in Nigeria this morning as fuel prices have doubled overnight owing to the withdrawal of the state subsidy on petrol. Yesterday a litre of petrol cost roughly what it cost us the day I passed my driving test, twenty six pence a litre.

Today it costs what it cost us after three years of John Major's Fuel Duty Escalator, sixty pence a litre.

The reason is that the Nigerian government has withdrawn a state subsidy on the pump price of petrol it imports.

The key word there, the word that explains everything that anyone needs to know about that sorry shithole of a Black African State is not as some people might think "subsidy". It is the word import.

For the truth is that this shining beacon for the achievement of the Black Man in his own continent is a country that produces and exports more crude oil than any other African country, yet it is so riven with corruption and anarchy that it cannot get its act together to construct its own petrol refinery and must instead import petrol for its people.

Having said that, I see that Newport Council have recently been handed a planning application for a licence to drill for oil and gas in the fields just south of Nash College. What a splendid opportunity for the positive discrimination multiculturalists to bring us the advantages of energy policy as advocated by the indigenous population of the Dark Continent.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Good Luck to Ron Paul - The World's Last Hope?

Good Luck to Ron Paul - The World's Last Hope? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Green Arrow
Monday, January 2012

ron-paul_120_x_131Today, Tuesday 3rd of January, one of the most important elections in the history of the world will take place when the Republican Candidates make their first pitch to lead their party into the American equivalent of our General Election.

Although the vote that takes place, in what is known as the Iowa caucus, is just the start of a six month run-up to the 2012 American Presidential 2012 elections, it is the most important, as it will be a good indicator as to which Republican candidate will be officially nominated to lead the Republican Party into the election.

You can learn more about how the American electoral system works by clicking here.

So why is who gets to run America important to us in the UK?

Well if you do not know that we are little more than a puppet of America, itself a puppet of the NWO, then you are as ignorant as those foolish people who support the Pepsi Cola Party.

Ron Paul, a truly patriotic Republican candidate, understands exactly how the world works, which is why the NWO media are saying so little about him.

Ron Paul is totally opposed to the planned wars against Syria and Iran and has been an outspoken critic of most of America's foreign so called interventions in the past.

Support for Texas Congressman Ron Paul has slipped a little after he was challenged about his non-interventionist foreign policy views.

"I may come in first, I may come in second. I doubt I'll come in third or fourth," he told CNN.

Mr Paul opposes intervention in Iran over the issue of nuclear weapons and wants to end US aid to Israel and other allies.

Standing firm, he told CNN: "I would say that we just need to be more cautious. I think if we overreact and participate in bombing Iran, we're looking for a lot more trouble."

Now there is little we can do in this country to affect the results tomorrow in Iowa but the least we can do is pray for a Ron Paul victory, because I truly believe he is Americas and the worlds last hope for a peaceful solution to all our problems.

Now then, you must and I mean MUST watch the following video. You must watch it for two reasons. The first is because it provides information on the activities of the anti-American "elite" and secondly because it contains one of the greatest political campaign songs I have ever listened to.

No Frames

It is by Aimee Allen singing "Ron Paul Revolution" and the lyrics really do say it all about America and who runs a country that is in as big a mess as our country. Please, please watch it in full.

Once you have seen the video why not go take a look at the Ron Paul Restore America site.