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Sunday, 31 July 2011

Norway : To explain the inexcusable

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Written by Sarah Albion

Three roses floating in the rea

The events which took place in Oslo a week last Friday can not be defended, let alone excused, under any circumstances. The killing and maiming of innocent people, many of them children, no matter who’s children they may have been, was an act of evil and barbarity which no reasonable person, whatever their views or political ideology, can condone or forgive.

For a Nationalist to resort to violence not only runs contrary to the love which inspires our very nationalism, but it is immensely damaging to our cause and to everything we hold dear. On a practical level, it also alienates any potential support and is a gift to our enemies who will use the actions of one deranged monster to smear all those of us who resist the invasion of our lands.

Thus it has been with the Norwegian horror of July 22nd 2001. The madman, Anders Breivik, already referred to as Europe's Timothy McVeigh, is no friend to the white race or to the preservation of a European culture. His actions have put back the native European cause by decades, and may well have advanced the Islamification of Europe which he claims to oppose. For how often in the last week have we read of heard the serpent like calls of those seeking to exploit this evil, that the best was to express our opposition to this atrocity is to support increased immigration.

We should never underestimate the vileness of our enemy, or how they will enlist any horror for their cause.

No good can come from Breivik’s insanity, and in no way can this monstrosity be excused. However, the same can be said of the carnage in New York in September 2011, Madrid in March 2004, London in July 2007 of Mumbai in November 2008, these too we acts of bloodthirsty evil which can never be forgiven or ever excused.

That did not, of course, prevent twenty thousand pundits from attempting to explain them or to outline the culpability of Western government policies in bringing them about.

In similar manner this event can be explained and a light also shone upon the role played by western governments in causing it to happen.

All systems of political repression and ongoing political persecution will eventually lead to acts of violent opposition, and had it not been for the repression and persecution now practised by the Western establishment in suppressing all opposition to multiculturalism, Breivik is unlikely to have ever committed his heinous act.

It was he who planted the bombs and shot at the children of the elite, but much of the blood he spilt is also on the hands of that very elite and with those within politics and in the controlled media who actively denied him a voice and who vilified his legitimate concerns.

That may sound absurd to those who share the current political orthodoxy or who, at least pay lip service to so doing, as they can have no comprehension of the level of political repression under which we all live, and the degree to which political dissent is now persecuted.

Those of us who do not share the state approved attitudes, and especially those who attempt to speak out against them know full well how dangerous it is to do so and how overwhelming the current levels of repression actually are.

In Britain, the degree of political terror which currently exists within our so called democracy is evident by how often ordinary, decent, members of the public will start any less than glowing reference to race, immigration or multiculturalism with the urgent assurance that they are “not racist”, whist at the same time they will invariably lower their voice and even often glance over their shoulders, to check they are not overheard, before speaking.

It is clear from every poll that a significant majority of the public hold significant concerns about mass immigration, multiculturalism, and the increasing influence of Islam, yet there is no platform within any of the three main political parties which reflect those views. Neither has immigration or the islamification of Europe featured in any in any of their manifestos - with the exception of a fuzzy aspiration by the Conservatives at the last election to reduce annual non-European immigration to a still overwhelming “Tens of thousands” (which could amount to numbers equal to the current UK prison population or two towns the size of Salisbury arriving each year)

Those few and tiny political parties which actively seek to reverse immigration and oppose the European Caliphate are universally vilified. Meanwhile, government funded QUANGOs such as the EHRC actively seek to crush them and repeated attempts are made to imprison their leadership.

The state controlled media (the only available mainstream media in the country) misrepresent and pillory the parties and anyone who publicly dares to support them, whilst the main journalist union prevent their members from fairly reporting them.

As this is going on, party members are prevented from working in various occupations, such as the police and they are even excluded by the church.

At the same time popular figures within the entertainment media, such as public school poser Russell Howard, will mock and lampoon the supporters of non-state approved organisations, including those who speak authentically in the accents he pretends to imitate.

Like most people, I totally condemn Anders Breivik’s actions but, also like most people I share many of his concerns. Yet neither he, I nor the millions who feel the same, can express those concerns without being condemned and there is no political party representing those concerns, which has a chance of gaining power that I can vote for.

Yet they are views which are held to some degree by the majority of the population

How surprising is it that an unbalanced man might decide there was no peaceful or democratic means of opposing what he perceived quite rightly to be the ethic cleansing of his homeland?

Where is democracy if you do not chant approved politically correct mantras? When those tiny political parties which do genuinely represent the majority view attempt to participate in the democratic process, the state, together with all the other parties combine to crush them. They are denied shared access to political platforms whilst the controlled media lies and lies and lies and lies and lies. As we saw in Barking and Dagenham, supporters of the multiculturalism, with the connivance of the British state, will go to the extent of importing thousands of new ethnic minority voters into an area in order to defeat a Nationalist candidate.

After what we have witnessed, there can be few reading this article which do not share my feelings of frustration, anger, grief and impotence when considering what passes for democracy in Britain. Not only am I unable to change anything, but I can not even participate because the dictatorship under which I live will not allow a viable option, which I can support, to exist.

How easy would it be for that frustration, that anger and those feelings of grief and impotence to turn to rage?

Is that what happened to Anders Breivik?

After all, what happens in Britain is no difference that what is happening across Europe.

The treatment of the Vlaams Belang party by the Belgian government, and its attempts to stamp on political opposition would make a third world dictator like Mugabe blush. Scandinavian governments like the Swedish, and to some degree the Norwegian and the Fins, impose their draconian brand of selective tolerance with Stalinist levels of oppression, often accompanied with state sponsored political violence.

Any real democrat would look upon the treatment of Jobbik in Hungary and shudder. Yet, how many real democrats are their left in European politics?

Where were the political voices raised against the show trials of Geert Wilders in Holland, Lars Hedegaard in Denmark, Elizabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff in Austria, or even Nick Griffin in England?

Of course, the politicians of Europe were silent because they are all part of that oppression, they approve the suppression of undesirable thought and silently they applaud the snuffing out of any voices of dissent.

So, what did these demagogs expect?

Have they learned nothing? Or worse, did they know this would happen, and just not care? If you seek to destroy a people, and that as surely as night follows day, is what they are seeking to do. If you take away any means of resistance and deny them even hope, there can be only one result, and there will be blood.

Events such as the carnage in Oslo became inevitable when those who rule us set out to impose the tyranny of political correctness across a continent, and when they with their lackey propagandists in the media, together with the state police, decided to silence the voice of a once great people.

I hold no brief for the maniac of Oslo, he is a vile and deluded man, who, as he sits smugly in this cell imagining himself a warrior, can not start to comprehend the evil he has done, not only to the innocents he has killed but to his own people and to the great culture he claims to be defending.

However, whilst I condemn utterly his actions, I would lie were I to say I do not understand and share many of his concerns, for they are the concerns shared by most Europeans. I would lie also if I said I did not understand his rage, for it comes from a place where our frustrations, our fear, our grief and our feelings of helpless at what is happening could well lead us all.

Yet he is not our creation. He is the creature of those who hate us, for it was they who cultivated the fertile soil in which his rage and madness grew.

It was those who are destroying us that created him.

Our politicians, leaders, multicultural fanatics and selfish capitalists seeking a cheap and obedient labour force, our craven media, our “right on” anti-racist pop stars and liberal entertainers together with advocates of political correctness and intolerant toleration should look to themselves when seeking to apportion blame for Oslo and find the cause for what occurred.

For it was they who nurtured the hate which grew in that maniac, and in their foetid souls lies the dank and malodorous womb from which the monster, and who knows how many others, came to crawl.

Friday, 29 July 2011

Financial Crisis: The Collapse of a Failed Global Ideology

Financial Crisis: The Collapse of a Failed Ideology

By William Spearshake. Everybody knows that much of the world is in a desperate financial crisis. At home, the continually rising prices of essentials and the mounting impact and resentment of government cuts is proof enough that we have an inept and entirely out-of-touch government. But what, exactly, is the actual basic problem?

It is not essentially a financial problem – at the very root it is an ideological one. The ideology of a chain of misguided British political leaders and trendy social theorists has removed proper financial independence from Britain and made us subservient to the financial infrastructure of alien cultures, such as Europe and America.

As is the case with most aspects of any large and interconnected system, when any normal person tries to arrive at an in-depth understanding of the causes and effects of Britain’s growing financial weakness, our minds can easily be boggled by the huge number of individual factors which comprise and affect the whole.

For most of us, trying to gain any coherent understanding of the problem, and work out any equally coherent solution to it, is a bit like trying to understand a forest by examining every single leaf, ant, root and twig.

Simply, the task is too enormous, intricate and widespread to be coped with if all we are seeing are the many thousands of individual factors within it. We have difficulty seeing the wood for the trees.

This complexity is thrived on by our sly political masters; it allows them to strut their economic stuff to the general public like university lecturers talking about quantum physics – we hardly understand a word of what they are talking about, but they sound like very clever people and create the impression that they can do what is necessary to solve the equations.

The general population of the country, it seems, fails to realise one single very important issue – if our politicians were actually any good, we would not have gotten into this financial mess in the first place!

Who is the better captain – the one who guides their ship carefully around an iceberg and avoids it altogether, keeping their ship afloat, or the one who lets their ship collide with it head-on, but tries to organize their crew to do a lot of pumping-out after the impact has started the ship sinking?

This is what I mean when I say that the essence of our financial disaster is ideological. The disaster is also far simpler to understand than the strutting pundits make out – providing we deal only in facts and get rid of over-technical gobbledygook, socialist-oriented ideological theories and political correctness. If we can do this, both the financial disaster and its remedy become glaringly obvious.

There is one single underlying and fundamental fact which explains the entire financial crisis. Money on its own cannot produce new money.

Money does not breed or reproduce. It does not grow. It does not create more money. If you plant pound coins in a garden, they will not grow into coin-bearing plants. It is when our politicians, bankers and investment organizations forget this simple inarguable truth that problems begin.

What money can do is to act like fertiliser, helping other things grow, such as factories, railways, plantations and crops, businesses and offices. But it is not the money that grows in these cases, it is the increased work which the invested money provides which grows. Furthermore, it must always be remembered that the money used to expand work must originate with already-accomplished work.

Money can increase, but only as the result of increased or improved work, and in no other way. (If a government prints twice as many £10 notes, all that happens is that the £10 note will then only be worth £5.) All economies, and economic improvements, have to be based on a foundation of productive industry.

This is the root of successful financial investment. It is when people begin to think that money can be channelled directly into financial institutions in order to generate more money that the problems begin to grow.

Financial institutions, whether banks, investment trusts, insurance companies, pension funds, stockbrokers, stock exchanges, mortgage providers, building societies, financial agencies, underwriters etc. etc. cannot create more money. Not one single pound. Not one single penny.

Only productive work produces money. Nothing else can. All that the world’s great financial institutions are capable of doing is channelling the money already created by earlier work into fresh work, and they will charge a fee for doing this.

This is how investments grow – at the bottom line, the invested money is given to some form of industry or work so that it can do more work and thereby grow, and by growing, provide more work for workers and more profits from sales of manufactured goods.

The biggest mistake made by British politicians over the last fifty or sixty years is to assume that money can be used in a different way, in a way that increases the supply of money whilst bypassing the necessary increase of the industrial workbase.

It is hardly surprising that politicians make this mistake, for a large percentage of our politicians come from a background of financial institutions; only a very small percentage come from the factory floor or the job centre.

And politicians who have grown rich and powerful from holding positions in financial institutions and similar careers have been indoctrinated with the fallacy that money on its own can create wealth.

Perhaps the worst offender in misunderstanding this essential fact was former prime minister John Major, whose first job on leaving school at 16 was insurance clerk, progressing to being an executive of the Standard Chartered Bank in 1965.

With this background, it is hardly surprising that he upheld the political ideology of the banker and investment consultant that wealth creates wealth, that money can breed more money, provided only that you invest it in the right unit trusts.

Consequently, one of his main policies was to continue the closing-down of Britain’s industrial manufacturing base that had already reached epidemic proportions under his predecessor Mrs. Thatcher, whose ideological motivation was to destroy the power of trade unions by closing down their trades, the coal miners being the classic example.

John Major actually stated that his ideological goal was to transform Britain from an industrial power into the world’s financial services provider. Thus, Britain became increasingly dependent for its survival on the expansion or contraction of the economies of foreign countries.

Unfortunately for the Britain that emerged from this ideological fallacy, money, unlike rabbits, guinea-pigs, cattle and human beings, cannot breed new money – but the appropriate use of money as investment which enlarges the nation’s industrial manufacturing base can, because the single thing which creates new money is productive work.

And for any nation, that mainly means manufacturing products and selling them. And that means that the bigger the manufacturing ability of a country, the richer it will grow – by effort, by work done, not by storing money in the dark prison of a banker’s vault and expecting it to produce litters of baby money.

And it is this question of what is done with any available money that is the key ideological difference between the disastrous governments we have had in Britain for some generations past and the potential which a Nationalist government has for reversing our country’s economic plunge.

In a healthy and properly run society, there is massive channelling of the taxpayer’s money into the general process of encouraging the most rapid expansion of industry and the research and development of the newest technological innovations for benefitting that expansion (the industrial infrastructure).

Putting it very simply, the healthy society invests in the development of its industrial potential. This, almost as an automatic by-product, creates large numbers of new jobs whilst also ensuring the stability and security of existing jobs, or else the rapid re-employment of workers leaving obsolete jobs.

More jobs means more people in work earning money, which means more taxpayers. It also means more public purchases from shops and trades, and increasing public ability to afford more expensive purchases and luxury products, thereby improving the quality of life. Another vital by-product of this is the reduction of unemployed people and less taxpayer’s money needing to be paid in benefits.

In the present period, British society is not a healthy society. In fact, it is terminally sick and, if it were a person instead of 60 million persons or more, it would be in a hospital bed on a drip. The ideology of a Nationalist government would, instead, create a healthy, thriving, affluent and increasingly stable society in Britain.

The only way in which this can possibly be accomplished is to run Britain solely and utterly for the benefit of the British, and not – as it now is – for the benefit of an increasing multitude of foreign countries. British governments have succeeded in fashioning Britain into being a crutch upon which foreigners can support themselves while the British limp – a rod for our own backs.

That is not, and must not be, the purpose or policy of any British government, for it has an inevitable result which we are now witnessing – the British people are being crushed in the stampede of foreigners to take advantage of our ideological weakness!

A proper British government should acknowledge the plain and unarguable fact that every new arrival allowed into Britain must either take a job away from the British who are already here, or if not, must increase the benefits burden paid by British taxes. They will also take a home away from British use.

These plain and simple facts are entirely obvious to anyone who gives the matter a moment’s clear thought; yet for at least the last 60 years all successive British governments, without exception, have chosen to ignore these plain facts.

Not merely ignore them, but increasingly to vilify and persecute individuals and political organisations who dare to try to force government to acknowledge the truth, an early innocent victim of which was poor Enoch Powell who in 1968 was sacked from his position as Shadow Defence Secretary by Edward Heath for having the courage to try to warn the British of the consequences of the disastrous road they were being led down.

Today, we have reached the disgusting level of even having our right to complain in plain language about these vital issues denied to us by anti-British laws resulting from anti-British prejudice in our own country.

As a result of all these factors, the British economy has had its industrial carpet pulled out from under its feet. Instead of having a healthy and profitable product-trading position as sellers to the world community and thereby making foreign countries pay us for the huge quantity of exported manufactured goods we once produced in now-derelict factories, we have become shackled to the success or failure of foreign economies by generations of inept politicians with seriously flawed political ideology.

The “miracle cure” devised by the European Union for solving the financial catastrophe which its very existence has brought about, is to move huge stacks of money from country to country, hoping that this money will quickly mate and breed big nurseries of newborn baby money that will solve the problem.

The only sure way in which the British people can save both themselves and their own country from the financial and cultural annihilation brought upon us by the seriously flawed ideology of posturing dolts is to elect a Nationalist government while there is still time.

Polish Unemployment in UK cost tax Payers 4.5 Million a week

20% Unemployment amongst Poles in Britain Costs Taxpayer £4.5 Million per Week

Unemployment amongst Polish EU immigrants in Britain runs at 20 percent and costs the British taxpayer £4.5 million every week, correspondent William Shakespeare has pointed out.

It has been revealed during the last few days that we are now suffering from massive robbery of our national finances by a hoard of Polish pirates.

The European Union has such abysmal confidence in the integrity and honesty of the Poles and Bulgarians that in 2010 they refused to allow these countries access to free European travel without passports because the EU was frightened of the probability of a Europe-wide crime wave flooding in as a result.

Unfortunately, the British government consists of limp-wristed liberals living in a pink fluffy world of their own who thought it terribly unfair to mistrust an entire race in this manner.

So, to our national misfortune, even since 2004 Polish people have been freely permitted to come and work in Britain, and to sign-on for our benefits if they have no work, or do not want to put themselves out by working.

Even though the invasion of our country by the Poles is now a universally known fact to Britons, it has not been admitted until now just how many there are over here, and just how critically damaging their presence is to the British people and our disintegrating economy and living standards.

These facts emerged a few days ago, but did not appear on many newspaper front pages, being hidden away inside if it was mentioned at all, and there has been no word about it on any news program, especially the BBC News (of course) which is nothing more these days than the government’s propaganda ministry.

It emerges that, over just the last seven year period, Polish people in Britain, who are now numbered in the hundreds of thousands, have robbed our country of – wait for it and take a deep breath – an estimated £23 billion!

In 2010 alone, the amount of British money pumped back to Poland as though by a giant pipeline was £3.7 billion. That is some £30 million a month, seven and a half million pounds a week, over one million pounds a day!

Much of this incredibly damaging sum withdrawn from the British economy has a “double whammy”, because not all of it is even earned by work.

The government, probably quite deliberately, has kept no detailed record or account of the exact number of any immigrant influx into Britain from any foreign country. However, there are “thought to be” about 390,000 Poles now living in our country (as the Daily Mail put it on page 2 on July 23rd, “this is the equivalent of a city larger than Cardiff”), of which statistics do exist to show that at least one in every five is unemployed and claiming all the free benefits they can.

That is at least 70,000 who are not working – 18 per cent! This alone costs us, the British taxpayer an estimated four-and-a-half million pounds each and every week.

There can be little doubt that a percentage of this is sent back home to Polish relatives and investment accounts, thereby producing that “double whammy” I mentioned, where, first, taxpayer’s money is freely scattered out in benefits, and second, a portion of the total is further sent to Poland thereby removing it entirely from the British economy (i.e. that money will not, evermore, even be used to make purchases from British shops or service industries or rents).

In case you were wondering, the ridiculous regulations of the European Union which our own government does not have the strength of character to question, let alone defy, mean that Polish people now have the identical rights to all benefits as the British native peoples. And the British voted for this? We must be stark, raving mad!

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

The Norway Tragedy and The double standards of the UK Marxist Liberals

Norway – The double standards of the Marxist Liberals

By Maid of Kent – After the shocking massacre committed last Friday in Norway by fanatic Anders Behring Breivik, the Marxist ‘Liberal’-dominated media in Britain have had a field day in their attempts to connect Breivik to ‘far-right’ groups in the UK.

Naming these groups as the EDL and with no evidence to support their claims, including the name of the British National Party in their biased articles and news reports, the Marxist ‘Liberal’ media reveals a blatant attempt to blacken the name of the British National Party and associate us with the monstrous crime committed by Breivik.

With the inference that these ‘far-right’ groups are extremists, the mainstream media conveniently ignores the fact that the policies of the British National Party are not ‘far right’ by any measure, and, before the decades of forced cultural Marxism, our policies were considered normal commonsense measures necessary for the preservation and health of our nation and people and were actively pursued by the Lib/Lab/Con parties themselves.

Their evil attempt to associate the British National Party with a mass murderer in order to brainwash their audience into thinking that our party and its members and supporters are all willing and capable of emulating these wicked deeds reveals the determination of the Marxist ‘Liberal’ establishment to destroy any legal and valid opposition to their unpopular and destructive policies.

Perhaps the most revealing aspect of the Marxist ‘Liberal’ media reports and the response from the Lib/Lab/Cons and their associated political parties in occupied Europe is their condemnation of all Nationalist parties and movements throughout Europe, linking us all to extremists and terrorists and, in an article in the Daily Mail, even to German Nazis.

As any reasonable and unbiased person will know, Nationalism is not about far-right or far-left politics, or any politics in between. Nationalism is the wish to preserve your people and their culture and traditions and to see your people live in peace and prosperity in their homeland.

This is not an unreasonable wish and appears to be acceptable to the Marxist ‘Liberals’ where non-European countries are involved, but becomes unacceptable to them when we demand the same.

However, the most breathtaking hypocrisy is revealed by the Marxist ‘Liberal’ reaction to this horrific massacre in Norway compared to their reaction to similar terrorist massacres perpetuated by Muslim murderers.

While the mainstream media has invited opinion from every hysterical Marxist Liberal it can find to denounce the ‘evil’ Nationalist movements of Europe who refuse to see their countries and indigenous people subjected to mass invasion by people from alien and incompatible cultures, after the London tube and bus bombings in 2005, this same Marxist Liberal elite bleated that ‘we’ had to find a way to ‘open up a dialogue’ with the races and cultures that had produced the terrorist murderers to try to prevent similar events in the future.

With no hysterical condemnation of these alien invaders from incompatible cultures, who seek to change the British way of life through force and terror, but instead seeking to cravenly capitulate to their unacceptable demands by attempting to blame the invaded native population for not managing to ‘open dialogues’ and ‘finding ways to accommodate’ these invaders, the Marxist Liberal elite reveal their true aims and intentions, which are to suppress any indigenous dissent and to support the destruction of our native peoples and cultures by enforced mass immigration.

While Breivik is undoubtedly mentally unstable, more than possibly as a result of his Marxist-mandated unstable childhood – a childhood inflicted on millions of other Europeans in order to destroy our societies – this instability was no doubt intensified by a seething anger at what had happened to his homeland as a result of the European elitist plan to destroy the countries and people of Europe through the mass immigration of people from alien and incompatible cultures.

That many other native Europeans feel a similar seething anger has been ignored by the European elite and their political parties who force their perverted ideology and nation-destroying policies upon us.

Will these same political parties, including the Lib/Lab/Cons, seek to ‘open a dialogue’ with the disaffected and marginalized indigenous Europeans whom they have ignored for decades in order to prevent similar atrocities in the future? Will they attempt to ‘find ways to accommodate’ the wishes of the people that they were supposed to represent all along?

Don’t hold your breath. It’s one rule for the unwanted invading immigrants and another rule for the rightful inhabitants of Europe – the European people.

On the contrary, instead of seeking to open dialogue and finding ways to accommodate the wishes of the majority of native Europeans, these European elites and their political parties like the Lib/Lab/Cons seek to destroy legitimate and peaceful opposition to their policies by demonising Nationalist parties like the British National Party by attempting to associate us with despicable murderers like Breivik.

Monday, 25 July 2011

Work Permits: Big Business Exposed as Sham “Crying Wolf”

Work Permits: Big Business Exposed as “Crying Wolf”

New figures released by the Home Office have revealed that less than half of all available immigration work permits were taken up during the first three months following the “permit” cap—which means that dire warnings from Big Business on the topic were nonsense scare tactics.

The Home Office figures show that in the first three months in which the cap on economic migration has been operating, there were 7,200 permits made available. So far, only about 2,500 have actually been used.

Yet many Big Business leaders warned publicly that the imposition of a cap—which is itself a half-hearted measure—would “damage” the UK economy.

For example, the Professional and Business Services Group which claims to represents Britain’s “professional services sector” claimed in October 2010 that foreign employees are vital if companies are “maintain [a] global competitive edge.”

“We need a sophisticated approach for business,” Sir Michael Snyder, chairman of the Professional and Business Services Group and senior partner at chartered accountants Kingston Smith was quoted as saying at the time. “The cap doesn’t take into account the tangible benefits that they [the skilled employees] bring to the UK, such as linguistic skills, that cannot be replicated here.”

In November 2010, the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) warned that the “future of British business is at risk from the government’s plans to restrict immigration to the UK.”

Director general of the BCC, David Frost, was quoted as saying that “New restrictions on immigration must not undermine the ability of UK businesses to recruit the best and the brightest, which allows UK plc to compete internationally.

“The government needs to think again – and create a balanced migration policy that limits the number of low-skilled migrants, while allowing us to entice top global talent to the UK.”

Even the ConDem regime’s own dreadful wet liberal and Business Secretary Vince Cable repeated this mumbo-jumbo, telling the Financial Times in September 2010 that the immigration cap would hurt the “fragile economic recovery.”

Mr Cable told the FT that a “lot of damage was being done to British industry and companies were relocating jobs overseas in response to punitive caps that left them unable to hire key staff.”

However, the Home Office figures show that all of these statements were alarmist nonsense and made out of a political bias rather than any basis in reality.

According to the Home Office, applications for a “restricted certificate of sponsorship” in terms of the permanent limit on migration through Tier 2 (General) figures were as follows:

* The first monthly allocation took place on 11 April 2011. All valid applications received by 6 April 2011 were successful if they scored at least 32 points.

* Certificates of sponsorship set aside from annual limit for allocation in April: 4,200.

*Certificates of sponsorship granted in April allocation: 1,019.

* Balance of certificates of sponsorship carried over to May: 3,181.

* The second monthly allocation took place on 11 May 2011. All valid applications received by 6 May 2011 were successful if they scored at least 32 points.

* Balance of certificates of sponsorship carried over from April: 3,181.

* Certificates of sponsorship set aside from annual limit for allocation in May: 1,500.

* Certificates of sponsorship returned or reclaimed between 7 April and 5 May 2011: 3.

* Certificates of sponsorship granted by exceptional consideration outside the monthly allocation, between 7 April and 5 May 2011: 18

* Certificates of sponsorship available for allocation in May: 4,666

* Certificates of sponsorship granted in May allocation: 781

* Balance of certificates of sponsorship carried over to June: 3,885

* The third monthly allocation took place on 13 June 2011. All valid applications received by 5 June 2011 were successful if they scored at least 32 points.

* Balance of certificates of sponsorship carried over from April: 3,885.

* Certificates of sponsorship set aside from annual limit for allocation in May: 1,500.

* Certificates of sponsorship returned during previous month: 26.

* Certificates of sponsorship granted by exceptional consideration outside the monthly allocation during previous month: 14.

* Certificates of sponsorship available for allocation in June: 5,397.

* Certificates of sponsorship granted in June allocation: 845

* Balance of certificates of sponsorship carried over to July: 4,552.

* Certificates of sponsorship available for allocation in July: 6,052.

*A further 1,500 Certificates of sponsorship were made available on 11 July 2011.



by David Flemming









Sunday, 24 July 2011

Austerity measures hit hardworking families – but not third world fringe ‘artists’

British austerity measures hit hardworking families – but not third world fringe ‘artists’

By Clive Jefferson – As we all tighten our belts and reduce our outgoings in what has been dubbed the time of austerity in Britain, shocking news comes to the British National Party that “arts and science bodies” can nominate 1,000 people for immigration to the UK!

The pro-immigration minister Damian Green has announced that four bodies – including Arts Council England and Royal Society – will be able to choose “exceptional talent” from around the world and the lucky winners will be given a British visa and all the benefits of said “golden ticket”.

Damian Green announced the move in response to fears that immigration curbs would undermine Britain's artistic and scientific reputation.

As a British National Party councillor, I am faced with more practical fears from people: the people in West Cumbria are afraid of a cold winter because they cannot heat their homes; they are afraid of serious job cuts and a lack of social housing that has young families on council waiting lists for 36 years in Cockermouth! But I cannot say I have come across anyone with a fear that immigration cuts might undermine our artistic reputation.

The immigration minister has named the four science and arts bodies that will be able to nominate 1,000 leading individuals in their fields to live and work in Britain under a new "exceptional talent" immigration route.

The category was created after strong protests from science and arts organisations that the cap on third world immigration introduced this year was in danger of undermining Britain's science and research base and international artistic reputation.

The Guardian’s take on this outrageous waste of money is that it "will do little to stem the flow of complaints from overseas artists and musicians"!

Green said Arts Council England would be able to nominate 300 people a year for the "exceptional talent" route, the Royal Society would also have 300 places, and the Royal Academy of Engineering and the British Academy for humanities and social sciences would each have 200.

The four bodies will not only be able to nominate those who are already established in their field but also "those with the potential to be recognised in their fields".

Green said: "This comes at a time of major reform of the immigration system to bring net migration back down to the tens of thousands, tackle abuses and make sure that the immigration system meets the needs of the country."

Alan Davey, chief executive of Arts Council England, said he welcomed the launch of the special visa scheme. "The international exchange of artists enriches their art, and I'm sure audiences will welcome the opportunity to experience the finest artistic talent from across the world," he said.

It is just another scam. The Tories know just how the British people feel about the disastrous immigration policies of successive Governments and are making a show of tightening up our borders. They are then, just as fast, opening back doors to third world immigrants as is evidenced by this little scam hidden away in a tiny article in the Guardian.

The Art of Industrial War

The Art of Industrial War PDF Print
Written by EUSSR

economic-nationalism_120_x_82Trade deficits

America and Britain run large structural trade deficits. The respective Governments have financed these ongoing deficits with sales of state assets (Intergenerational wealth), issuance of bonds (Future wealth) and allowed surplus nations to reinvest by taking ownership in listed equities.

The US deficit is largely due to an imbalance of trade with China, some 80% of its deficit is from this trade. China rather than allowing its currency to appreciate continually buys US issuances of debt used to fund this trade deficit. Currently it is estimated that the Chinese Yuan is 40% undervalued which translates into an export subsidy for Chinese manufacturers and a consequential reduction in direct US workers of nearly 1 million jobs.

Since 2000 an estimated 1.9 million manufacturing jobs have been lost in the US.

Currently China has reserves of some 3 Trillion US dollars. If China entered into trade on a mutually beneficial basis and imported from the US the same as it exported, then the US would almost certainly bounce back from its high unemployment figures of 13.5 million (8.8%), simply because each manufacturing job has a multiplier effect of between 2 to 5 additional jobs created/lost.

The 1 million direct jobs recovered and another 2 to 5 million additional ones created would reduce US unemployment down to 4.9-6.8% in line with the long run US unemployment rate since 1948 of 5.7%.

What are the motives behind Chinese surpluses?

China appears to be end gaming the US. Chinese workers are not receiving the benefit of their efforts (surpluses) and Western workers are unemployed.

China is engaging in currency manipulation which suppresses US industry/exports while China mechanises. Surpluses are being used to vertically integrate its supply chains through the acquisition of natural resources. Through central planning they focusing on specific industries (with Government aid) further decoupling US comparative advantage (Industry clusters) thereby eroding downstream supply chains and necessitating further production to shift to China.

This blue print process would appear to be partially through its plans, with the end game additionally and likely being the influence though listed equities in major corporates (Procurement/Outsourcing) and Channel ownership (Sales) [Or straight ownership if they can get away with it].

What are the current consequences?

  • Western nations manufacturing employment is below expected levels due to Chinese currency manipulation.
  • Industrial innovation and technological development impaired.
  • Industrial and economic sovereignty impaired.
  • Massive systemic and financial risk to world markets due to unprecedented levels of Chinese “hot” money. (Think of the cyber attacks on US installations for starters).
  • Chinese workers are denied the benefits of their efforts as surpluses have not been passed back to them.

So what should be done?

Quite simply the US/UK and others should put an ultimatum to the Chinese that international trade must be fair and equitable. They must import the same amount as they export and tariffs will be imposed to ensure equilibrium if they will not honour this notion.

In effect a multi year trade balance equation should be developed that China must achieve equilibrium over say a rolling 5 year time frame. The greater the deviation from equilibrium the greater the imposition of tariffs to mitigate unfair actions until it is rectified (Simple gaming theory).

It should be noted that China would actually BENEFIT from this action as any increase in the West would translate into increased demand for its exports. This is the whole basis for international trade, it is mutually beneficial. But it is clearly evident that China appears to have ulterior motives otherwise as communists they would be helping their people foremost. That’s what the true Peoples Party would do.

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Great Response to British National Euro Referendum Campaign in Horwich

Yesterday 7 activists of the Bolton British National Party held a table top for the campaign in Horwich calling for a referendum on the continued British membership of the EU.
The response from the residents of Horwich was superb with many people signing the petition and many taking information on the British National Party . And also we had two applications for membership of the party. In effect the response was brilliant. We even had a the funny site of a Local Labour Councillor huffing and puffing his way past, like a spoiled child.

We were delighted to dispel many of the the myths about the British National Party that are spread the main Three parties.By the polite and courteous and respectful conduct to the residents of Horwich. And many of the people we spoke to were indeed delighted at the breadth of knowledge and openness of the British National Party team, on matters ranging from economics to the Christian faith. which showed them that we in the British National Party do not consider them just plebeians as does the Lib/Lab/Con axis, but as real individuals who concerns over he EU, immigration and the destruction of our nation and culture, are of a valid and justifiable concern to all.

You to can sign the petition by clicking on the link below, thankyou for your support!
click here for Petition

Friday, 22 July 2011

David Nero Cameron Foreign Aid Fiddles While Britain Burns

David Nero Cameron Fiddles While Britain Burns

By William Spearshake. at
Speaking of his policies for crisis-hit Britain from 10 Downing Street – oh, sorry, from that well-known London suburb Nigeria – our unfortunate country’s supposed Prime Minister David Cameron has made his “strongest defence yet of Britain’s foreign aid program.”
His stated objective is a knee-jerk attempt to “confront critics who oppose increasing aid while budgets are being cut at home.”
 Or, to put this into plain English, ex-Eton-toff Cameron will try to convince the British public that he is absolutely right to continue to flush immense quantities of British taxpayer’s money down the foreign toilet while his own country – the country he was elected to run for the benefit of its voting inhabitants – falls to pieces in a financial collapse unseen since the Great Depression of 1929.
 At the same time that Cameron is prancing through Africa planning to scatter British money like confetti, a survey of public opinion in his real country – to remind him, this is Britain – shows a consensus of public opinion that government foreign policy has “changed for the worse” since David Cameron became Prime Minister.
The public have demanded that our highest priorities should be strengthening our country’s border control, properly funding the armed services and hardening our investigation and treatment of terrorists. 60% of people thought overseas aid was a waste of our money. (Survey conducted by Chatham House and YouGov.)
It will be no surprise to the public that Cameron, the Lord of Cuts, Master of Misrule and Servant of Strange Priorities, has waltzed off to arrange more squandering of taxpayer’s cash in Africa while at home we are all reeling under a deluge of rising prices, unemployment, collapsing standards, dangerously reduced Council and NHS services and gravely threatened family values.
It is still less of a surprise that he is cutting his African tour short in order to fly home for something really important – a personal statement to Parliament this week regarding the phone-hacking scandal.
One cannot help but wonder whether Cameron’s speech about phone-hacking will have been prepared for him by his former communications chief Andy Coulson, a previous editor of the News of the World who on 8th of this month was questioned at a police station about his paper’s hacking operation.
Presumably nobody is in a better technical position to inform David Cameron about this subject than he is, and it’s about time he did something to justify the salary he received whilst on Cameron’s staff payroll.
In connection with Cameron’s African spending spree, a spokesperson from the Foreign Office has actually stated that “the government rejected any notion that Britain’s role in the world was shrinking.”
To be necessarily blunt, the ordinary British member of the public doesn’t give a bugger about Britain’s role in the world – our population’s greatest worry these days is the rapid disappearance of Britain’s role in Britain!
As a reply from a member of the public posted on a news website put it, “The UK will be in need of aid soon if we continue with this unsustainable program of increasing what we give, while making less ourselves and spending less at home – Fix Britain before the rest of the world, Dave, that’s why we voted for you and not Labour!”
This very reasonable and sensible opinion is highlighted by a serious report from the spending watchdog the National Audit Office.
They have issued a statement that the UK has “no clear picture of the extent, nature and impact” of countries making fraudulent use of British foreign aid payments.
In response to International Development Secretary Andrew Mitchell’s announcement that future foreign aid will “be targeted more at war-torn and ‘fragile’ states”, the national Audit Office has pointed out that such countries are more likely to have poor government and high corruption.
This will risk diverting even more British foreign aid money into private bank accounts and quite possibly even help fund terrorist groups.
A check has revealed that all nine of the countries where the government is to increase foreign aid spending by over 50% are actually amongst the worst in using it for improper purposes, or “leakage” as it is officially called.
The Audit Office report on financial management at the Department for International Development contains the damning statement that current government methods “cannot provide Parliament and the taxpayer with a clear picture of the extent, nature and impact of leakage”, adding that “leakage will potentially increase as the spending increases…”
In the face of these facts, David Cameron has nevertheless committed cash-starved British citizens to raise an extra £3.3 billion over a 4-year period merely in order to gratify a United Nations target for “wealthy nations” to spend more of their GDP on foreign development by 2013.
Is Britain a wealthy nation? Try to find 100 ordinary pensioners, or 100 unemployed people, or 100 university students who agree!
Perhaps the news that the Department for International Development’s complete budget of £7.8 billion has not been affected whatsoever by the government’s radical cuts to our services will make readers feel happy about rising prices and shrinking standards in Britain. It seems that David Cameron is actually sufficiently mental to believe so

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Climate change Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics

Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics

By Clive Wakely. 
Climate change, as the term suggests, is an ongoing process that has existed since our planet first evolved an atmosphere; it being dependent upon the presence of an atmosphere, irrespective of that atmosphere’s carbon dioxide content.
As we are all aware many thousands of years ago the earth was in the grip of an extended period of intense cold popularly known as the “Ice Age”.
During this period continental ice sheets and glaciers greatly extended, some remnants of which, the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets for instance, being still with us.
Some 12,000 years ago this age of intense cold gradually morphed into a succession of relatively short-term periods of global warming and cooling, which have continued up to the present day.
Between 5000 and 3000 B.C., global temperatures are believed to have been generally higher than today. It was during this period that the first great human civilizations began to establish themselves and flourish.
Between 3000 and 2000 B.C., a period of global cooling occurred, resulting in a drop in sea levels as ice sheets and glaciers advanced again.
Later still, between 2000 and 1500 B.C. the earth experienced yet another period of global warming – which was followed by another cool period.
The Roman Empire (150 B.C. – 300 A.D.) occurred during this cooling period, which lasted throughout the “Dark Ages” until around 900 A.D.
The period 900 A.D. until 1200 A.D. was a time of global warming, referred today as the Medieval Warming Period, or Little Climatic Optimum.
There are indications that global temperatures then were at least as high as today and it was during this period that Viking settlements were established in previously inhospitable Greenland and Iceland.
As the Medieval Warming Period abated it was replaced by another period of global cooling. Between 1550 and 1850, temperatures were colder than at any other time since the end of the previous Ice Age, which is why it is often referred to as the “Little Ice Age”.
This is the time of “ice fairs” on the River Thames and frequent poor harvests resulting from long cold winters and mediocre summers.
However, since 1850, we have experienced a period of warming that coincided with the Industrial Revolution.
This period has also witnessed the greatest output of human induced carbon dioxide (CO2) ever, leading some in more recent years to speculate that the rise in atmospheric CO2 level is responsible for the increase in global temperature.
Proponents of this theory point to statistical evidence that suggests a correlation between the two factors, from which they conclude that one event is largely responsible for the other.
Even if this were true in this instance, it cannot explain previous pre-Industrial Revolution periods of global warming or cooling.
Indeed, it is one thing to plot statistical data on a graph, but quite another to correctly interpret it.
One of the primarily lessons of statistics is that correlation does not necessarily imply causation.
Simply put, two factors lining up on a graph do not necessarily imply a cause and effect relationship between them.
For instance, one could produce a graph plotting the growth in the size of the UK’s population against ever increasing petrol prices and conclude that the increase in this country’s population is because of the government’s fuel duty increases.
An alternative interpretation could be that ever-higher petrol prices are directly responsible for the explosion in UK population.
Simply because there appears to be a correlation between two factors, does not prove that there is; neither does it establish a cause and effect relationship between them.
Global Warming protagonists would have us believe, for a number of reasons, that there is a cause and effect relationship between a rise in atmospheric CO2 and an increase in global temperature.
That this is an interpretation, one that ignores the evidence which suggests other possibilities (derived from our planet’s historical climate change record), is an inconvenient truth too far for some; particularly those seeking to profit from carbon credit trading and investment in alternative green energy development.
US politician and alternative energy hedge-fund guru Al Gore popularized the CO2/temperature connection in his movie, An Inconvenient Truth, in which the alleged correlation between the two factors was demonstrated using the now notorious “Hockey Stick” graph.
His information was derived from research into CO2 atmospheric emissions in ancient ice core samples that initially appeared to support his case.
However in 2007, further paleoclimatic research concluded that deep-sea temperatures warmed about 1,300 years before the tropical surface ocean and well before the rise in atmospheric CO2 at the ending of the last ice age.
The importance of this finding is that it establishes that historically the rise in greenhouse gases, such as CO2, is more likely a result of warming than the cause of it.
In actual fact this was not new news. The same conclusion had been reach some four or five years previously in a less publicized study into microscopic air bubbles trapped in Antarctic ice core samples. These revealed a precise record of atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations from which it was concluded that atmospheric CO2 increases lagged Antarctic deglacial warming by between 600 to 1000 years.
Put simply global warming is followed by CO2 atmospheric increase – not the reverse as the pro-global warming lobby would have us believe.
Al Gore’s “Hockey Stick” graph, for whatever reason, was interpreted as showing a direct correlation between atmospheric CO2 levels and global warming, with the former being responsible for the latter.
However, what pro-global warming proponents did not consider (or chose to ignore) was whether the increase in CO2 preceded or followed temperature increase.
For whatever reason their unshakeable conclusion was that because temperature and CO2 happen to line up on a graph, that CO2 must be the “smoking gun” and that vast investment in carbon credit trading and clean green alternative energy development was the only way to avoid Armageddon in the shape of runaway global warming.
Benjamin Disraeli is sometimes accredited with saying “there are lies, damned lies and statistics” – as far as global warming is concerned he was probably correct.

Totalitarian LibLabCon Britain

Totalitarian Britain: Schools given more powers to fire British National Party members

LibLabCon Britain has taken another step closer to totalitarianism with the announcement that schools will be given more powers to fire teachers for simply being members of the British National Party. 
The new rules are the result of plans introduced by education secretary Michael Gove, who last year stated that British National Party membership is not ‘compatible with being a teacher’.
Although instigated by the Department of Education supposedly to prevent teachers from undermining what it terms ‘fundamental British values’, the rules are more reminiscent of those introduced in 1930s Nazi Germany, when laws were passed to sack Jews and anyone disloyal to Nazism from teaching.
In its press notice, the Department defines such ‘British values’ as ‘democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect, and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs’.
Unsurprisingly, however, it seems that this ‘tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs’ does not extend to members of the government’s only political opposition.
The powers will be given to headteachers from September 2012.
In November 2010, Tory MP Michael Gove stated: ‘I don't believe that membership of the BNP is compatible with being a teacher. One of the things I plan to do is to allow headteachers and governing bodies the powers and confidence to be able to dismiss teachers engaging in extremist activity.
‘I would extend that to membership of other groups which have an extremist tenor. I cannot see how membership of the British National party can co-exist with shaping young minds.’
As previously shown on this website, the Department of Education actually cannot provide anyone with a definition of what it means by the term ‘extremism’.
Members of the British National Party are already barred from working as police or prison officers.
The British National Party believes that no man or woman should be fired from any job on account of their political beliefs, as long as they do not bring those beliefs into the workplace. It is therefore we that uphold ‘democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect, and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs’ and no one else.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Toxic Britain Toxic Bolton

Toxic Britain

Mass immigration, political correctness and economic disaster have turned Britain into a toxic society from which only nationalism can save it, writes’s newest correspondent, William Spearshake.
By William Spearshake. Writing this on Saturday July 16th 2011, I cannot be alone in feeling there is a heaving pressure boiling away underneath our country and getting ready to erupt catastrophically, like a sociological Krakatoa or Mt. St. Helens.
It has been admitted that three out of four new jobs in Britain now go to foreigners.
The Office for Economic Co-Operation and Development has published a report showing that Britain is the destination for more permanent immigrants than anywhere else in the world except the USA, which is 38 times bigger by land area.
The same report also shows that, unlike most other European countries, in Britain immigrants are more likely to be employed than members of the native population.
A point is being reached where the British taxpayers who pay for the Welfare State will be outnumbered by the newer arrivals who are milking it for every penny they can; the Daily Mail mentioned a woman from Nigeria who came to Britain recently on a tourist visa in order to give birth to quins, costing the NHS no less than a quarter of a million pounds for this single case!
Youth unemployment has reached almost 20%, meaning that almost one million young adults are living on benefits and are statistically likely to be members of families in which their parents are also on benefits.
In the last 10 years, the total of British-born workers has dropped by 140,000 while the number of foreign-born workers has risen by 1.77 million. Britain has enough new jobs to give every unemployed indigenous Briton full-time work – but the vacancies are filled by workers of foreign origin.
It has now been admitted that when, in 2004 under Tony Blair, the new Eastern European members of the European Union gained the right to go where they pleased within the EU, no less than one million East European immigrants came to Britain that year looking for jobs or benefits here.
Not surprisingly, last year burglaries rose by 14% with 745,000 homes robbed in that 12 months alone – a burglary rate of over one per minute (just over 85 burglaries per hour, 24 hours per day). In the same time, violent crime rose by 6%.
This week we witnessed the unbelievable debacle of 6 footballers – 5 of them of non-Indigenous British origin – who gang-bang raped two 12-year-old girls having their already ridiculously paltry 2-year prison sentences quashed entirely after appealing against their sentences.
In a separate court case, a Judge had to dismiss the jury in a massive benefits fraud trial due to the possibility that they had been “nobbled”; the accused consisted of members of a family whose origins have not been mentioned, but who have names such as “Riccardo” and “Cosima” which allow us to draw our own conclusions.
The family used false benefit claims to build up a £1.5 million property empire.
The financial crisis hitting countries in the Eurozone has already cost British taxpayers £12.5 billion in bail-out payments, an average of £600 per British family. This is very likely to increase dramatically.
Italy is now tottering on the brink of financial collapse. So, amazingly, is the mighty USA, now threatened with having its international credit rating downgraded if – as seems possible – it begins to default on payments of its staggering debts of $14.3 trillion (£8.9 trillion) with a deadline on August 2nd rushing towards it.
Should this happen, it could possibly trigger a complete meltdown of the finances of western civilization as we know it. Britain now lacks sufficient national independence to float as Europe sinks financially.
There is not a single politician or political party in Britain which has the slightest ability to rise to the occasion and do what is vitally necessary to rescue our country from the explosion whose warning rumblings and tremors we can all feel, except for the Nationalist lobby.
Britain’s only possible salvation, and most urgent need, is to elect a Nationalist government.
David Cameron has bleated for many months about having a “Big Society”. What Britain has been given by him and his kind is, in fact, a Toxic Society!

What is True Democracy? And, will we ever see it ??

By Alan Turnbull
There are lots of issues affecting people these days, in many ways, I worry for the future for my family, and for the welfare of the most vulnerable in our communities, So it set me thinking, to you personally, What are the most worrying things facing you today?
My own community will not be unaffected by the cuts being lined up to force many people to compromise and go without, the proposed closure of our Library, and unavoidable Job losses for council workers and related services mean more unemployed, which in turn will result in even more penny pinching and unfortunately, more people going into debt!
A quick look at the prospects faced by our children looking to further their education at college and University, facing huge student loan debt, and loss of EMA, and we immediately see that this system of obvious, reduced opportunity for the less well off will widen even more the class divide that is infesting and challenging our perception of our society, or in other words, "the rich get richer, the poor get even poorer" and higher education currently available to all who seek it, will soon only become a reality to those who can afford it!! Ie, the well off!
At the same time, our sons, daughters, friends and relations are dragged into battle fighting to implement democracy onto a people who neither want it, or us anywhere near them, and why should they, its their country! not ours! what right do we have to dictate to other sovereign Nations what form of Government they should adopt?
Meanwhile increased foreign aid to Nations with space programs and Nuclear arms, whilst our own people are ignored and made to go without stuns and bewilders all but the well off and morally derelict in our country, its a simple statement really, OUR OWN PEOPLE MUST COME FIRST!
It is a similar story with Immigration and migration levels, even more and more pressure being placed upon our already overburdened services, meaning even less for the most vulnerable people here! Its the same old story, our own people being put at the back of the queue.
Nationally even more corruption abounds, with News International being the latest small tip of the many icebergs around us being identified as lying, devious, corrupt institutions who think nothing of making peoples lives a misery for the sake of a quick cash gain!! Added to this the underlying corruption now surrounding many of its hidden supporters, snitches and paid public figures at the top of our Society, and we begin to see for the first time to many, the level of corruption and duplicitous activities of these people who carry your trust with complete ignorance and disdain! Are these really the people who you would like to rule over your country, and to whom you give over the security and well being of you and your descendants?
Meanwhile in our own Villages, food prices continue to rise, facilities for children continue to fall, and services for the elderly and at risk are at the point of being reduced to dangerous levels, is this what a community becomes when people in government, local or National forget their oath of office, and think more of their own pockets and careers than those they are sworn to protect?
If your as worried as me at the prospect of these and many other things, I would welcome discussion on them, we avoid talking about these things far too often, and only ever discuss them after its too late to do anything about any of it!
Only one Party seeks to openly discuss these issues, The British National Party, and for that we are ignorantly and staggeringly labelled as racist!!
And there in is my point, NOTHING in this country will ever get better unless a genuine political party such as ourselves is allowed to influence the direction, even in a small way, the manner in which this countries political, economic and Internationally active aspirations, are taken, the old parties in power know this, and to safeguard their careers they refuse us a platform to challenge them on these things, and constantly seek to discredit and silence us, this results all the time as a cost to you and the Nation by way of misleading, bias, untrue conjecture and influential media contrivance! and ignores decent, lawful, democratic representation of the people, who are being conned out of their right to hear ALL sides of an argument, THAT!! is true Democracy!

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Can you compete with Workers on 30 pence a day? Join us In Support of British Working People

Can you compete on 30 pence a day?

There is only one party that speaks out for the neglected, forgotten and abandoned British people, us – the British National Party

Can you compete with someone earning just 30p a day? That's what Indonesian factory staff are paid to produce Nike trainers.
Workers at these sweatshops enjoy few rights. They have no Union protection. They are often subjected to abuse if they don't meet targets. This exploitation enables firms like Nike to make huge profits. Their trainers can sell for £50 a pair. Cheap, non-unionised Labour in countries like Indonesia is one reason that Nike and others build factories there.

These low standards give them a huge economic advantage over our UK-based factories.

- We know that trying to compete with low-wage, low-standards economies will not succeed.
- Our industries have been decimated because multinationals have been allowed to move production abroad but still sell their over-priced products in our home market.
- They show no loyalty to our country and people – all they care about is money.
- They throw our people on the dole.
- They exploit people in the Third World.
- They produce cheap there and sell expensive here.

That's great for the fat cats and their bank balances. But what about our people?
What about the families who no longer have breadwinners?
What about the youth who have no prospect of a job and the structured life that employment brings?
What about our blighted communities where small shops and businesses have to close and public services are cut?
There is only one party that speaks out for the neglected, forgotten and abandoned British people, us – the British National Party.
We will never stop speaking out. We will never stop calling for the protection of our jobs and our home markets.
I want the British people to be great again. More than that, I want them to live secure, fulfilled lives in a vibrant, living culture based on their fundamental values. I never tire of fighting for that. It's just too important. I will never give up or give in.
I am just one man, though. I need your help to win this battle. Are you with me?
I want you to think about the future of your children and grandchildren if they are forced to compete with near slave labour. Their current future is a de-industrialised wasteland. No future and no hope. Is that what you want for them? Will that be your legacy?
If, like me, you care and want to make a difference, take a small step – join the British National Party today. You'll find passionate people who care about our country – people just like you. You will be able to join with them to change the course of our nation's history before it is too late. Join with us and campaign for a real future with jobs and economic security.
I know I can count on you.
Yours sincerely,

Nick Griffin, MEP
Leader, British National Party

P.S. Trying to compete with cheap labour will destroy us. We must protect our jobs and home markets. Only the British National Party faces facts. That's why you should join today to show you care and make a difference. Join the British National Party today, and become part of the solution.

Monday, 18 July 2011

The BBC’s Shame. The Real Media Scandal of the Blatantly Biased Corporation

The BBC’s Shame. The Real Media Scandal PDF Print E-mail
Written by Tim Heydon   at
BBCLabour_120_x_139Politicans’ Pay-Back Time
The phone –hacking scandal at the News of the World has revealed British journalism at its most sordid and amoral. One can’t help thinking though that the explosion of ‘moral indignation’ shown by parliamentary politicians is pay-back time for them against the Press in general after the  revelations of their own venality, cynicism and corruption as revealed by the non-Murdoch  Daily Telegraph during the Parliamentary  Expenses scandal .
There is though a far greater Media scandal which remains to be fully uncovered. That is the decades –long, ongoing cultural marxism of the publically funded and self-described politically impartial BBC. This amounts to half a century of the fraudulent conversion of public funds for the benefit of the political purposes of the leftist faction dominant in the BBC.
BNP Views on the Immigration and related Matters and a Range of other Concerns such as the EU were and continue to be Majority Views
According to a YouGov opinion poll commissioned by Sky News in early 2005, nearly 6 out of10 of the 1841 people questioned thought that that all further immigration into the UK should be halted. More than half of those surveyed thought that all immigrants should be denied the right to bring further members of their family into the country.  The average level of support for BNP policies was 55%.
Thus a majority of the people in the country agreed with what were and are BNP policies. However when the interviewees were aware of this, support for these policies dropped by an average 6% .
Searchlight’s Populus Poll

More recently, on 26th February 2011 the ‘Guardian’ reported that a Populus poll commissioned by the Marxist-backed ‘Searchlight’ organisation revealed that there was ‘huge support’ for the ‘far right’ ‘if they gave up violence’. This level of support could, the Guardian said, ‘outstrip that in France or Holland
‘Huge numbers’ of Britons would support an anti-immigration English nationalist party ‘if it was not associated with violence and fascist imagery,’ the largest survey into identity and extremism conducted in the UK revealed.  48% of the population would consider supporting a new anti-immigration party committed to challenging Islamist extremism, and would support policies to make it statutory for all public buildings to fly the flag of St George or the union flag’. ‘Anti-racism campaigners said the findings suggested Britain's mainstream parties were losing touch with public opinion on issues of identity and race.’
Nick Griffin and the BNP’s Image Problem
It seems clear that a majority of people in this country who have a view, certainly more than those who agree with the BBC’s position, support the BNP’s policies on immigration, multiculturalism and related matters.
Further as opinion polls down the years have also shown, they always have done .It also seems clear that this support has not been translated into electoral success because the BNP has an ‘image problem’. It is grossly unfairly associated with ‘violence’ and ‘fascist imagery’. One good reason for that problem has been the behaviour of Nick Griffin. It is to his credit that he moved the Party away from the marches and so forth which attracted street violence and has tried to shed the image of anti-Semitism.  But he has shown himself incapable of completing the job of polishing up the Party’s image, so necessary if it is to attract voters in the numbers required to make it a real political force in the country.
Nick Griffin and ‘Question Time’.  He disappointed Millions
The Party’s image problem lies now not so much in its policies but in the character of its leaders. Griffin has surrounded himself with some very sordid individuals whose pasts the Party’s enemies can point to in order to discredit it.  And he has made some breathtakingly foolish public relations decisions. Some of these handed the Party’s enemies some wonderful ammunition on the set-up ‘Question Time’ programme. Millions looked into this programme surely in the hope that Griffin would set their minds at rest about voting for the Party and instead found good reasons why they shouldn’t.
For example, Griffin should have realised but did not that having to defend his sharing a platform with the erstwhile KKK leader David Duke would be, as it was, a public relations disaster. This is true even though Duke’s position on race (in the opinion of inter alia Glayde Witney the Florida State University Academic who studied Duke’s work) is rational, highly researched  and not bigoted at all.  The problem for Griffin is that he is incapable of seeing what the broader public will find acceptable. He has gone as far as he can but remains too much a narrow, factional infighter with limited vision.
The other main Reason for the BNP’s Decline – The BBC
If the BNP’s support has drained way, Griffin’s dismal performance on Question Time mightily helped its desertion. But the set-up of ‘Question Time’ points to the other good reason for the BNP’s image problem apart from incompetent leadership. This is the campaign of vilification with which the Party has had to contend at the hands of the media and the extremely powerful BBC in particular. After Enoch Powell’ s 1968 so called ‘Rivers of Blood ‘  speech warning about the madness of Britain’s  immigration policy, Powell was attacked  by the BBC’s  ‘World this Weekend’ Programme’ and  this hostility to anyone opposing the immigration and multicultural agenda has continued to this day.
A Powerful Minority has for Half a Century disenfranchised the Majority
The BBC’s current Director- General Mark Thompson is reported to have said (Daily Mail, 7th July 2011) that ‘sensitive subjects such as immigration were avoided by the BBC ‘for fear of being too right wing’. He ‘conceded that the broadcaster had been ’anxious’ in the past about ‘playing into what it might have perceived to be Right Wing Agenda.
In her column in the ‘Sunday Telegraph’ of 10th July, Jenny McCartney got it right when she said  ‘In other words, it was quietly believed that even raising the topic meant that the BBC was producing propaganda for British National Party.’  And nothing could be worse for the left-liberal  BBC, could it, than raising an issue that probably a majority of the population thought and think is highly important, if to do so was ‘right wing’. So a majority of the people of country was effectively disenfranchised by a minority acting though its mouthpiece, the ‘unbiased, ‘impartial, ‘balanced’ BBC.
Successfully stigmatising BNP Policies
Despite its own views probably being minority ones, this nest of leftists  successfully stigmatised those of the majority or near majority who held BNP views as ‘extremists’ and the BNP itself as ‘far right’ when its policies are in fact mainstream so far as the ordinary  population of the country is concerned.  And when it has been the  BBC’s views which are truly minority and extremist.  There was, of course, no anxiety in the BBC about playing into a Hard-Left Agenda. Indeed Cultural Marxism was and is the BBC’s heart and soul, as it is for much of the rest of the broadcast media. Stepping outside this straightjacket of ideological assumptions seems simply to be unthinkable.
The ‘impartial’, ‘balanced’ BBC did not just ignore Patriotic Opinion but actively campaigned against it.
Furthermore, not content with merely ignoring the British people’s alarm over  immigration and the many problems  it has brought them and viciously traducing the BNP when it  tried to bring the subject into the light of day,  the BBC has for many years actively propagandised  immigrants,  immigration,  multiculturalism, the EU etc etc by portraying them in the best possible light.
And despite Thompson’s apparent belief that the gross, generation-long leftist bias of this organisation  is now all in the past, it remains just as skewed to cultural marxism as it always was.  News reports,  features and documentaries (fronted by an extraordinary preponderance of ethnics) are only the half of it. There are too many programmes like Question Time where majority ‘right of centre’ views are conveniently crowded out by those of liberals and leftists of every stamp in order to achieve ‘balance’.
Lord Patten is a New Broom? Let’s wait and see
Lord Patten, the new Chairman of the BBC, has told it to stand up for the ‘Silent Majority’. Will it? Or is the BBC simply too far gone in terms of its culturally marxist ethos to be rescued?  A priority of a nationalist government must be to ensure that the BBC or anything like it is never again handed public money to propagandise the obliteration of Britain and the dispossession of its people.