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Monday, 31 October 2011

EU chief Baroness Ashton's five star spa break... as Europe teeters on the brink of financial collapse

EU chief Baroness Ashton's five star spa break... as Europe teeters on the brink of financial collapse

Baroness Ashton has been staying at a five star hotel in Melbourne

Baroness Ashton has been staying at a five star hotel in Melbourne

Baroness Ashton, the vice-president of the European Union has come under fire after she headed off on a luxury break to a five star hotel in Australia.

As European leaders struggled to save the euro on Wednesday, Baroness Ashton flew to Perth where she attended a three-day Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting, which started on Friday.

But once the opening day was finished she flew off to Melbourne on a private trip where she was due to stay at the exclusive Club Spa Suite at the Langham hotel which overlooks the Yarra river.

The three-night hotel stay is being paid for by Baroness Ashton but critics have said the entire trip to Australia is a waste of time and totally irrelevant to her job.

She has previously been criticised for her slow reaction to international crises and earlier this year the Foreign Office was embarrassed after it mistakenly published confidential documents which stated that she was not experienced enough to be Europe's foreign policy chief.

Written before her appointment, it says only a former foreign minister, prime minister or head of state would be suitably qualified to take up the role, which involves taking charge of the new EU External Action Service.

Details of her Australian trip, which have been seen by the Sunday Times, emerged in a memo detailing her itinerary.


This Islands Population Incompatibility

This Population Incompatibility

By Southwest Nationalist.

Figures released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) have predicted that the population of the UK will hit 70 million by 2027, driven in large part by immigration and immigrant birth rates.

At least two thirds of the population increase is attributed to either immigration, or immigrant cradles. It’s actually worth noting that the 70 million in 2027 figure is based on a medium level estimate, there is a higher variant which paints a much bleaker picture.

With Tory, Liberal and Labour all demonstrating beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are incapable of controlling our borders, and with increasing turmoil in the world due to wars, the ‘Arab spring’, not to mention famine (again, exacerbated by over-population), one suspects the higher variant is likely to be closer to the truth.

We already see the figures revised upwards, it was just a little while ago we were not supposed to hit 70 million until 2029.

It’s all a strange contradiction.

On the one hand we’re told that there’s a need for austerity and money saving, on the other we continue to allow our population to increase at an unsustainable rate.

The two are utterly incompatible, and allowing population growth to continue is simply adding to all of the problems even those in power are being forced to admit exist.

We do not currently have enough housing, nor is enough being built. We let more people in, and they all need somewhere to live. Incompatible.

We’re supposedly trying to reduce benefit bills on the welfare state, yet we continue to allow our population to swell. Incompatible.

Our overburdened NHS struggles to keep up with demand in the face of budget cutbacks and mounting costs. Despite this, more and more people arrive to add to the demand. Incompatible.

Classrooms are overcrowded, and educational standards are slipping. Government promises to do something about it, but still more people keep arriving in Britain. Incompatible.

We’ve a huge amount of unemployed, all governments pledge to drive down unemployment, yet every day people arrive faster than jobs can be created, and in search of jobs which do not exist. Incompatible, as well as rendering moot any efforts to cut benefit bills.

We’re supposed to be greener, use less resources, create less pollution. It’s a simple truth that population growth undermines all these efforts. Incompatible.

An ever rising population is incompatible with so many of the things society is supposedly seeking to achieve, we could go on and on with this list all day.

Population growth at this phenomenal rate spells disaster, and behind so many issues is the immigration factor as a driving force.

At the border, and by the cradle, so many of Britain’s problems are made far worse.

Mass immigration, and resultant children, are a huge factor in ensuring that we will never tackle many of the problems facing our country. Any gain or saving we can make is utterly offset by the increased demand from a rapidly expanding population.

Nobody in Lib/Lab/Con will ever admit it – the closest they’ll get is we made a mistake, we must reduce immigration a little – but one day a government of any political creed will have to admit to what we are today vilified for saying.

Britain is full, immigration must end.

Sooner or later that point will be reached to such an extent even officialdom must acknowledge it, we have only so much room and resources. The establishment put that off and delay it, but they’re just delaying the inevitable. Like it or not, one day they’ll have to accept and implement it.

Population cannot grow forever. First we see declining standards of living as over-crowding and overuse of resources occurs, then we see disaster and collapse as the population totally outstrips any reasonable hope of sustaining it.

Today’s disaster of a collapsing society with resources being stretched thinner and thinner will be as nothing when, in years to come, the needs of a far higher population must be met.

An ever rising population expanding at an alarming rate is utterly incompatible with meeting the needs of our existing society. We can realise that now and take steps, or delay and know that for every day we wait we’re storing up an even bigger problem.


Sunday, 30 October 2011

Wake up you stupid Horwich and Bolton Labour Voters

Wake up you stupid Labour Voters PDF Print E-mail
Written by Green Arrow
October 2011

blair-the-hague_120_x_150You know what makes me sick about those people who vote for the Lib/Lab/con trick parties. They whine and moan about the EU, they whine and moan about the foreign wars, they whine and moan about the evil banksters, they whine and moan about immigration and yet still they vote for getting their throats slit some time down the road.

The depraved despot, war criminal, and former Prime Minister for Murder, Tony Blair, has said that Britain needs more unwanted enrichers to pollute Our Country. He says we cannot succeed as a nation unless we have more black and "Asian" rapists, illiterate Somalians, thieving Romanians and lots more mad moslems to rape our children and blow us all to bits some time in the not too distant future.

He says that people like those on this site calling for greater curbs on unwanted foreigners entering Our Country are wrong and that we should have open borders. I say he should be damn well executed for treason and war crimes.

Remember you dull thick stupid Lib/Lab/conned voters, that it was Labour that brought in over 5.5 million unwanted invaders into our country to the detriment of the nations people that built this country.

Blair is a puppet of the New World Order and hopefully he will be hung for his crimes against humanity. Pity is, is that he can only be hung once.

Now sod what party your father and his father voted for - join Britain First and fight back. If nothing else, when the fighting starts you will die with a pair of balls between your legs and not like a neutered slave.

Saturday, 29 October 2011


By the Horwich Nationalists

A refreshing change!
Has come to our attention at the Horwich Nationalists that in the USA many black Christian pastors and churchmen are taking on the forces of political correctness and Marxism directly and frankly! By challenging the pernicious black rap style culture of black people, and the Marxist agenda of the Liberal elites who worse than any member of the Klu Klux Klan have done more harm to the Negro race through political correctness by allowing the degeneration of black culture. By promoting a sense of victimhood in the black race and a sense of guilt in the white race over the slavery issue, despite the fact that black Barbary pirates were making slaves of white British people as late as the 18th century. In effect using the vile doctrine of political correctness they have closed down debate and criticism of the degeneration of black culture from it,s aspiration towards western culture as promoted by Dr martin Luther King and other civil rights campaigners. Which has allowed the mass destruction of any semblance of not only black culture worldwide but is now polluting the white youth of western Europe and the USA, from the well just watch the video below to see what this fine gentleman has to say,
And Just remember the howls of Marxist derision suffered by Professor David Starkey from the Liberals in the BBC and the apparatchiks when he tried to raise the issue on black culture after last summers riots.

A Call to Arms - Tonight in the British Resistance Paltalk Room

Tonight (Saturday 29 Oct) you have an opportunity to put your questions to Roger Hayes of the British Constitution Group in the British Resistance paltalk room.

The show will kick of at and follow the usual format to previous live interviews. Do try to be there - I have watched the videos of this guy in action and was most impressed and I think you will be to. Check this one out - good stuff I can assure you.


Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Welcome to the EUSSR formerly known as Europe

Welcome to the EUSSR

FROM The Messianic Evangelicals

It was another noisy night here in Scandinavia with the traditional firecrackers being let off at midnight. Drunken revelry and carousing marks this Day of Janus, otherwise known as the secular New Year, when the world celebrates having escaped another year of sinning, as it supposes. But it wasn't just the ordinary people who were (for the most part, ignorantly) celebrating a pagan festival at midnight - for today marked the restoration of the Holy Roman Empire and the coronation of the Emperor of the Fourth Reich.

All of this was somewhat overshadowed - purposefully - by the United Nation's sponsored Copenhagen Climate Summit, along with the Lisbon Treaty signed on 1 December 2009 by the cronies of the New World Order marking the end of the sovereign states which once formed a European Community. Whether you care to believe it or not, Sweden, Great Britain and 25 other EU countries ceased being sovereign states, and lost a whole basket of freedoms, while the firecrackers were bursting overhead. Little did the citizens of this 'brave new world' realise in their inebriation that they had officially just become serfs in a resurrected Soviet Union - a 'blue' version that is - which many will come to view as the EUSSR - the European Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

Holy Roman Empire and Soviet Union? Aren't these a little contradictory? Definitely. But then the EU is an altogether artificial entity, modelled on an artificial state known as Belgium with Sweden as its social guinea pig and the Soviet Union, Communist China and Nazi Germany as political models of control. It's not quite a 'Holy' Roman Empire yet but it will become one as the transition between a liberal humanist state towards and the long-planned satanic entity gets underway, an entity which will begin as a pot pourri of all religions but with Roman Catholicism and occultism playing pivotal rôles.

Its first 'Emperor', President Herman van Rompuy, may not look like some Machiavellian despot because he isn't - he is but the first of a line of 'moderate' Politbureau Chiefs as the decline and fall of the old Soviet Union is recapitulated in reverse, beginning with 'glasnost' and 'perestroika' and working its way to a new Stalinist reincarnation, only worse.

Norway, Switzerland, Iceland, Croatia, Bosnia, Monte Negro, Albania and Serbia have so far escaped the EU net though they are already well integrated by various treaties. The USA is already well down the road towards the same globalist state as the EU is with 'King Obama' trampling down the last elements of the Constitution. There is no doubt that today is a day that is being celebrated by the industrialists, banksters, and globalist élite, including their well-paid class of bureaucratic administrators, many of whom (like in the EU) pay no regular income tax (they play a token flat rate of 10% while the rest of us pay from 30-60% to subsidise them and their masters). There are definitely financial incentives to be a part of the new order for those willing to sell their souls. Sadly environmentalists and socialists have fallen for the lies - they might think otherwise if they became aware of the nazi element in this NWO mix.

More and more people are waking up to what's really going on but they need to wake up faster because the lords of money are pushing their agenda as quickly as they possibly can. They're in rush not to be exposed which is why they are willing now to take so many risks. Copenhagen backfired on them, thanks to China, whom they have not yet subdued.

Many hearts are fainting and for sure much, much worse has yet to come. Yahweh is still in charge and He has already judged these evil combinations just as He did Jerusalem anciently:

    "Thus says Yahweh: "Behold, I am against you, and I will draw My sword out of its sheath and cut off both righteous and wicked from you. Because I will cut off both righteous and wicked from you, therefore My sword shall go out of its sheath against all flesh from south to north, that all flesh may know that I, Yahweh, have drawn My sword out of its sheath; it shall not return anymore. Sigh therefore, son of man, with a breaking heart, and sigh with bitterness before their eyes. And it shall be when they say to you, 'Why are you sighing?' that you shall answer, 'Because of the news; when it comes, every heart will melt, all hands will be feeble, every spirit will faint, and all knees will be weak as water. Behold, it is coming and shall be brought to pass,' says the Yahweh-Elohim" (Ezek.21:3-7, NKJV).

I know that some of you reading this report will continue to refuse to believe what I am saying but you will as this whole conspiracy unfolds before your eyes. What's important is that you neither refuse to do anthing nor simply choose to trust in your own cleverness to escape what's coming. This is not something you can avoid - indeed, though you may not know it, you have already made lots of little choices in agreeing with the lies that you have been told by the politicians. At some point you will have to make a radical choice that may cost you your soul. If you're unsure what's coming, then please see the documentary on communism on this website. Also see the prophetic warning I was given about the return of communism.

If you haven't received Yah'shua the Messiah (Jesus Christ) as your Master and Deliverer (Lord and Saviour), and if you are not obeying the commandments, then now is the time to do so. There is a lot of preparation that you must make before the last seven years of total darkness on this earth. If you don't know how to receive Yah'shua or what it is Yahweh (God) requires of you, then please visit our Into All Truth website. I'll not wish you a 'Happy New Year' but I will pray Shalom over you!

Also see Welcome to the United Soviet States of Europe

Tuesday, 25 October 2011


OCT 25TH 2011


Conservatives who opposed the motion were: Nigel Adams (Selby & Ainsty), Peter Aldous (Waveney), James Arbuthnot (Hampshire North East), Richard Bacon (Norfolk South), Tony Baldry (Banbury), Harriett Baldwin (Worcestershire West), Stephen Barclay (Cambridgeshire North East), Greg Barker (Bexhill & Battle), Gavin Barwell (Croydon Central), Guto Bebb (Aberconwy), Henry Bellingham (Norfolk North West), Richard Benyon (Newbury), Sir Paul Beresford (Mole Valley), Jake Berry (Rossendale & Darwen), Nicola Blackwood (Oxford West & Abingdon), Crispin Blunt (Reigate), Nick Boles (Grantham & Stamford), Peter Bottomley (Worthing West), Karen Bradley (Staffordshire Moorlands), Angie Bray (Ealing Central & Acton), Julian Brazier (Canterbury), James Brokenshire (Old Bexley & Sidcup), Robert Buckland (Swindon South), Aidan Burley (Cannock Chase), Conor Burns (Bournemouth West), Simon Burns (Chelmsford), David Burrowes (Enfield Southgate), Alistair Burt (Bedfordshire North East), Alun Cairns (Vale of Glamorgan), David Cameron (Witney), Neil Carmichael (Stroud), Rehman Chishti (Gillingham & Rainham), Greg Clark (Tunbridge Wells), Kenneth Clarke (Rushcliffe), Geoffrey Clifton-Brown (Cotswolds, The), Therese Coffey (Suffolk Coastal), Damian Collins (Folkestone & Hythe), Oliver Colville (Plymouth Sutton & Devonport), Geoffrey Cox (Devon West & Torridge), Stephen Crabb (Preseli Pembrokeshire), Glyn Davies (Montgomeryshire), Jonathan Djanogly (Huntingdon), Stephen Dorrell (Charnwood), Jackie Doyle-Price (Thurrock), James Duddridge (Rochford & Southend East), Alan Duncan (Rutland & Melton), Iain Duncan Smith (Chingford & Woodford Green), Michael Ellis (Northampton North), Jane Ellison (Battersea), Tobias Ellwood (Bournemouth East), Charlie Elphicke (Dover), Graham Evans (Weaver Vale), Jonathan Evans (Cardiff North), David Evennett (Bexleyheath & Crayford), Michael Fabricant (Lichfield), Michael Fallon (Sevenoaks), Dr Liam Fox (Somerset North), Mark Francois (Rayleigh & Wickford), George Freeman (Norfolk Mid), Mike Freer (Finchley & Golders Green), Richard Fuller (Bedford), Edward Garnier (Harborough), Mark Garnier (Wyre Forest), David Gauke (Hertfordshire South West), Nick Gibb (Bognor Regis & Littlehampton), Cheryl Gillan (Chesham & Amersham), John Glen (Salisbury), Robert Goodwill (Scarborough & Whitby), Michael Gove (Surrey Heath), Richard Graham (Gloucester), Helen Grant (Maidstone & The Weald), Chris Grayling (Epsom & Ewell), Damian Green (Ashford), Justine Greening (Putney), Dominic Grieve (Beaconsfield), Andrew Griffiths (Burton), Ben Gummer (Ipswich), Sam Gyimah (Surrey East), Robert Halfon (Harlow), Philip Hammond (Runnymede & Weybridge), Stephen Hammond (Wimbledon), Matthew Hancock (Suffolk West), Mark Harper (Forest of Dean), Richard Harrington (Watford), Rebecca Harris (Castle Point), Simon Hart (Carmarthen West & Pembrokeshire South), Sir Alan Haselhurst (Saffron Walden), John Hayes (South Holland & The Deepings), Oliver Heald (Hertfordshire North East), Charles Hendry (Wealden), Nick Herbert (Arundel & South Downs), Damian Hinds (Hampshire East), Mark Hoban (Fareham), Kris Hopkins (Keighley), Gerald Howarth (Aldershot), John Howell (Henley), Jeremy Hunt (Surrey South West), Nick Hurd (Ruislip, Northwood & Pinner), Margot James (Stourbridge), Sajid Javid (Bromsgrove), Gareth Johnson (Dartford), Jo Johnson (Orpington), Andrew Jones (Harrogate & Knaresborough), David Jones (Clwyd West), Daniel Kawczynski (Shrewsbury & Atcham), Simon Kirby (Brighton Kemptown), Greg Knight (Yorkshire East), Eleanor Laing (Epping Forest), Mark Lancaster (Milton Keynes North), Andrew Lansley (Cambridgeshire South), Pauline Latham (Derbyshire Mid), Jessica Lee (Erewash), Phillip Lee (Bracknell), Charlotte Leslie (Bristol North West), Oliver Letwin (Dorset West), Brandon Lewis (Great Yarmouth), Ian Liddell-Grainger (Bridgwater & Somerset West), David Lidington (Aylesbury), Peter Lilley (Hitchin & Harpenden), Jack Lopresti (Filton & Bradley Stoke), Jonathan Lord (Woking), Tim Loughton (Worthing East & Shoreham), Peter Luff (Worcestershire Mid), Anne McIntosh (Thirsk & Malton), Mary Macleod (Brentford & Isleworth), Patrick McLoughlin (Derbyshire Dales), Esther McVey (Wirral West), Francis Maude (Horsham), Theresa May (Maidenhead), Paul Maynard (Blackpool North & Cleveleys), Mark Menzies (Fylde), Stephen Metcalfe (Basildon South & Thurrock East), Maria Miller (Basingstoke), Anne Milton (Guildford), Andrew Mitchell (Sutton Coldfield), Penny Mordaunt (Portsmouth North), Nicky Morgan (Loughborough), David Morris (Morecambe & Lunesdale), David Mowat (Warrington South), David Mundell (Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale & Tweeddale), Dr Andrew Murrison (Wiltshire South West), Bob Neill (Bromley & Chislehurst), Brooks Newmark (Braintree), Jesse Norman (Hereford & Herefordshire South), Stephen O'Brien (Eddisbury), Eric Ollerenshaw (Lancaster & Fleetwood), Guy Opperman (Hexham), George Osborne (Tatton), Richard Ottaway (Croydon South), Jim Paice (Cambridgeshire South East), Owen Paterson (Shropshire North), Mark Pawsey (Rugby), John Penrose (Weston-Super-Mare), Claire Perry (Devizes), Stephen Phillips (Sleaford & North Hykeham), Eric Pickles (Brentwood & Ongar), Chris Pincher (Tamworth), Daniel Poulter (Suffolk Central & Ipswich North), Mark Prisk (Hertford & Stortford), John Randall (Uxbridge & Ruislip South), Andrew Robathan (Leicestershire South), Hugh Robertson (Faversham & Kent Mid), Amber Rudd (Hastings & Rye), David Ruffley (Bury St Edmunds), David Rutley (Macclesfield), Laura Sandys (Thanet South), Lee Scott (Ilford North), Andrew Selous (Bedfordshire South West), Grant Shapps (Welwyn Hatfield), Alok Sharma (Reading West), Alec Shelbrooke (Elmet & Rothwell), Mark Simmonds (Boston & Skegness), Keith Simpson (Broadland), Chris Skidmore (Kingswood), Chloe Smith (Norwich North), Julian Smith (Skipton & Ripon), Nicholas Soames (Sussex Mid), Anna Soubry (Broxtowe), Caroline Spelman (Meriden), Sir John Stanley (Tonbridge & Malling), Andrew Stephenson (Pendle), Rory Stewart (Penrith & The Border), Mel Stride (Devon Central), Graham Stuart (Beverley & Holderness), Desmond Swayne (New Forest West), Hugo Swire (Devon East), Robert Syms (Poole), Edward Timpson (Crewe & Nantwich), David Tredinnick (Bosworth), Elizabeth Truss (Norfolk South West), Andrew Tyrie (Chichester), Paul Uppal (Wolverhampton South West), Ed Vaizey (Wantage), Shailesh Vara (Cambridgeshire North West), Theresa Villiers (Chipping Barnet), Ben Wallace (Wyre & Preston North), Robert Walter (Dorset North), Angela Watkinson (Hornchurch & Upminster), James Wharton (Stockton South), Chris White (Warwick & Leamington), Bill Wiggin (Herefordshire North), David Willetts (Havant), Gavin Williamson (Staffordshire South), Rob Wilson (Reading East), Jeremy Wright (Kenilworth & Southam), Tim Yeo (Suffolk South), Sir George Young (Hampshire North West), Nadhim Zahawi (Stratford-on-Avon).

215 Labour MPs voted against the motion: Diane Abbott (Hackney North & Stoke Newington), Debbie Abrahams (Oldham East & Saddleworth), Bob Ainsworth (Coventry North East), Douglas Alexander (Paisley & Renfrewshire South), Heidi Alexander (Lewisham East), Rushanara Ali (Bethnal Green & Bow), Dave Anderson (Blaydon), Mr Jon Ashworth (Leicester South), Adrian Bailey (West Bromwich West), Willie Bain (Glasgow North East), Ed Balls (Morley & Outwood), Gordon Banks (Ochil & Perthshire South), Kevin Barron (Rother Valley), Margaret Beckett (Derby South), Anne Begg (Aberdeen South), Sir Stuart Bell (Middlesbrough), Hilary Benn (Leeds Central), Joe Benton (Bootle), Luciana Berger (Liverpool Wavertree), Clive Betts (Sheffield South East), Roberta Blackman-Woods (Durham, City of), Hazel Blears (Salford & Eccles), Tom Blenkinsop (Middlesbrough South & Cleveland East), Paul Blomfield (Sheffield Central), David Blunkett (Sheffield Brightside & Hillsborough), Ben Bradshaw (Exeter), Gordon Brown (Kirkcaldy & Cowdenbeath), Lyn Brown (West Ham), Nicholas Brown (Newcastle upon Tyne East), Russell Brown (Dumfries & Galloway), Chris Bryant (Rhondda), Karen Buck (Westminster North), Richard Burden (Birmingham Northfield), Andy Burnham (Leigh), Liam Byrne (Birmingham Hodge Hill), Alan Campbell (Tynemouth), Martin Caton (Gower), Jenny Chapman (Darlington), Tom Clarke (Coatbridge, Chryston & Bellshill), Ann Clwyd (Cynon Valley), Vernon Coaker (Gedling), Ann Coffey (Stockport), Michael Connarty (Linlithgow & Falkirk East), Yvette Cooper (Normanton, Pontefract & Castleford), David Crausby (Bolton North East), Mary Creagh (Wakefield), Stella Creasy (Walthamstow), Alex Cunningham (Stockton North), Jim Cunningham (Coventry South), Tony Cunningham (Workington), Margaret Curran (Glasgow East), Nic Dakin (Scunthorpe), Simon Danczuk (Rochdale), Alistair Darling (Edinburgh South West), Wayne David (Caerphilly), Geraint Davies (Swansea West), Gloria De Piero (Ashfield), John Denham (Southampton Itchen), Jim Dobbin (Heywood & Middleton), Frank Dobson (Holborn & St Pancras), Thomas Docherty (Dunfermline & Fife West), Brian Donohoe (Ayrshire Central), Frank Doran (Aberdeen North), Jim Dowd (Lewisham West & Penge), Gemma Doyle (Dunbartonshire West), Jack Dromey (Birmingham Erdington), Michael Dugher (Barnsley East), Angela Eagle (Wallasey), Maria Eagle (Garston & Halewood), Clive Efford (Eltham), Julie Elliott (Sunderland Central), Louise Ellman (Liverpool Riverside), Bill Esterson (Sefton Central), Chris Evans (Islwyn), Paul Farrelly (Newcastle-under-Lyme), Jim Fitzpatrick (Poplar & Limehouse), Robert Flello (Stoke-on-Trent South), Caroline Flint (Don Valley), Paul Flynn (Newport West), Yvonne Fovargue (Makerfield), Hywel Francis (Aberavon), Mike Gapes (Ilford South), Sheila Gilmore (Edinburgh East), Pat Glass (Durham North West), Mary Glindon (Tyneside North), Paul Goggins (Wythenshawe & Sale East), Helen Goodman (Bishop Auckland), Tom Greatrex (Rutherglen & Hamilton West), Kate Green (Stretford & Urmston), Lilian Greenwood (Nottingham South), Nia Griffith (Llanelli), Andrew Gwynne (Denton & Reddish), Peter Hain (Neath), David Hamilton (Midlothian), Fabian Hamilton (Leeds North East), David Hanson (Delyn), Harriet Harman (Camberwell & Peckham), Dai Havard (Merthyr Tydfil & Rhymney), Mark Hendrick (Preston), Stephen Hepburn (Jarrow), David Heyes (Ashton Under Lyne), Meg Hillier (Hackney South & Shoreditch), Julie Hilling (Bolton West), Margaret Hodge (Barking), Sharon Hodgson (Washington & Sunderland West), Jim Hood (Lanark & Hamilton East), George Howarth (Knowsley), Tristram Hunt (Stoke-on-Trent Central), Huw Irranca-Davies (Ogmore), Glenda Jackson (Hampstead & Kilburn), Sian James (Swansea East), Cathy Jamieson (Kilmarnock & Loudoun), Major Dan Jarvis (Barnsley Central), Diana Johnson (Hull North), Graham Jones (Hyndburn), Kevan Jones (Durham North), Susan Elan Jones (Clwyd South), Tessa Jowell (Dulwich & West Norwood), Eric Joyce (Falkirk), Sir Gerald Kaufman (Manchester Gorton), Barbara Keeley (Worsley & Eccles South), Elizabeth Kendall (Leicester West), Sadiq Khan (Tooting), David Lammy (Tottenham), Ian Lavery (Wansbeck), Mark Lazarowicz (Edinburgh North & Leith), Christopher Leslie (Nottingham East), Ivan Lewis (Bury South), Tony Lloyd (Manchester Central), Andy Love (Edmonton), Ian Lucas (Wrexham), Michael McCann (East Kilbride, Strathaven & Lesmahagow), Kerry McCarthy (Bristol East), Gregg McClymont (Cumbernauld, Kilsyth & Kirkintilloch East), Siobhain McDonagh (Mitcham & Morden), Pat McFadden (Wolverhampton South East), Alison McGovern (Wirral South), Jim McGovern (Dundee West), Anne McGuire (Stirling), Ann McKechin (Glasgow North), Iain McKenzie (Inverclyde), Catherine McKinnell (Newcastle upon Tyne North), Fiona Mactaggart (Slough), Khalid Mahmood (Birmingham Perry Barr), Shabana Mahmood (Birmingham Ladywood), John Mann (Bassetlaw), Gordon Marsden (Blackpool South), Michael Meacher (Oldham West & Royton), Alan Meale (Mansfield), Ian Mearns (Gateshead), Alun Michael (Cardiff South & Penarth), David Miliband (South Shields), Ed Miliband (Doncaster North), Andrew Miller (Ellesmere Port & Neston), Madeleine Moon (Bridgend), Jessica Morden (Newport East), Graeme Morrice (Livingston), Grahame Morris (Easington), George Mudie (Leeds East), Jim Murphy (Renfrewshire East), Paul Murphy (Torfaen), Ian Murray (Edinburgh South), Lisa Nandy (Wigan), Pamela Nash (Airdrie & Shotts), Fiona O'Donnell (East Lothian), Chi Onwurah (Newcastle upon Tyne Central), Sandra Osborne (Ayr, Carrick & Cumnock), Albert Owen (Ynys Mon), Teresa Pearce (Erith & Thamesmead), Toby Perkins (Chesterfield), Stephen Pound (Ealing North), Yasmin Qureshi (Bolton South East), Nick Raynsford (Greenwich & Woolwich), Jamie Reed (Copeland), Rachel Reeves (Leeds West), Emma Reynolds (Wolverhampton North East), Jonathan Reynolds (Stalybridge & Hyde), Geoffrey Robinson (Coventry North West), Steve Rotheram (Liverpool Walton), Frank Roy (Motherwell & Wishaw), Lindsay Roy (Glenrothes), Chris Ruane (Vale of Clwyd), Joan Ruddock (Lewisham Deptford), Anas Sarwar (Glasgow Central), Alison Seabeck (Plymouth Moor View), Virendra Sharma (Ealing Southall), Barry Sheerman (Huddersfield), Jim Sheridan (Paisley & Renfrewshire North), Gavin Shuker (Luton South), Andy Slaughter (Hammersmith), Angela Smith (Penistone & Stocksbridge), Nick Smith (Blaenau Gwent), Owen Smith (Pontypridd), Mark Tami (Alyn & Deeside), Gareth Thomas (Harrow West), Emily Thornberry (Islington South & Finsbury), Stephen Timms (East Ham), Jon Trickett (Hemsworth), Karl Turner (Hull East), Derek Twigg (Halton), Stephen Twigg (Liverpool West Derby), Chuka Umunna (Streatham), Valerie Vaz (Walsall South), Tom Watson (West Bromwich East), Dave Watts (St Helens North), Alan Whitehead (Southampton Test), Malcolm Wicks (Croydon North), Chris Williamson (Derby North), Phil Wilson (Sedgefield), David Winnick (Walsall North), Rosie Winterton (Doncaster Central), John Woodcock (Barrow & Furness), Shaun Woodward (St Helens South & Whiston), David Wright (Telford), Iain Wright (Hartlepool).

50 Liberal Democrats opposed the motion: Danny Alexander (Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch & Strathspey), Norman Baker (Lewes), Sir Alan Beith (Berwick-upon-Tweed), Tom Brake (Carshalton & Wallington), Annette Brooke (Dorset Mid & Poole North), Jeremy Browne (Taunton Deane), Malcolm Bruce (Gordon), Paul Burstow (Sutton & Cheam), Lorely Burt (Solihull), Vincent Cable (Twickenham), Sir Menzies Campbell (Fife North East), Alistair Carmichael (Orkney & Shetland), Nick Clegg (Sheffield Hallam), Michael Crockart (Edinburgh West), Edward Davey (Kingston & Surbiton), Tim Farron (Westmorland & Lonsdale), Lynne Featherstone (Hornsey & Wood Green), Andrew George (St Ives), Stephen Gilbert (St Austell & Newquay), Duncan Hames (Chippenham), Nick Harvey (Devon North), David Heath (Somerton & Frome), John Hemming (Birmingham Yardley), Martin Horwood (Cheltenham), Simon Hughes (Bermondsey & Old Southwark), Chris Huhne (Eastleigh), Mark Hunter (Cheadle), Julian Huppert (Cambridge), Charles Kennedy (Ross, Skye & Lochaber), Norman Lamb (Norfolk North), David Laws (Yeovil), John Leech (Manchester Withington), Stephen Lloyd (Eastbourne), Tessa Munt (Wells), Alan Reid (Argyll & Bute), Dan Rogerson (Cornwall North), Bob Russell (Colchester), Sir Robert Smith (Aberdeenshire West & Kincardine), Andrew Stunell (Hazel Grove), Ian Swales (Redcar), Jo Swinson (Dunbartonshire East), Sarah Teather (Brent Central), John Thurso (Caithness, Sutherland & Easter Ross), David Ward (Bradford East), Steve Webb (Thornbury & Yate), Mark Williams (Ceredigion), Roger Williams (Brecon & Radnorshire), Stephen Williams (Bristol West), Jenny Willott (Cardiff Central), Simon Wright (Norwich South).

Three Plaid Cymru MPs opposed the motion: Jonathan Edwards (Carmarthen East & Dinefwr), Elfyn Llwyd (Dwyfor Meirionnydd), Hywel Williams (Arfon).

Three Social Democratic and Labour Party MPs opposed the motion: Mark Durkan (Foyle), Dr Alasdair McDonnell (Belfast South), Margaret Ritchie (Down South).

One Alliance MP opposed the motion: Naomi Long (Belfast East).

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Why Shouldn’t We Whites Yell Racism Too?

Why Shouldn’t Whites Yell Racism Too?

By Southwest Nationalist.

News that 6 white police officers are to sue Scotland Yard over alleged racial discrimination against them is not a huge shock.

We’ve all known for years that white (and if you throw male, and heterosexual into the mix then you’re very bottom of the pile) is the most discriminated against group in our society, the group it seems fashionable to persecute and exclude at every opportunity.

“It was a black officer making an allegation against six white officers. If it had been a white officer making that allegation, then the matter would have been dealt with in-house there and then. That would have been the end of it” said retired Sergeant William Wilson.

“If there is any allegation by any black or ethnic minority person against white police officers, they have gone in completely the opposite direction to the point where it is actually the white officers getting discriminated against”

Of course. Whites are racist due to hatred, it’s ingrained in all of us, the only way to prove you are not racist is to savagely persecute other whites in glorious showtrials.

Minorities cannot be racist, it is racist to think they could be, we’ll hush it up. Racism is a crime which is only ever committed by whites against minorities.

The fact that there’s a Black Police Association but not a White Police Association, and any officer forming a White association would probably be kicked out for racism, certainly suggests that discrimination is at play.

Ditto with job advertisements where minorities are given a head start, a chance to be fast tracked, and the white male is told that they are not welcome.

What particularly interests me with this story though is that the whites are fighting back, suing, and alleging racial discrimination in return.

What a predicament for a race obsessed society where racism is seen everywhere, where it is the most heinous crime and guilt is usually assumed whether there is evidence or not.

If they do not investigate claims of racism against whites vigorously then they admit the system is, in itself, utterly discriminatory.

They have no choice but to investigate and take action, failure to do so would prove to the entire nation that racism, and other hate offences, created supposedly to end discrimination, are in fact founded on discrimination and applied in a discriminatory way.

That failure to act by the authorities, with accompanying publicity and media reports, would be a victory for all those who believe this politically correct system is a poisonous nightmare.

Or, they do act. It costs them money, and the system is already creaking. Some cases may well be won, legal admission that discrimination and institutional racism exists against white people. Again, a victory.

Instead of staying silent and allowing ourselves to be victims of this insane bureaucracy of discrimination, we should use it, use the enemies weapons against them, expose the whole rotten structure for what it is.

Why should we shy away from yelling ‘racism’ every time we feel discriminated against, why should we just shrug and bear it? Yelling racism at every opportunity seems to have worked very well for minorities.

We know nobody cares about us, the system is not meant to further us but rather to slap us down, but our complaining, and complaining often, leaves the system between a rock and a hard place.

It is win every time for us, even if it does no more than cost them a little time and money pretending to investigate and then telling us tough.

That’s how the whole racism system works – yell loud and yell often and people listen. Why shouldn’t we do the same?

Get complaining to the EHRC over everything we see around us that discriminates against whites, every time we feel the colour of our skin led to an unfavourable outcome for us then complain. Give Trevor and his race Gestapo a lot of extra work to do.

Sure beats sitting back and letting the race Gestapo hound us out of British life without us making so much as a whimper just in case it’s perceived as racist.


Saturday, 22 October 2011

The BNP and the Death of Muhammad

The BNP and the Death of Muhammad PDF Print E-mail
Written by Green Arrow
October 2011

Gabriel_120_x_90So what have the British National Party to do with the dead paedophile and cult leader Muhammad? Well you will have to wait for for few paragraphs and I will tell you. Actually, it is more to do with some BNP supporters but we will get there.

Now it seems that Muhammad who communicated with God via the angel Gabriel had said that God would not allow him to be poisoned or harmed and yet his death was at the hands of a young Jewess who poisoned his and another's evening meal of leg of lamb (although some say it was actually goat meat), after Muhammad had slaughtered all her kin at a nearby Jewish village.

Now given he had said that God would warn him about poison attempts on his life, Muhammad clearly did not receive a sign from God and along with a guy named Bishr Ibn al Bara, started to eat the poisoned meat.

Muhammad it is said, put some of the meat into his mouth, chewed and then spat it out, saying something like; "This meat tastes like s***", although somewhere along the line that sentence was changed to read "Halt! Verily, its leg tells me that it is poisoned." - and he was right although why the leg of lamb waited until after Muhammad had eaten some of it before telling the prophet of God that it was poisoned is beyond me.

From Ibn Sa'd page 249:
The apostle of Allah and his companions ate from it. It (goat) said: "I am poisoned." He [Muhammad] said to his Companions, "Hold you hands! because it has informed me that it is poisoned!" They withdrew their hands, but Bishr Ibn al-Bara expired. The apostle of Allah sent for her (Jewess) and asked her, "What induced you to do what you have done?" She replied, "I wanted to know if you are a prophet, in that case it will not harm you and if you are a king, I shall relieve the people of you". He gave orders and she was put to death.

Now whilst Bishr died fairly rapidly (perhaps he was a fast eater), the paedophile prophet lingered on in pain for another three years before succumbing to the poison - so perhaps there is a God and he wanted the creature to suffer but who knows.

Well Muhmmad was not going to go and meet his God easily - perhaps he knew the stories he had been spinning to his cult followers were a pile of old crock.

He tried all sorts of cures, always ensuring that those giving him medicine swallowed it as well and also got his friendly angel Gabriel to pray for his cure with no success - God it seems was done with the old paedophile and Muhammad expired leaving a whole lot of trouble behind for us in the future.

So what happened when he popped his clogs? Well his followers were unsure what to do. They said, "no way is the prophet of God dead - he has just gone up to visit God and will be back to reoccupy his body after God has given him his instructions for the day" and so they settled down to wait.

Now here is where it gets interesting, or at least I thought so. Muhammad had been going around telling his cult followers that the bodies of True Prophets did not decompose but would stay radiant for ever and so you can imagine the shock of his followers when the body did start to rot and they were finally forced to bury the putrid mess, although some of his followers still insisted that he would be back if only they were to wait a bit longer.

And that my friends, is what got me to thinking about some of the BNP supporters who comment on this site and who are still clinging to the body of the British National Party long after it has been seen to be dead and rotting - they still ignore the stench of the party corruption and wait for something that is not coming. Bury it now and move on.

Friday, 21 October 2011

Bolton Voters Labour hate, detest and fear the the English working class

Labour has deliberately destroyed British National identity.

Labour hate, detest and fear the the English working class

'The English are potentially very
aggressive, very violent" - Jack Straw

Published at Cromblog
So this is what they've been doing for the past twelve years
".....replacing traditional pride with inherited guilt: all of this could be facilitated by a large influx of migrants whose presence in the population would require the wholesale deconstruction of the country's sense of its own identity."

"New Labour tide brought with it in the beginning: the contempt for history and the Year Zero arrogance with which they set about "modernising" the nation's institutions."

"But the subtext was always self-examination and personal guilt: the indigenous Briton must be trained (literally, by the education system) always to question the acceptability of his own attitudes, to cast doubt on his own motives, to condemn his own national identity and history, to accept the blame even for the misbehaviour of new migrants – whose conduct could only be a reflection of the unfortunate way they were treated by the host population."
- Green Arrow

Hidden agenda
When the Labour control freaks came to power twelve years ago they had a secret agenda to destroy British identity and national pride, with Englishness as public enemy number one.

At the time of their election victory, anyone who suggested that Labour were setting out on a deliberate campaign of nation-wrecking would have been regarded as a loony conspiracy theorist. But recently overwhelming evidence has emerged showing that this was their intention all along.

Politically motivated attempt to radically change the country
The first revelation of their hidden agenda came from Andrew Neather, a former government adviser

"The huge increases in migrants over the last decade were partly due to a politically motivated attempt by ministers to radically change the country and "rub the Right's nose in diversity", according to Andrew Neather, a former adviser to Tony Blair, Jack Straw and David Blunkett.

He said Labour's relaxation of controls was a deliberate plan to "open up the UK to mass migration" but that ministers were nervous and reluctant to discuss such a move publicly for fear it would alienate its core working class vote." - Telegraph

Secret policy paper proposed a cultural jihad against Britishness
Then, confirmation came from the release of the full text of the draft policy paper composed in 2000 by a Home Office research unit – the gist of which had already been made public by a former Labour adviser – released under Freedom of Information rules. It is political dynamite.

What it states quite unequivocally was that mass immigration was being encouraged at least as much for "social objectives" as for economic ones. Migration was intended specifically to alter the demographic and cultural pattern of the country: to produce by force majeure the changes in attitude that the Labour government saw itself as representing.

Connecting the dots
Knowing what we do now, we can also make sense of a number of apparently disconnected events such as Jack Straw's anti-English ravings and the demonisation of St George's Day.

We can now see that the campaign to destroy our identity had (and still has) the following components:

- Import huge number of Labour voting Muslim immigrants.

- Muslim immigrants are especially favoured because they are unassimilable and fast-breeding.

- The resultant population explosion will eventually destroy the countryside and much of Britain's heritage, again helping to erode national pride and sense of identity.

- Give preferential cheap social housing to Muslims, while allowing the cost of commercial housing to rise astronomically. This makes finding a home and starting a family very difficult for the British working class.

- Denigrate all British achievements and history. Brainwash students with a sense of guilt about colonialism, slavery and the British Empire and completely airbrush British achievements out of history. This will ultimately produce a nation obsessed with guilt and self-loathing.

- Wreck the educational system (while ensuring Labour MP's own kids go to the best schools)

- Destroy all non-state controlled institutions where proles can meet and exchange unauthorised opinions (eg use of taxation and licensing legislation to destroy community centres such as pubs and village halls)

- Humiliate and demoralise the British working class by allowing aggressive Muslims unrestricted rights to attack and rape British children without risk of prosecution.

- All tensions are the result of inadequate community cohesion, which is the fault of the indigenous proles and must be remedied by vigorous brainwashing.

- Get the BBC (the Labour Party propaganda machine) to tell the British working class that they are worthless, while Muslims are the people of the future.

Cultural enrichment
Despite all the hype about cultural enrichment, this was never the intention. Tony B. Liar intended immigration to produce cultural impoverishment and inflict a very unpleasant experience on the hated indigenous proles, who would have 'their noses rubbed in diversity' like a puppy gets its nose rubbed into its doings - except that our noses are being rubbed into Tony B. Liar's doings, and so will our chidren's and grandchildren's.

The government predicted that crime would rise, but nevertheless went ahead with their scheme of importing millions of implacably hostile jihadist predators and parasites.

Weak horse, strong horse
But what do Labour intend to do with the Muslims once they have outnumbered the British? Do they really think they can secularise them into good socialist citizens?

As Osama bin Laden said, if people have to choose between going with the strong horse or the weak horse, they will choose the strong horse. In Britain today Islam is the strong horse, and Labour's Politically Correct Marxism is the knackered old nag. The Muslims are now getting numerous enough to know that Britain will soon be theirs without the need to co-operate with a bunch of clapped out Marxist creeps.

The damage that Labour has inflicted is irreversible. They have planted a demographic timebomb which will only wreak its full devastation when the Muslims now being born (25% of all births in Britain and rising) reach adulthood:

To appease their post-colonial guilt and self-loathing, the Metropolitan Marxist Elite have allowed millions of jihad-crazed supremacist predators into the country. But it isn't Tony B. Liar, Jack Strawman or Harridan Hormone who are getting their 'noses rubbed in diversity' - it's the long-suffering English working class.

From the Salisbury review...

"When one of my old Labour Party acquaintances expressed anxiety over Islamic terrorism, I asked him why he had always been so keen on getting as many immigrants here as possible. A case of foreigner good: Brit bad, immigrants had all the desirable qualities and every one of them would be a great asset to this country. He told me that he had been ‘trying to make the revolution’. So, while it had not been possible to storm Buckingham Palace and set up Soviets in Westminster, you could still change the population and supplant the hated ‘other’. Ironically, it happened that the flesh and blood other was not made up of filthy capitalists or parasitic aristocrats, but the ordinary working class people we had grown up among, and for and with whom, socialism would create a new world. [...]

Throughout the decades of mass immigration the claim has ever been that migrants just take the jobs we do not want or cannot fill. In the ’60s and ’70s it was also the houses; I recall teenagers in a civics class shouting at a teacher who was trying to counter their toe-curling racism by saying that the Caribbeans moving into their streets were simply occupying houses nobody wanted. ‘We want them’, ‘we live in them’, ‘what’s wrong with them?’ the boys yelled.

What may have been wrong was that the indigenous population was not being divested of them fast enough in reparation for the sins of Empire. Labour MP Frank Dobson spoke to a mainly Bangladeshi audience in Tower Hamlets a few years ago and urged them to help themselves to benefits, education, services, housing and much, much more. All we had was rightfully theirs and we could never compensate enough for our past oppression. Dobson is one heir of that political alliance of the new left with minorities which became active in local politics from the mid 1970s. This alliance enabled white radicals to portray themselves as part of the international movement combating imperialism, with the world’s black and brown people, the downtrodden proletariat.

The New East End by Kate Gavron, Geoff Dench and Michael Young (Profile Books, £15.99) shows how life has changed over the last half century in the area of Family and Kinship in East London, since 1957. It is a dreadful story of dispossession. [...]

Cooperation between the local authorities and ethnic leaders led to blocks of flats being set aside for Bangladeshi occupation, along with a substantial proportion of new and renovated housing. Provision has come to depend upon housing associations and co-operatives, through which the local authorities collaborate with central government and local residents. Attuned to cultural sensitivities, these provide six-bedroomed houses for men with multiple wives and many children; despite angry rants to the media about housing requirements being ignored.

Strong family connections, including ties to others in Bangladesh, are useful to demonstrate a need for housing that does not apply to existing citizens. These are hard-pressed to make any case for housing at all, and are said to ‘choose’ to move out. Unless, that is, they resort to ‘strategic single parenting’. Having a child unwed may be the only route for whites to the grail of council housing. Many engage in undisclosed cohabitation which they do not want to discuss in case they lose benefits; married couples live apart to maximise entitlements and families must make their offspring ‘homeless’ if they are to stand any chance of accommodation. Not only has there been decisive support for indigent outsiders, but antipathy to married, two-parent families.

The loss of local housing-control produced sink estates along with a crescendo of applications to enter the county. In one of the most rapid settlements ever to take place in Britain, wards of Tower Hamlets where Bangladeshi occupation was virtually nil in 1991 had 40 per cent or more in 2001, as population replacement spread to neighbouring boroughs like Newham and (now) Ilford and Barking. Bangladeshi children made up one third of primary school pupils in 1981 and two thirds by 2004, as extra resources were pumped into schools with names like Bangabandhu to help minority children.

Bangladeshi respondents in The New East End recount how nobody in London has to worry where the next meal is coming from, how if you do not have a job ‘they give you money’, how you ‘can have somewhere to live, without any rent’, how your ‘children can go to school’ and, even then, they still ‘give you money’. Omitted from the text is a further observation that you are paid to have as many children as you like.

When means-tested welfare benefits increase with the number of children, they produce a very high worklessness rate. Nationally, the proportion of working age people living in workless households is highest for Pakistani and Bangladeshi groups, at 27.4 per cent in 2004, compared with 10.9 per cent for whites (where lone motherhood is concentrated). Muslims have the highest male unemployment rate at 13 per cent; three times the rate for Christian men at 4 per cent. Add to this an ‘inactivity’ rate of 31 per cent. These men are purportedly ill or disabled, as are a high proportion of Bangladeshi women, who also draw disability benefits for various mental problems. Such disparities in benefit receipt by ethnic groups raise many questions about collusion and validation, and just how much assessment is possible through the burka and in the face of ethnic awareness and anti-discrimination strictures.

With their habitat gone, there are many fewer whites in family households; the average number of children in a Bangladeshi household is more than seven times that in a white household. This helped increase the population of Tower Hamlets by 45 per cent in twenty years (national growth rate, 6 per cent). The decline in white children is steeper in Tower Hamlets than anywhere else in the country. White families are in direct competition with immigrants for scarce resources and services, especially housing and education. Those who remain often last only to the point of school transfer at eleven. Fewer children mean fewer relatives generally. Family ties no longer give white people access to those who control local resources, or links to jobs and housing. Men are no longer organised into socially useful lives as husbands and fathers, so the proportion of unwed births and lone parents among whites is also among the highest in the country, when these were lowest in the first half of the twentieth century.

A double victory for leftists and a double whammy for the white working class, who have seen their family structure smashed and their locality colonised. Highly educated ‘yuppies’ can move around freely, occupationally and geographically, and can take a high-minded view, since they are not in competition with anybody for local resources, not least because they are usually childless. Instead they can enjoy the sense of belonging to a ‘vibrant’ cosmopolitan community without any demands being made on them. It is like being on ‘one big foreign holiday’ as you eulogise — like Richard Morrison in The Times — about the cheap labour and wonderful restaurants.

The whites who oppose the rhetoric of need and rights and resent the loss of their locality are mocked as pathological inadequates who are incapable of living alongside people different from themselves. Use of the racist card both suggests that there is something wrong with the people who feel hostile and avoids the real issues. Promoting cohesion is only ever understood one way: combating white racism. No adjustment is ever demanded of newcomers who live inward-looking lives organised around a religious culture which grants little respect or merit to anyone else’s. Unlike now, immigrants had to work hard to get full admission to the nation where incorporation meant forging ties with the members of the national majority.

Middle class leftists do not learn from history and have instead been drawn by their sympathies into consolidating the rights of minorities against indigenous whites. By 1998, more whites were reporting themselves as victims of racial incidents than were reported as perpetrators. Harassment on estates has been defined by council officials in ways which effectively condones any behaviour by Bangladeshis as ‘defensive’, while white tenants are threatened with the loss of their home or delays in dealing with their claims. The fear of municipal victiminisation prevented some respondents speaking fully to the New East End researchers. In education, the bulk of conflict management is directed at white parents. As schools have become more Bangladeshi, most entrants and their parents do not speak English.

These people have been disinherited and disenfranchised and go unrepresented in a way that contravenes the basic rules of our democracy. While an elected representative is supposed to represent all those in his area, many in Tower Hamlets make it clear that they are only there for the Bangladeshis who vote them in.

Funds from the European Union to build a community centre are used to build a mosque instead. There are provisions for ‘mother tongue’ teaching to make immigrants feel at home. But when one non-Bangladeshi councillor entered a classroom to an abusive reception, he found the lesson devoted — not to Bengali — but to the development of Muslim identity around Arabic. The Muslim boys’ secondary schools are bottom for the borough; not surprising because at east a third of lesson-time is devoted to memorising the Koran. The segregation and disadvantage imposed on pupils can be blamed on them being denied chances by white racism. [...]

Galloway’s Islamofascism represents the growing identity of immigrants as members of the ummah or the worldwide community of Muslims. The old Bengali Islam, softened by local Hinduism and the Sufi tradition, is giving way to jihadist Iranian and Arab models. Its integration, not into mainstream British society, but into militant Islam, is increasingly accompanied by calls for autonomous Muslim areas governed by Sharia law. The mechanisms for government funding have already encouraged local councils to take in more immigrants than their boroughs could cope with and there is not the space for Banglatowns to expand at the same pace — whether in London or elsewhere. Yet, the influx continues, not least as spouses are brought in from the homeland — which sets integration back another generation. Many on the left still embrace untrammelled immigration and insist that the houses, education and benefits can always be found for the millions who would substantially improve their chances by coming here.

The implications for security, not just national cohesion, are terrifying. There is a growing drift into a welfare dependency shared with the lower reaches of the white population whose own lives are shrivelled by the rights culture. What opens up is the kind of prospect we see in the Middle East, where unoccupied, testosterone-fuelled young men, succoured on welfare, spend their time banging guns and making babies. Those antagonistic to their own people and society are eagerly fostering the emergence of a state within a state.

Yes, Mr Dobson, they came, they saw and they are taking it.

Everything you need to know about Islam

Everything you need to know about Labour

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Wind Farms: A “It's Nice Little Earner” For Some

Wind Farms: A “Nice Little Earner” For Some

By Clive Wakely. The message that onshore wind farms are not just overrated, but a blot on the landscape, has clearly not filtered through to the Government, leading some to question whether politicians and “decision makers” have shares in the foreign companies involved in the manufacture, installation and maintenance of such facilities.

According to Government experts Britain needs 4,500 more giant turbines if the Government’s climate change targets in respect of alleged “sustainable development” are to be achieved.

That this figure is based on Britain’s current level of population, meaning it takes no account of further (largely immigration related) growth, ensures that it is a moving target.

We have previously reported on this site how the Government plans to “liberalize” planning legislation – making it easier for developers to get wind farm and other projects through the planning maze; a change in emphasis that will require protestors (that is, local people) to prove the detrimental consequences of development rather than the developers having to establish the benefits.

The principle reason why the Government now proposes a change in emphasis in local planning policy is to shift local planning decision making in favour of the developer; many big Government projects (such as Heathrow’s Terminal Five) having suffered grievous delays arising from the “unhelpful” objections of concerned local people.

Now the Government has determined that wind farms are necessary for economic growth and that the objections of local people are to be frustrated at every turn; such is the state of “democracy” in Britain.

Consequently it is no surprise that the proposed planning policy changes are being criticized by groups concerned with the protection of both the countryside and our national heritage, groups such as the National Trust.

The Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) is also reportedly upset.

The CPRE being a liberal organization; one conscious of the link between overpopulation and environmental degradation; yet one unable or, rather, unwilling, to acknowledge the only too obvious correlation between immigration, population growth and overpopulation.

However it is quite right when it asserts: “One would assume the default ‘yes to development’ applies to wind farms as it does with all kinds of development like roads and housing.”

It is also reported that some Tory MPs, particularly those representing marginal suburban and rural constituencies (often home to influential and vocal anti-wind farm protest groups), are also “concerned”.

Whether they are concerned for the countryside or for their parliamentary survival, is a matter very much open to debate.

The same draft national planning framework will require that local authorities should identify “suitable areas for regeneration”, thus making it easier to get planning permission for wind farms in particular.

Coincidentally(?) a separate “independent” analysis recently published by the Government’s Department of Energy and Climate Change, surprisingly(?) supports the Government assertion that planning reforms are essential to “deliver the infrastructure we need to reduce our carbon emissions”.

To be precise the renewable energy strategy states that onshore wind power will need to supply up to 13GW of Britain’s energy by 2020; which is good news for foreign wind turbine manufacturers and their British shareholders.

In response the Renewable Energy Foundation, a charity collating and publishing data on the energy sector, said the target would result in the construction of around 4,500 new wind turbines.

Presently Britain has 2,000 wind turbines, which is around 2000 too many for a growing number of people.

A spokesman for the charity is reported as claiming that the new Government planning proposals have been specifically formulated to make it easier for developers to build turbines against the wishes of local people.

The spokesman said: “The UK’s planning system prevents development where the damage of the proposal exceeds the benefits,

“It would be very foolish to distort the planning process as a quick fix for a broken energy policy or, worse still, to produce unsustainable flash-in-the-pan economic growth.”

This accusation has naturally been denied by a spokesman for the Department for Communities and Local Government, who retorted: “It is wrong to suggest the presumption in favour of sustainable development is a green light for wind turbines, or any other type of development.”

Meanwhile, up in Yorkshire, a thousand-year-old church near Selby is planning to host an event to raise awareness of plans to build two unsightly wind farms in the area.

St. Mary’s, in the village of Birkin, is widely recognized as one of the oldest Norman churches in Britain.

Local residents fear that if the proposal for the two wind farms is approved that they will spoil the views and atmosphere of the area.

A spokesman for the local anti-wind farm campaign explained: “When you approach the church you are travelling through open countryside. If these wind farms get built it will spoil the view every way you look”.

To raise public awareness it is intended to fly a large balloon over the village this weekend at 410 feet – which residents claim will be the height of the proposed two-dozen wind turbines.

As far as we can determine there are no plans by West Oxfordshire District Council to approve any wind farms within view of Witney, where Tory Prime Minister David Cameron has his large luxury “constituency” home.


Wednesday, 19 October 2011

EU Parliament Committing “Treachery and Theft” Against Taxpayers

EU Parliament Committing “Treachery and Theft” Against Taxpayers

The European Parliament has committed “treachery and theft” against taxpayers across Europe by putting the interests of illegal immigrants before native Europeans, Andrew Brons MEP has said.

Speaking during a debate on access to healthcare by “migrants in an irregular situation” in the Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs subcommittee of the European Parliament yesterday, Mr Brons said even the wording of the debate was a “verbal monstrosity.

“I am, at best, sceptical about the need for euphemisms. However, the use of euphemisms in Politics is usually motivated by a desire to control thinking and avoid free thought,” Mr Brons said.

“The term ‘irregular migrants’ was bad enough but ‘migrants in an irregular situation’ is a verbal monstrosity.

“If you want to use a euphemism and avoid the use of the word ‘illegal’ (and I don’t) then why do you not simply refer to them as ‘unauthorised immigrants.’

“Providing health care to those who have not contributed to it and are not even legally present in the country concerned, is self-evidently in their interest and sounds a generous thing to do, so perhaps we should all be in favour of it?” he asked.

“However, this would involve a misuse of the word ‘generous’. Generosity is exercised when a person gives something at his or her own expense – when the person takes money from his own pocket and donates it to a worthy (or even unworthy) cause.

“If we have spare resources at any particular time – a doctor without a patient (or even the prospect of a patient) to treat or even to patronise with unwanted advice, then there could be little objection to the illegal or irregular immigrant receiving the benefit,” Mr Brons continued.

“However, usually the demand for health care resources exceeds the supply and even people who have contributed through their taxes to the cost of care are forced to go without.

“Others have to join waiting lists that reduce their chances of recovery.

“In the United Kingdom, we hear every so often that a particular effective treatment is routinely withheld because it is too expensive.

“This week it was treatment for skin cancer. This means that the cost of treating every non-contributing patient is the extra contributing patient being left on a waiting list or refused treatment altogether,” he said.

“If a patient in a queue for health care were to voluntarily forgo treatment so that an illegal or irregular migrant might be treated instead, that would indeed be an act of generosity.

“However, for well-paid MEPs, who can afford private health care but who don’t have to afford it because we receive two-thirds of our private health care subsidised, to tell contributing patients that they must make way for non-contributing patients to receive treatment, is not an act of generosity, it is an act of treachery and an act of theft.

“However, I have a suggestion,” Mr Brons added. “It is that MEPs in favour of free health care, should establish a fund financed from their own net incomes to pay for this care. Now that would be real generosity but I suspect that we shall not see much of it.”


BBC; the Truth without Fear or Favour?

BBC; the Truth without Fear or Favour? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Albion
October 2011

It is hard to pinpoint an exact moment in time when the BBC ceased to be the world flagship for the dissemination of true, balanced and unbiased news reporting on local and world events.

The subtle changes in its presentation of programmes did not occur overnight but slowly over maybe a number of decades but it might have coincided with the government using its National broadcaster as a conduit for a post war ideology, that being Multi-Culturism using much of its programming as the conduit using subliminal indoctrination throughout its programming of ‘soaps’ to Children’s broadcasting, particularly News, Talks and Current Affairs using non indigenous presenters in abundance, out of proportion to the English population.

It became a tool to perpetuate an ideology. It was the magicians three ball and cup trick.

One might ask the question why did this event not just take place in the UK but has been blindingly apparent throughout the whole of Europe?

One has to assume that this order for political and social change came from a Central Committee, and so it did, Brussels the seat of the emerging federation of European nation states, has caused the most momentous change in the demography of the land mass of Europe triggering the social unease throughout most of Europe. In truth it was neither a Federation nor a Union but the formation of an oligarchic illegal government by stealth.

In 1939 when war was declared the BBC closed all regional radio stations and replaced them with one channel, The Home Service. The reason for this was to prevent the Germans from using local radio stations for direction finding.

Most of the transmissions were endless record programmes. Indeed it was so boring that early wartime programming was criticised as being old fashioned, staid and boring; with a seemingly endless cycle of gramophone records, variety on gramophone records, Sandy Macpherson on the BBC organ, and first aid instructions.

Indeed it was so dull that it was blamed by the Government for driving audiences to Lord Haw-haw on Radio Hamburg! The wartime BBC was given a completely new task of moral boosting.

To combat this criticism the Home Service was supplemented by a special programmes ‘For the Forces’ on existing Medium wavelengths in a more informal programmes the weekly fare being Workers playtime. Round the Horne, ITMA, Desert Island Discs, Hi Gang, Radio Doctor, Vera Lynn’s Sincerely Yours, and Band Wagon and in the 50’s and 60’s, Paul Temple, Dick Barton Special Agent, Mrs Dales Diary, The Archers, Adventures of PC 49 and Journey into space

Blackamoors were starkly noticeable by their absence as the race to build a single European nation had yet to have taken any effect. The presenters had no regional accents but spoke with what was referred to as an Oxbridge or boarding school accent.

Apart from the daily programming for the workers the impression was given that the BBC was still an elitist organization and apart from the daily fare for the masses, much of the programming was for the well educated.

During the war its propaganda department was the Ministry Of Information. Its presentation changed rapidly after the emergence of a number of Pirate Radio stations which saw the wholesale disaffection of their younger listeners. They attempted to close these stations down by threat of legal action, bullying and outright intimidation.

This was the defining moment when this monopolistic entity saw its stranglehold on Broadcasting about to be taken away. No-one saw it coming.

It had always been the arm of government as is the purpose of all National radio and TV stations worldwide. At that time Great Britain as a nation could have been viewed as fiercely Nationalistic and its Empire was its crown and sceptre. Britons were totally ignorant that its eventual incorporation into European federation by the Neo Marxists was the prize. And the BBC was just another tool to achieve this.

Sixty years on and its programme output is unrecognizable to those born before the war. Gratuitous sex and violence for adults and children, token dusky presenters from all parts of the third world employed wholly and solely to visually celebrate this nation destroying Marxist ideology.

What happened? Frankly it was because blatant political appointments were being made within critical BBC senior management positions rather than employing people with experience of theatre and stage, political appointees chosen to slavishly follow the government all encompassing blind obsession with the ‘Cultural Mix’ boasting equality for all but in reality equality for none. By now the Jewish entertainment entrepreneurs like Bernard Delfont, Lew and Leslie Grade disappeared from the scene.

Much of the BBC’s output today appears to cater to the lowest common denominator and most importantly is even more mindful of the ‘Racial Mix’, its purpose is to continually remind you as a Briton you cannot lay claim to this country anymore its open to all and is why we have a preponderance of Negro or mixed race presenters, reporters and actors even if the dusky actors presence has no relevance to the story whatsoever.

Typical was Brian True-May’s run in with the BBC’s political watchdogs placed in various departments similar to the Soviets within Sports, universities, Broadcasting etc. Not an isolated incident but did benefit from the glare of publicity.

Times have changed, we have broadcasters that are predominantly based around an easily defined racial community such as Asian Star FM in Slough celebrating our Multi-Culti hell-hole while the riot ridden streets burn as if to celebrate our close connection with the Third World Sub Saharans and second generation young resentful Caribbean’s mixed with ‘Half Castes’ or Cross breeds and Wiggers.

Not quite untouchables but youths with no identity no hope and in many cases no father; they are the Multi Cultural collateral damage that has been done to this country for the sake of a Marxist political ideology and the whole of Europe is paying the same price while a silk suited grinning Barrossa pontificates in the Presidium with edicts that will affect all our futures.

Subterfuge by disempowerment of self rule by the nation states of Europe and Great Britain’s by Socialist leaders signing illegal ‘Treaties’ one after another, in our case adding more misery to woe being co-signed by our ‘Ruling Monarch’. Each “Treaty” removing all vestiges of Nationality that make a county a nation state, currency, constitutions, borders, etc. The Marxist plan for a Grand Design for Europe will be styled on the old Soviet regime and in time will be known as the European Union of Socialist States and Regions or EUSSR.

Why ‘ello, ‘ello who is this new member about to decide on England’s future?

Why dear me if it’s not Croatia or is it Georgia?

Will you be sitting next to Malta, Lithuania, Slovakia, Estonia, Czechoslovakia, Latvia, Bulgaria, Greece, Poland or Romania?

How many of your people would like to reside in the UK?

We have a wonderful system of monetary benefits, health care, housing, employment and a fine infrastructure that discriminates positively in favour of new arrivals like yourselves and will hopefully guarantee you permanent residence in our little overcrowded island.

What we cannot guarantee though is a fair day’s pay for a fair days work but on the upside we do discriminate in favour of new arrivals like yourself by displacing an English worker to accommodate you.

Your little country is going broke? Worry not; our tax payers can bail you out for the sake of the continuing cohesiveness of the European Socialist State.

I have tried to make sense of this nonsense and have had to search my nightmares for inspiration. Proof of breaching its charter to entertain inform with a balanced, unbiased journalism can be seen daily in the farcical storyline situations in its programming using non English actors, again out of all proportion to the population numbers, you will note I do not use the word ‘British’ although that collective name could be used to describe the black population residing in Great Britain, as that word cannot be used to describe an ethnic grouping, it has no meaning. Some might even say the BBC’s subterfuge is on par with the now defunct News of the World.

I am convinced the BBC is an enemy of Great Britain and laws made in Brussels also prevent all the other Radio stations from speaking the truth of the damage being done to our people, our country and thus our children’s future. For example here is a letter by a reader to the BBC

A ‘British’ reader named Reza V believes the BBC has breached its charter by broadcasting such biased propaganda, and wrote this letter to the organization to complain:
I was shocked by the dishonesty, one-sidedness and far-left political bias of your programme: Geert Wilders: Europe’s Most Dangerous Man? BBC Two, 7:00PM Mon, 14 Feb 2011

The bile dripping BBC Banshees declared Geert Wilders, though unqualified third-party accusations, conspiracy theory and without any evidence whatsoever insinuated at various points throughout the programme that Mr Wilders was:
A Fascist, a Nazi, a Zionist extremist, an Israeli spy, a conspiracy theorist, a convicted criminal, guilty of a hate speech, mentally unbalanced, a control freak, dubiously dishonest with something to hide, Europe’s most dangerous man and Far Right,
Your program made regular use of sinister background music to drive home your intended message.

I would like to add this case was an exception, but it is not. Nick Griffins ruthless inquisition on BBC Question Time was a “Witch hunt” pure and simple. The cry from the ‘correct cultural mix’ rabble was baying for blood!