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Saturday, 30 April 2011

Royal Mail Democratic Fraud or Organized Political Maffia?

Royal Mail Fraud or Organized Political Maffia?

Royal Mail Fraud or Organized Political Maffia?

Once again, Royal Mail – that has become a Royal Disaster in the hands of the Trade Unions – is failing to comply with its democratic obligations of delivering party political leaflets. I think Trade Unions in this country have no reason to complain. The Trade Unions have led us into the mess we are in by putting Marxist ideology before country.
In 1997,  the Trade Unions, that have been the bankers of the Labour Party, saw their opportunity when they backed Tony Blair because they believed that Tony Blair would be their servant. New Labour used them to fill up its own coffers by transferring money that was supposed to be used to develop the Trade Union Movement.
The money was made to appear as state funding for education when in fact most of the money was redirected to the coffers of New Labour as ‘Trade Union Contributions’. This fraudulent activity that went on during thirteen years of a Labour administration continues today. Conveniently, the Labour government passed legislation to ‘control the monies donated to and spent by’ political parties in political campaigning.
Why is this happening? Because very conveniently the actions of the apparatchiks are not considered party political even when the Trade Unions, the UAF and Searchlight are obviously party political. Huge amounts of money are spent and don’t seem to be controlled by Electoral Regulations.
Funnily enough, when you look at organizations like the UAF (organized violent thugs that do the dirty work for the Labour Party) and Searchlight (an organization that should be put under close observation by the Metropolitan Police for their use of private data that surely should be regulated under the terms of the Data Protection Act) get away with murder because they are well funded and protected with taxpayers’ money.
At a time when the ruling Coalition is implementing cuts in the public sector, funding for the satellites of the Labour Party and its acolytes continues and has not been affected. Even at local authorities level, the apparatchiks salaries are paid without a working day because ‘they are Trade Union representatives’.
Never mind if the rest of the people are losing their jobs. The bosses – or shall I say the Padroni (a term used by the Maffia) – get richer and richer.
When you look at how things work, the apparatchiks are everywhere. They control the BBC, the so called National Union of Journalists, the State Administration and public services in general, including Royal Mail and even the Police Services. A telephone call is enough to send Police Officers into a frenzy harassing and arresting individuals for political ends.

A New Europe Arises from The Ashes of the EU

A New Europe Arises

Published on April , 2011   at

Rise of Populist Parties Pushes Europe to the Right

A True Finns’ supporter on election night. The success of the right-wing populist party has shocked many in the European Union.
The success of the True Finns in last week’s Finnish elections has shocked Brussels. They are just one of a number of right-wing populist parties currently flourishing in Europe. Their rise could threaten the euro bailout. By SPIEGEL Staff.
Timo Soini, 48, is standing in front of “Hesburger,” a fast food restaurant in the western part of Helsinki. It is shortly before 10 a.m., and he is waiting patiently for the restaurant to finally open its doors. Soini, the chairman of the right-wing populist Perussuomalaiset, or “True Finns” party, has been giving interviews for almost three hours. There are more than 250 new text messages on his mobile phone. Now he’s hungry.
It is the morning after an election that brought what the papers have called a “revolution” to Finland. Almost one in five voters voted for Soini’s party on Sunday, April 17, and now it looks like it is about to become part of the new government. A political earthquake is happening in Helsinki, one that could have reverberations throughout Europe.
Until now, the small country in the far northeastern corner of the continent was seen as a model member of the European Union. It was known for its successful export-oriented companies, liberal social policies and the best-performing school students in the Western industrialized world. It is ironic that it is here in Finland — a part of Europe that always seemed eminently European — that a movement is now coming to power that inveighs against immigrants and abortions, considers Brussels to be the “heart of darkness” and rejects all financial assistance for what it calls “wasteful countries,” like Greece, Ireland and Portugal. “We were too soft on Europe,” says Soini, adding that Finland should not be made to “pay for the mistakes of others.”
The election result from Europe’s far north has alarmed the political establishment in Brussels. If Soini’s party becomes part of the new government, there will be more at stake than Helsinki’s traditional pro-European stance. The entire program to rescue the euro could be in jeopardy, because it has to be approved unanimously by the entire European Union. That includes both the anticipated aid for Portugal, the additional billions for the euro bailout fund and the planned reform of the fund. Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt calls the Finnish election results a “reason for concern,” while Hans-Dietrich Genscher, the former head of Germany’s pro-business Free Democratic Party (FDP) and former German foreign minister, warns: “The outcome of the elections is a warning sign.”
Gaining Ground Across the EU
As a wave of skepticism about Europe sweeps across the continent, the political elites in the continent’s capitals are reacting precipitously and inconsistently. To neutralize the populist movements and score political points at home, European leaders are seeking conflict with one another, arguing about such issues as accepting North African refugees or participation in the Libya mission. Markus Ferber, a member of the European Parliament for Germany’s conservative Christian Social Union (CSU), warns that solidarity among European countries is waning, a situation he calls “extremely dangerous.”
The successes of right-wing populists could indeed exacerbate the smoldering euro crisis. Tensions between the wealthy countries in the north, who are contributing most to the bailouts, and the ailing debtor nations in the periphery already threaten to destroy the monetary union. If a European version of the American Tea Party movement develops, it could very well become the kiss of death for the euro.
The risk is substantial, as euroskeptics gain ground across the EU. In Denmark, the xenophobic Danish People’s Party has supported a center-right minority government for almost 10 years. In the Netherlands, Prime Minister Mark Rutte is dependent on the goodwill of right-wing populist politician Geert Wilders, who, with his tirades against Islam and the EU, captured 15.5 percent of the vote in the country’s last parliamentary election. In Sweden, the nationalist, anti-European Sweden Democrats crossed the 4-percent threshold to gain seats in the parliament, the Riksdag, and in Italy Umberto Bossi’s xenophobic Lega Nord, or Northern League, is even part of the government. Although the party is primarily active in the north of Italy, it is the third-strongest party on the national level.
Only in the core European countries of Germany and France has opposition to the EU long been restricted to marginal groups. In both Berlin and Paris, a strong commitment to Europe has traditionally been considered part of the national interest and was something that transcended party lines.
Appeal for Ordinary People
But that too could change, especially now that the True Finns have demonstrated in Helsinki how to achieve double-digit election results with nationalistic posturing. In Germany, the euroskeptics are trying to take over the pro-business Free Democratic Party (FDP), and in France the nationalist right is eyeing the country’s highest office.
Marine Le Pen, daughter of National Front founder Jean-Marie Le Pen, is in the process of putting the fear of God into the country’s traditional parties. She wants to shed the image of a racist, extreme party established by her father. As a politician, she appeals to middle-class and blue-collar workers, because she is young and wears jeans, and seems less aloof than the traditional elites that dominate politics in France.
Le Pen wants a strong social welfare state and fewer immigrants from Islamic countries, and she is adamantly against the European Union. She argues that France should withdraw from the euro and reintroduce the franc because the euro, as she says, is already on its way out. If Le Pen had her way, Europe would soon have trade barriers again and a “moderate protectionism” to secure jobs.
Her party’s showing in regional elections last March speaks for itself. The National Front achieved 15 percent in the first round of voting, even though it was not even on the ballot in the entire country. President Nicolas Sarkozy’s party, the UMP, only managed to capture two percentage points more than the National Front.
According to opinion polls, Le Pen could even beat Sarkozy in next year’s presidential election, which would result in a runoff between her and the expected Socialist candidate, Dominique Strauss-Kahn. In addition to being an embarrassment for the French political establishment, it would be a warning sign for the EU, which is becoming more and more unpopular among its citizens.
German Movement Against Euro Rescue
Enthusiasm for the EU has also declined in Germany. An anti-Brussels movement called “Liberal Awakening” has developed within the FDP, once a strong advocate of European unity. Its leader is Frank Schäffler, a boyish-looking former insurance agent who is a member of the German parliament. “We see ourselves as a grassroots movement,” he says. “We are infiltrating the FDP from below.”
There was already criticism of the euro in Germany, mainly from the political right, before the European single currency replaced the deutschmark in citizens’ pocketbooks. But Schäffler wants nothing to do with that line of argument. His criticism of the euro and the government’s crisis management stems from classic liberal convictions about the constitutional state and democracy. He wants the German parliament, the Bundestag, to be making decisions about government finances, and he cites the European treaties that forbid an EU member from taking on the debts of other countries.
But the first year of overcoming the euro crisis has produced precisely the opposite outcome, Schäffler complains. “We have pledged two-thirds of the federal government’s tax revenues to cover the national debts of other countries — without the Bundestag being required to approve the issuance of loan guarantees and without a firm basis in the European treaties.”
Schäffler was long viewed as a maverick that the party leadership could easily dismiss as a troublemaker. But now his support is growing. Traffic to his website has quadrupled recently, and gone are the days of his being marginalized in the Bundestag.
Part 2: FDP Rebels Could Cause Problems for Merkel
Like Schäffler, fellow FDP member Wolfgang Gerhardt, a former party chairman who supports a unified Europe, has also come to believe that it is “simply outrageous that the German government’s representatives in Brussels make commitments without so much as consulting the members of the German parliament.”
Schäffler plans to make his move at an upcoming FDP convention in the northern city of Rostock. He and 11 other Bundestag members have drafted a motion that contradicts government policy in almost every respect. Schäffler and his fellow combatants are demanding that banks and other private-sector lenders be involved in the euro rescue program, and that member states that do not satisfy the monetary union’s stability requirements be given the option to withdraw. Schäffler also wants the German government to pressure the European Central Bank to stop buying up the bonds of debt-stricken countries in the future.
Schäffler’s foray could create problems for Chancellor Angela Merkel. If members of her center-right Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and its Bavarian sister party, the CSU, join the FDP renegades, the CDU/CSU and the FDP (who together make up Merkel’s coalition government) will lack the necessary majority in the Bundestag to approve the new euro crisis fund, the European Stability Mechanism (ESM). One CDU member of parliament, the budget policy expert Klaus-Peter Willsch, has already joined the ranks of the FDP rebels.
Schäffler already feels strong enough to demand changes from FDP leaders. “It isn’t enough just to replace the party leadership,” says Schäffler. “The FDP also has to score points in the cabinet with new appointments. If we want to implement liberal objectives in tax policy or in the euro rescue program, we have to appoint the finance minister.”
Helping to Shape Policy
Although it is not very likely that anti-euro politicians like Schäffler or Le Pen will soon be shaping government policy in their countries, they have already changed the political climate in Europe.
French President Nicolas Sarkozy, for example, is reacting to his political competition on the right when he pursues certain populist policies, such as deporting Roma to Romania or having a train carrying Tunisian refugees stopped at the Italian border.
The German chancellor has also proved to be open to views critical of the euro. Partly because of resistance from the FDP, Merkel had the European bailout funds amended several times, and additional corrections are in the works. To curb discontent within the coalition partners’ respective parliamentary groups, the German government wants to demand more of a say for national parliaments at the upcoming negotiations over the ESM.
From Helsinki to Rome to The Hague, the anti-Brussels parties can make the dubious claim of already helping shape policy on the continent today. Out of fear of right-wing populists, European leaders are behaving like right-wing populists themselves — and driving Europe further and further apart as a result.
Split over Europe
This could also happen in Helsinki, where the three parties that are trying to form a government have different positions when it comes to Europe. While Euro rebel Soini wants to change the conditions of aid for Portugal and the euro rescue fund, the leader of the conservative National Coalition Party, Jyrki Katainen, supports the European agreements. “The changes cannot be very significant,” says the designated prime minister. The aid package for Portugal, says Katainen, is in Finland’s interest and is “essential” for economic stability. “The Finnish government’s position must be to solve problems and not create new ones.”
What remains unclear, however, is the extent to which Katainen can rely on the Social Democrats, which, as the second-largest party, will also be part of the new government. Former Prime Minister Paavo Lipponen, a Social Democrat, helped make Finland the model European country it is today.
His successor as party chairman, Jutta Urpilainen, has a different agenda, which could still become a serious threat to all of Europe. Urpilainen seems determined to take a leaf out of the right-wing populists’ book, especially following the recent election result.
When it comes to the conditions for the euro rescue, she says, the Social Democrats are “more closely aligned with the True Finns than with the conservatives.”
Translated from the German by Christopher Sultan

Friday, 29 April 2011

Money for War but Not towards a Living Wage In Bolton Or Horwich

Money for War but Not towards a Living Wage

The ConDem Government has recently announced that they will be increasing the National Minimum Wage later this year. However, before anyone puts the flags out, it’s only going up by a few pence.
At the moment, the main rate for workers aged 21 and over is £5.93, the 18-20 rate is £4.92, the 16-17 rate for workers above school leaving age but under 18 is £3.64 and the apprentice rate (for apprentices under 19 or 19 or over and in the first year of their apprenticeship) is £2.50.
At the beginning of October, the main rate will increase to £6.08, the 18-20 rate will increase to £4.98, the 16-17 rate will increase to £3.68 and the apprentice rate will increase to £2.60.
Although it hardly represents a living wage, Solidarity Trade Union has welcomed these proposed increases as “a step in the right direction”.
Pat Harrington of the Nationalist Trade Union Solidarity said:
“When the minimum wage was first introduced in April 1999, the adult rate was £3.60 an hour. That was twelve years ago, yet we’re still paying grown adults at a miserly rate. However, at least the rate is going up. It’s not much, but at least it’s a step in the right direction.
“However, what’s baffling me is why the increase isn’t much, much, more.
“After all, Britain can afford military adventures in Iraq, Afghanistan and now Libya. And on a recent visit to Pakistan, David Cameron announced that Britain would be giving up to £650 million in foreign aid to help with education. We’re also prepared to bail out Portugal.
“Yet at the same time, we can’t afford to pay our own people a living wage. Something doesn’t add up here.”
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The difference between the 1957 and the 2011 British society:

The difference between the 1957 and the 2011 British society:

A few examples to show the difference between the 1957 and the 2011 British society:

Scenario #1: Johnny and Mark get into a fight after school.

1957 - Crowd gathers. Mark wins. Johnny and Mark shake hands and end up buddies.

2011 - Police called, SWAT team arrives, arrests Johnny and Mark… Charge them with assault, both expelled even though Johnny started it.

Scenario #2: Jeffrey will not be still in class, disrupts other students.

1957 - Jeffrey sent to office and given a good caning by the Headmaster… Returns to class, sits still and does not disrupt class again.

2011 - Jeffrey given huge doses of Ritalin… Becomes a zombie. Tested for ADHD. School gets extra money from state because Jeffrey has a disability.

Scenario #3: Billy breaks a window in his neighbor’s car and his Dad gives him a bloody good hiding with his belt.

1957 - Billy is more careful next time, grows up normal, goes to college, and becomes a successful businessman.

2011 - Billy’s dad is arrested for child abuse… Billy removed to foster care and joins a gang… Govt psychologist then tells Billy’s sister that she remembers being abused herself and their dad goes to prison… Billy’s Mom has affair with psychologist.

Scenario #4: Mark the Teacher gets a headache and takes some aspirin to school.

1957 - Mark shares aspirin with Headmaster in the smoking room.

2011 - Police called, Mark expelled from school for drug violations… Car searched for drugs and weapons.

Scenario #5: Ahmed fails high school English course.

1957 - Ahmed studies harder, passes English, then goes to college, and returns to Middle east to become successful business man

2011 - Ahmed's cause is taken up by state. Newspaper articles appear nationally explaining that teaching English as a requirement for graduation is racist. unions and civil liberty files class action lawsuit against state school system and Ahmed's English teacher… English banned from core curriculum… Ahmed given diploma anyway… but ends up mowing lawns as an illegal immigrant and planning terrorist attacks for a living because he cannot speak English.

Scenario #6: Johnny takes apart leftover fireworks for Royal celebration, puts them in a model airplane paint bottle, blows up a red ant bed.

1957 - Ants die.

2011 - MI5 and police Security, called. Johnny charged with domestic terrorism, MI5 investigates parents, siblings removed from home… computers confiscated. Johnny’s Dad goes on a terror watch list and is never allowed to fly again.

Scenario #7: Johnny falls while running during playtime and scrapes his knee. He is found crying by his teacher, Mary… Mary hugs him to comfort him.

1957 - In a short time, Johnny feels better and goes on playing.

2011 - Mary is accused of being a sexual predator and loses her job. She faces 3 years in Prison… Johnny undergoes 5 years of therapy and later commits suicide .

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Thorium as a Power Source has potential to overcome the energy crisis

Thorium has potential to overcome the energy crisis

April 2011: 
This week at the European Parliament in Brussels, I certainly scored some points for common sense in a debate in my Environment, Public Health and Food Safety Committee (ENVI).

 Firstly I called the European Union's biofuel policy an utter disaster. Then man-made global warming as 'non-existent', and followed this up by branding wind factories as 'Mickey Mouse technology' which wouldn't solve the world's energy crisis.
This blast of reality left the committee’s chairman Jo Leinen, an MEP for the German Social Democratic Party, and other members of ENVI lost for words. That's because they seldom hear a dissenting voice in the chamber.
This is what I had to say on the EU’s biofuels policy, which has replaced food crops with an energy-negative ethanol industry.
“This has made a lot of money for big business, but it’s forced up world food prices and is starving hundreds of thousands of people in the Third World to death.”
I then went on to criticise the European Union’s folly of blowing $100 billion on fighting the discredited pseudo science of global warming that voters regard as jst another 'a rip-off tax'.
"Just a few years ago, the global warming alarmists were telling us that we’d never see snow again in Britain. No wonder the public, who have more sense than most MEPs, reject this childish big lie."
I also made this contribution to a discussion on the energy crisis :
"There might be a solution to the world’s energy crisis, because China is proposing the use of thorium molten salt nuclear reactors.
"These are extraordinarily safe. The technology is well established. Thorium is as cheap as it is plentiful, but Europe’s thorium programmes have been destroyed by shortsighted government cuts in the UK and lobbying from the uranium lobby in France."
I finished by condemning the European Commission's ignorance of peak oil and lack of interest in the potential of thorium to overcome the energy crisis.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

European Union moving towards the Horrific ideology of the old Soviet Union

European Union moving towards the ideology of the old Soviet Union

: The conversion of the European Union into a unitary superstate took a further step forward with the adoption by the European Parliament at the last Plenary Session in Strasbourg of a report laying out a plan to set up Europe-wide EU-funded political parties.

 The rules for setting up such parties only allow ones which endorse a programme of Political Correctness, thus specifically excluding Nationalists.
The report, drafted by Greek neo-Tory MEP Marietta Giannokou, calls for the current alliances of national parties in the European Parliament to be recognised as parties able to fight elections in their own right. Thus Labour could fight Euro-elections as the Party of European Socialists and the Tories as the Alliance of European Conservatives and Reformists.
A group of Euro-federalist MEPs, led by British Liberal Democrat Andrew Duff, want to go further. They are proposing  a new "pan-European" Euro-constituency, represented by 25 MEPs. Citizens of EU member states would therefore have two votes - one for their domestic MEP, and one from the transnational list.
National authorities would report the results to a new EU electoral authority that would have to be created to oversee the EU-wide elections. The 25 MEPs elected from the transnational lists would join the 751 MEPs chosen from national ones, meaning a rise in the overall number of MEPs to 776.
These further  proposals have been backed by the European Parliament's Constitutional Affairs Committee, and now go on to be scrutinised by the Parliament as a whole, during the plenary session in June.
What is sinister about all this, apart from its generally Euro-federalist tone, is that to be officially recognised as Euro-wide parties, and therefore to benefit from the existing handout of 0.8 million Euro a year EU funding  and in the future to benefit from the Giannokou proposals and indeed to stand at all for the proposed new Europe-wide constituency, parties have to fulfil a number of requirements.
Some existing recognition requirements are not unreasonable, such as having representation, via their member parties, in at least a quarter of all EU member states, either by obtaining at least 3% of the vote in the most recent European Parliament elections, or simply by having national or regional representatives in these countries. Giannokou proposes that this be replaced by having an elected MEP in at least a quarter of all member states, which at a stroke excludes countries where parties have wide support up to and including national MPs but not currently an MEP.
More sinister is a requirement that all Euro-parties must observe the founding principles of the EU. This doesn’t – yet! – mean they have to be Euro-federalists to stand at all. It is unclear if nationalist parties opposed to the EU’s existence would be excluded by this alone. However the EU “founding principles” are defined in Article 1a of the Treaty of Maastricht (which turned the Common Market Britain voted to join into the European Union) as amended by the Treaty of Lisbon thus:
"The Union is founded on the values of respect for human dignity, freedom, democracy,
equality, the rule of law and respect for human rights, including the rights of persons belonging
to minorities. These values are common to the Member States in a society in which pluralism,
non-discrimination, tolerance, justice, solidarity and equality between women and men
Whilst obviously nationalist MEPs would have no problem with values of respect for freedom, democracy and the rule of law – to all of which the EU itself is in fact a major threat – 'minority rights', 'tolerance' and 'equality' etc are PC-speak for supporting immigration and other socially undesirable phenomena to which we are in principle opposed.
It can and no doubt will be argued in the Euro-Courts that, if these new proposals pass into EU law – which now they are backed by the Euro-Parliament is likely – Nationalist parties such as ours, the French FN, Vlaams Belang, Jobbik and the rest voted for by tens of millions across Europe, by their very nature are excluded from taking part in Euro-elections or receiving EU funding.
So that, in the European Union as in the old Soviet Union, only those endorsing the Official Ideology can stand in the official elections. So much for the EU’s 'freedom and democracy'.

Monday, 25 April 2011

Chairmans Update Build the Nationalist Alternative Media Open your Eyes to Mass Media LIES!


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  • Sunday, 24 April 2011



    David_StarkeyAccording to Dr David Starkey, the TV historian and author, the state of education in Britain is dire, not because of bad teachers but because the lack of discipline in classes and schools mean that even the very best of teachers would not be able to get through to the pupils.  Despite massive salaries being paid to qualified teachers, to head teachers and super heads; and despite the immense amount of money spent on resources and computers, all is failing because of a lack of attention to the obvious - the children cannot, or will not listen, because the teachers, really, have no authority to make them.  And they have no authority, or little authority, because both the schools and the law will not give them any.  
    This is not rocket-science of course: our Victorian great-grandmothers could have told us all of this: that teaching and learning and children do not flourish where freedom, over-equality and a total free-for-all prevails.  What does flourish is mayhem.  The children think it is great: that they can muck about, jump on desks, assault staff and not learn anything at all.  But then they would: they are children after all.  What amazes us all is not that the children are quite happy with this, at least quite a few of them some of the time; but that the governors, the full-time teachers and the heads and super-heads can put up with it and pretend that it is really not as bad as that.  But Dr David Starchy thinks otherwise.
    At one point he refused to teach.  Correction: at one point he refused to attempt to teach.  He added that what struck him about teaching and learning in schools is that you spend hardly any time teaching the subject.
    “You are like a lion tamer dealing with savage beasts.  The saddest thing is that you totally fail to get through.  The children are destroyed by this process. It is unkind to students and to teachers.  The idea was if you get a group of wonderful teachers and then the kids will respond and do wonderful things.  This is not possible without the right structure and ethos in the school.”  Amen to that!  But he is only stating the obvious.
    Why is it that politicians, leaders and Church leaders cannot see, or do not want to see the obvious? Why is it that we are all involved to some extent in a conspiracy of silence not to state the obvious because, my goodness, it needs stating?  How long can the debacle of modern “education” go on before we realise that it is costing us plenty and we are getting nothing or little out of it; indeed we are storing-up trouble for the future.  My experience is in schools and to some extent in post-16 education. I can confirm all of Dr Starkey’s pertinent observations.  It has been going on since the ending of corporal punishment in 1986.  Hardly surprising, really, but so few seem to wish to couple the cause and effect together, despite all the emphasis on cause-and-effect in modern science.  It is just not politically expedient or rather politically correct.
    So long as the teachers and the teaching super-heads draw their salaries it does not matter if no teaching goes on at all.  When will the tax-paying public begin to realise that schools are in danger of becoming one big tax-mulching scheme for the benefit not of education and the pupils but the staff who keep these zoos and adopt “survival techniques” for the animals which live in them!
    for more articles on modern britan and the Christian Faith please visit

    One Law for Them and Another for Us British

    One Law for Them and Another for Us

    Muslims chanting ‘BNP burn in hell’ and waving placards stating ‘The Koran will destroy man-made law’ and ‘Islam will dominate the world’ demonstrated outside a mosque on St. Helen’s Road, Swansea, on Good Friday.
    Muslims from an organisation called the ‘Ummah of Muhammad’ distributed leaflets intended to incite the 1,000 Muslims attending the Swansea mosque yesterday. Police boxed in the marchers outside the Rowlands Exchange & Mart store; however, it is understood that no Muslims were arrested by Swansea police for incitement.
    This is, of course, in sharp contrast with the politically motivated arrests of two British National Party candidates by Swansea police in a night raid by ten plain-clothes police officers in unmarked cars who ransacked their home, seizing computers, mobile phones, satnav equipment, election material and personal belongings.
    As reported earlier on this site, Sion Owens, a British National Party candidate in the current Welsh Assembly election, was one of thousands of people internationally who is alleged to have burned a book, in his garden, last 11th September, on the anniversary of the 9/11 Islamic terrorist atrocities which caused the deaths of nearly 3,000 innocent victims. Joanne Shannon, the British National Party candidate for Swansea East in the Welsh Assembly election, was also arrested once police realised she too was a British National Party candidate.
    Although Swansea police were forced to withdraw charges against Sion Owens, their reckless and irresponsible action directly placed both Sion Owens’ and Joanne Shannon’s lives in danger, not least as a result of an Islamic ‘fatwa’ being issued against them.
    Ironically, the ‘protective measures’ now needed to be put in place by Superintendent Phil Davies of Swansea police – in recognition of the real and serious threat the police have caused to be created with the issue of an Islamic fatwa in Swansea – completely failed even to warn Sion and Joanne of the demonstration by fanatical Muslims in St. Helen’s Road on Good Friday, in order for them to take steps to avoid the area.
    Instead, they learned of the events from people in Swansea city centre who happened to witness them, rather than from the police protection patrols. It is Superintendent Phil Davies’ complicity with the media smear campaign against the British National Party election campaign, by journalist Mark Townsend of the left-wing Guardian newspaper, which directly led to this situation in the first place. So much for democracy.

    As we up our intensity and activity towards election day, the enemies of Nationalism are also upping their illegal activity in a vain hope of disrupting and intimidating the dedicated British National Party activists.
    Today in Abergavenny our tabletop stall has been disrupted and our activists accosted by the deputy leader of the local council. Our people have refused to move and are carrying on their lawful political campaigning. The council officials have now brought the police in to try and have our people removed.
    At the same time, at our tabletop stall in Bridgend, one of our Assembly candidates has been assaulted, and eggs have been thrown at our activists. The police have been called, and again our dedicated team is still on the street.
    “We will not be intimidated on our own streets in our own towns,” said Brian Mahoney, the Wales Regional Organiser.
    “We are, in fact, stepping up our campaign in the face of this concerted attack, and I appeal to every Nationalist in the country to come to Wales for the last week of action. This election will go right down to the wire, and much will depend on our mobilising our support in the last week.”
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    Saturday, 23 April 2011

    From the Depths Of Our Despair

    From the Depths of Our Despair

    By The Horwich Nationalists,

    The lessons and symbolism of the Easter message still can be brought to bear on our national Life today, for what lies in the future for our people and our nation.
    For me Easter Saturday or passover day of Easter when Christ descended into hell to conquer death and the Devil is the most  overlooked day of Easter for many. 
    For at that point the future of the new covenant between man and God established by Christ by his Apostles and all who knew and followed him on Earth seemed to be doomed, and that they may had followed a false prophet. And faced with a traitorous elite amongst their own people and the ever present might of the Roman European Union or Empire as it was known all seemed lost!
    But what they did not know that at their deepest point of despair and sense of hopelessness their greatest victory was being established by Christ and that their freedom from and victory over eternal death and extinction was at that very moment being won for them.  
    The similarity to that point in time for the first Christians and we Christian Nationalists and our struggle today to save our Faith Nation and People is at this very moment mirroring the feelings of that point in time, when all may seem lost, to the evils of this modern atheistic Marxist elite and the followers of the false moon God. And that the battle against these evils by all those who keep faith in our Christian and National Heritage and traditions of freedom,truth and Justice, may be in vain.

    For tomorrow is Easter Sunday when Christ is arisen from death his victory over death and evil complete freeing man from the bondage of evil and damnation forever. And for a final time before ascending to be with his Wonderful and Beautiful Heavenly father showing himself to his followers with his final proof of victory and instructions that led to the greatest and most true and wide spread faith that was by the conversion by persuasion the world has ever seen. 

    Therefore if you are feeling that all may be lost, you must see our National Predicament today as the Easter Saturday, all may seem to be lost but at this very moment our victory is being assured, and that tomorrow is Easter Sunday when our Victory over evil will be shown to all, 
    And the greatest conversion by persuasion will come about with our people reclaiming their Heritage Nation and Christian Faith, that will lead them to a National salvation of Bodies and more importantly  Souls.
    May I wish you all a Happy Easter and keep the faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, for if you seek him you will be set free!

    If banks fail in Germany, it will be the end of the Euro and the EU

    If banks fail in Germany, it will be the end of the Euro

     April 2011: 
    Banks across the Eurozone, in Germany as much as in the tottering economies of Greece, Ireland and Portugal, are still underfunded and at risk of failure.

     That is the latest warning from the International Monetary Fund which is concerned that the whole financial basis of the Euro and indeed the EU itself might be under threat.
    These warnings were in the IMF's Global Financial Stability Report released on just last week.
    In its conclusion the report said:
    "Remaining structural weaknesses and vulnerabilities in the Euro area still pose significant downside risks if not addressed comprehensively."
    The IMF also warned that in some vulnerable Euro area countries there was an impending funding challenge for banks and nations still grappling to come to terms with sovereign debt problems. In other words when the debts fall due repay,ment may not be possible.
    The global banking system faces a £2.2 TRILLION wall of maturing debt. Colossal debts that must be met as they fall due in the next two years. Banks in the Irish Republic and Germany were highlighted as being especially at risk.
    Banks going bust in places like Ireland would simply result in yet more bailouts funded by EU taxpayers – increasingly including the British taxpayer as well as Eurozone ones.
    But if banks start failing in Germany, it will be the end of the Euro. That is because it is these German banks that underpin the European Central Bank (ECB), which is the Bank of the Euro as the Bank of England is for Sterling.
    A German bank collapse, such as the IMF warns, would bring down the ECB and hence the Euro. It could also, quite possibly, be the start of the end of the European Union.

    Friday, 22 April 2011

    Follow The British national Party on Twitter

    Follow The British national Party on Twitter

    With two weeks to go before the elections, we are pleased to announce that the British National Party’s official Twitter account is up and running once again.
    Following us on Twitter is a great way to keep updated with news stories as they are added to, British National Party TV and Radio RWB.
    You’ll also be the first to see exclusive photos and messages added regularly by HQ staff throughout the day.
    Follow us at
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    Thursday, 21 April 2011

    Nick Griffin MEP backs campaign to save allotments

    MEP backs campaign to save allotments

     April 2011: Allotments are part and parcel of almost every town in Britain. Tending an allotment is a great British tradition and many councils have a queue of people seeking to secure an allotment which they can use to provide food for their family.

     As well as providing exercise for the plot-holders, looking after an allotment is also a social occasion with each town's allotments supporting its own special community, with people of similar interests all coming together to 'grow their own'.

    But now allotments could be facing the axe as the Government has decided to undertake a "Review of statutory duties" with the aim of cutting the cost of running local authorities.

    Cameron and his crew want to remove the statutory duty of councils to provide a sufficient number of allotments to meet the needs of local people.

    Under the Allotments Act 1922 and subsequent Allotments Acts up until 1950, a local authority is required to maintain an "adequate provision" of land, usually a large allotment field, which can then be subdivided into allotment gardens for individual residents to tend for a low rent.

    Allotments are a major community resource and we need to keep the Small Holdings and Allotments Act 1908 Section 23 in place.

    This piece of legislation is intended to ensure that Local Authorities provide a sufficient number of allotments for those in their area that want one.

    It says:

    (1) If the council of any borough, urban district, or parish are of the opinion that there is a demand for allotments . . . in the borough, urban district, or parish, . . . the council shall provide a sufficient number of allotments, and shall let such allotments to persons . . . resident in the borough, district, or parish, and desiring to take the same.

    (2) On a representation in writing to the council of any borough, urban district, or parish, by any six registered parliamentary electors or persons who are liable to pay an amount in respect of council tax resident in the borough, urban district, or parish, that the circumstances of the borough, urban district, or parish are such that it is the duty of the council to take proceedings under this Part of this Act therein, the council shall take such representation into consideration.

    Now this provision is under threat. There is a consultation in process, but this closes on 25th April 2011 so Nick Griffin wants all allotment holders and those who support the ideals of self sufficiency to act now and let the Government know that allotments are a vital asset to our communities and must be protected. 

    Please make you views known today by:

    emailing your comments to:

    or by sending a letter to:

    Review of Statutory Burdens Team

    Department for Communities and Local Government

    3/H6 Eland House

    Bressenden Place

    London SW1E 5DU

    Tuesday, 19 April 2011

    Cameron Plays the Race Card – British national Party Chairman’s Update

    Cameron Plays the Race Card – Chairman’s Update

    There must be an election on! Just two weeks before elections in Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and many parts of England, David Cameron is once again trying to steal our policies – or at least pretending to.
    Cameron has played the race card by admitting that Britain has been torn apart by the biggest influx of immigrants in history, and declared that the Government aims to "bring levels back down".
    This has not gone down well with his “partners” the Lib Dems. You will recall that they absurdly advocated a complete amnesty for illegal immigrants during the General Election.
    To listen to Cameron now, you would think that he had joined the British National Party! Now he blames a welfare system which has paid Britons to stay home and castigates foreign jobseekers "not really wanting or even willing to integrate" for turning many of our neighbourhoods into ghettos.
    Now he suddenly realises that immigration has been "too high for many years" and has created "discomfort and disjointedness" across our country.  
    Cameron is trying to blame Labour for the growing strength of the British National Party. He now says that dismissing legitimate concerns about mass immigration as "racist" is wrong.
    As a multi-millionaire with a nice house and a police guard, Cameron is not affected by the problems caused by immigration. Remember, only recently the two-faced Cameron said Oxford University was a disgrace for not having enough students from black backgrounds, and he stated that he believes in a "one-nation Conservative party and a one-nation Britain". Cameron is Janus-like, facing two ways on immigration and multiculturalism. He doesn't really care, but because of growing support for our stance on immigration, he has to pretend to.
    Because of the hard work of the British National Party, ordinary British people are now able to voice their legitimate and reasonable opinions. Cameron is afraid of the growing support for the British National Party and has been forced to listen and at least fake an interest in your concerns. He has been forced to play the race card to shore up the Tory vote.
    Only we speak the truth about immigration, 365 days a year
    The British National Party must get the message over that whatever Cameron says on immigration he cannot be trusted. Only the British National Party speaks the truth on immigration. We don't suddenly change our views when an election is on. We campaign against the abuse of our welfare and immigration systems day-in and day-out. 
    Think about the facts below, and remember that this has all happened because Cameron and his masters before him wanted it to happen. Cameron is not genuine on immigration; he just wants to win votes. 

    - More than 91,000 foreign nationals were arrested last year on suspicion of crimes including murder, burglary and sex offences.
    - A Vietnamese illegal immigrant has been caught growing £80,000 worth of illegal drugs in a quiet cul-de-sac in Hampshire.
    - An illegal Ukrainian immigrant helped siphon nearly £3.2m from the government in an Income Tax Self Assessment scam that lasted nearly two years.
    - Criminals from other European Union nations are being convicted of more than 500 offences a week in the UK.

    Time is short – your urgent and generous support is required
    We need to urgently send a huge wave of second leaflets to all voters in key First Past the Post seats in Wales, showing that Cameron can’t be trusted on immigration. We must strike while the issue is in the news and at the forefront of the public mind. We have a great leaflet under production right now. We need £2,500 if we are to hit these key voters with our hard-hitting message. But we need the money right now.
    The Royal Mail will deliver our leaflets for free, which means that for every £20 you give there will be another 2,000 leaflets directly in the hands of voters. Every penny you send will go directly into our new wave of leaflets, pressing home our message that immigrants are abusing our system.
    As a token of my thanks for your support, I will send the first ten people who donate more than £50 today a signed copy of our Welsh manifesto and the leaflet that, with your money, more voters will see.

    Thank you in advance,
    Nick Griffin, MEP
    Leader, British National Party

    P.S. With your help, we will ensure that the ordinary folk of Wales get to know the truth about Cameron and his immigration lies, and are able to kick these politicians where it hurts… in the ballot box. Ring 0844 809 4581 to donate now.
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    Monday, 18 April 2011

    British people must demand non-halal meat in The UK

    British people must demand non-halal meat

     April 2011: 
    Nick Griffin's growing reputation as a campaigner on behalf of animal welfare issues means that more and more campaign groups are turning to the MEP for help with their specific issues.

     It is especially true on the thorny topic of halal slaughter where animal welfare campaigners know that their concerns will be dismissed by the majority of other British MEP's because any show of support on this issue would lose their party the Muslim vote at future elections.
    One such group wrote to Nick this week asking for help.
    "For some time now we have been campaigning against halal meat, by writing to MPs, MEPs, DEFRA, the NFU and many others.
    One of our members had a very interesting telephone conversation with a senior member of staff within a government organisation which she promised she would not name in case his position was compromised.
    He admitted that Halal slaughter is extremely profitable, and for that reason the food industry needs non-Muslims to accept halal meat as 'normal' so that it becomes the main choice of meat on sale.
    Muslim food requirements is now one of  the growth industries within the UK, and if British producers don't 'Go Halal' it will cut the size of their market and meat imports will have to increase.
    The British people need to demand that there is a large, clear label on all ritually slaughtered meat.
    An RS label is vital for British consumers so that they are given the right to choose and boycott the halal meat if they so wish.
    Then as demand decreases so the need for RS slaughter will decrease too and therefore there will be less animals suffering under cruel demands of Sharia Law.
    The Muslim are getting their hala meat because they are demanding it and animals are suffering as a consequence. The British people must start demanding non-halal meat and then we can stem the growth of this cruel industry.
    Please use you influence as an MEP to lobby for the maximum support on this labelling issue

    Bolton at Home New tenancy Agreement Concerns over Ambigious Racist Clause

    By Horwich Nationalists

    As a tenant of the Bolton at Home, I like many others have been receiving a new tenancy agreement , which we have been instructed to sign and return to the new Landlords for the Bolton Metropolitan Council house stock. i already have an agreement will that not do, obviously not!

    But on reading this new agreement from the Marxist PC riddled Bolton at Home, I came across in Section 3 article 6.4 which states the following. 

    " You must not take part in any Racist action or behavior. A racist incident may be any incident which the victim or any other person considers to be racist".

    Now this should have the alarm bells ringing not just for all members of the Indigenous population of Bolton who are involved in the political  struggle for our freedom, But also for those who are concerned at the ever dwindling ability to express an honest opinion under the right of free speech as well as ordinary Bolton at Home tenants. After all in this new tenancy agreement Drug dealing and anti social behaviour has been gone into in depth in section 5, 6 and 7. 

    It is my honest belief that this deliberately ambiguous clause has been inserted in order to suppress members of British Nationalist parties and movement such as the British National Party and the English Defence league and those tenants whom support them,as most the support for those movements comes from the white working class, many of whom live in council properties from voicing an opinion or engaging in direct opposition of the ethnic cleansing or colonisation by foreigners of their neighbourhoods.

    For as it says "ANY OTHER PERSON !", but! I ASK whom are these other persons? Local housing officers or the Marxist traitor labour councilors in the Bolton area who object to a vote British National Party window poster, or a comment that immigration has destroyed this country to your neighbour or in a local newspaper, that some one overhears or reads. Or even some furtive Asian driver passing your property that you frown at because you suspect him of cruising for prepubescent teenage white girls ,or even running as i do, a Nationalist blog from my own home. 

    This clause , is a nightmare clause straight from the pages of the George Orwell novel 1984, it will lead to people whom are tenants of  Bolton at Home in being afraid to discuss anything with their neighbours or acquittance's, just like the scenario that was in place in the old Soviet Union, of trust no one so opposition to the Communists could not created through the fear of betrayal. It could be summed up as love thy colonising neighbour or else! no matter what they do!!!!

    I strongly urge all patriots and concerned residents of Horwich and Bolton and even Nationwide to voice their objections to this ambiguous and dubious clause, and that it must be reworded to state AS COVERED BY ACT OF PARLIAMENT! AND NOT BY ANOTHER PERSON.
    you contact Bolton at home at the following website Bolton At Home new tenancy Agreement
    or e mail Jon lord Chief executive Bolton at home
    or ring 01204 335487 Mon to Fri Asking for the chief executive. 
    or write to 
    Jon Lord 
    Chief Executive
    Bolton at Home
    1-3 The Courtyard
    Calvin Street
    The Valley
    Bolton, BL1 8PB  

    Sunday, 17 April 2011

    Scotlands Glasgow City Council subsidised Bible desecration

    Glasgow City Council subsidised Bible desecration

    Glasgow City Council subsidised Bible desecration

    MSM have been busy in the last few days, blathering on about the arrest of BNP candidate for the Welsh Assembly, Sion Owens and his wife, because he burned a copy of the Koran in his garden six months ago.
    I wonder what the MSM said about this piece of ‘art’ in 2009?
    An exhibition in Glasgow in which people are encouraged to desecrate the Bible.
    The story below make an interesting read.

    Cranmer was not going to comment upon this, but it seems a number of his communicants wish to discuss it, even though there be not much to say, and His Grace’s perspective will be unsurprising.
    There is apparently an exhibition in the Gallery of Modern Art (Goma) in Glasgow, entitled Made in God’s Image.
    It encourages people to deface the Bible in the name of art — and obliging visitors have responded with predictable abuse and obscenity. This can come as no surprise to the ‘artists’, who included in their creation a video of a woman ripping pages from the Bible and stuffing them into her bra, knickers and mouth.
    Cranmer has never been one for the burning of books, a logical corollary of which must be the freedom to burn a book if one so wishes, or place a rasher of bacon within it and call it ‘art’.
    But when that book is burned with taxpayer subsidy, the offence is multiplied a thousandfold, for the good people of Glasgow are forcibly paying for the desecration of a sacred book, and they are therefore unwittingly complicit. This, to Cranmer, would be a just reason not to render unto Caesar.
    Bizarrely, or naively, the exhibit, Untitled 2009, was proposed by the Metropolitan Community Church, which ‘celebrates racial, cultural, linguistic, sexual, gender and theological diversity’. Their idea was to reclaim the Bible as a sacred text: they simply wanted those who ‘felt excluded’ from its pages to ‘write themselves in’.
    And so one writer has altered the first line of Genesis from ‘In the beginning God created Heaven and Earth’ to ‘In the beginning, God (me) I created religion.’ Another has written ‘The Gospel According to Luke Skywalker’ (Cranmer suspects one of the Jedi fraternity). But the principal expression has been one of blaspemous derision: one message says ‘F*** the Bible’.
    Cranmer is all for religious and theological protest, but this is taking Protestantism a little far.
    According to The Times, the Church of Scotland has ‘expressed concern’, the Roman Catholic Church called the exhibit ‘infantile’, and a Christian lawyers’ group said that the exhibition was ‘symptomatic of a broken and lawless society’.
    It is, of course, concerning, and even infantile. But it is no more symptomatic of a broken and lawless society than Luther’s 95 Theses: it is simply a reminder of the depravity of the human heart, which is inherently sinful or ‘broken’. And Cranmer has, in any case, a high degree of ‘broken’ fatigue: he is sick of hearing about the ‘broken society’. It is written: ‘Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet’ (Mt7:6). This is simply cause and effect. Art is supposed to invoke, evoke, awaken and incite. Untitled 2009 is as incongruous as placing Tracey Emin’s enseamed bed, stew’d in corruption, on the altar of Westminster Abbey. By placing a holy text in a secular setting and inviting ‘comment’, the protective sacred canopy was removed and the swine duly and obligingly trampled it under their filthy trotters. And the artists knew exactly what they were doing, and so
    – unless they are incredibly stupid – did the church. Any Christian group which chooses to preach ‘racial, cultural, linguistic, sexual, gender and theological diversity’ instead of Christ and him crucified simply reaps what it sows.
    A spokesman for the Roman Catholic Church said: “One wonders whether the organisers would have been quite as willing to have the Koran defaced.”
    Answer: ‘No’.
    Reason: ‘Most Christians are a pushover; some Muslims are likely to riot, cause criminal damage or threaten death’.
    And therein lies the most important consideration for artistic liberty and freedom of expression, in exploration of which a degree of taxpayer subsidy might indeed be justified.
    More about this on Jihad Watch:
    So far no one else has connected the two stories, and we would invite anyone who knows more to post in the comment section.

    Easter Humbug – Christian Parade Banned In UK

    Easter Humbug – Christian Parade Banned

    By Jennifer Matthys –
    Every year in North London, Christians from four different churches get together to march a 400-yard route to celebrate Easter. This short walk, involving adults and children is a tradition going back more than ten years and is one that has not seen problems in the past when it was marshalled by police officers holding up traffic for a few minutes.
    But this year the Good Friday parade has been banned because of “health and safety” fears.
    The church leaders have said that the town hall bureaucrats are refusing Christians the rights routinely afforded to minority groups.
    Council officials have claimed that they banned the procession because they were contacted too late to carry out a “consultation” to close the roads! Of course, in reality, it would seem that this is just an excuse by the council as they seek to further downgrade Christian beliefs, in the hope that they do not offend Muslims.
    Father Hugh MacKenzie, of St Mary Magdalen Roman Catholic Church, has been quoted as saying that “the rights of Christians are being overlooked in favour of the rights of Islamic groups and gay rights organisations.
    “One does wonder whether if it was a homosexual rights or Islamic group the council would have been more flexible, as it doesn’t seem like rocket science to permit us to walk 400 metres.
    “The rights of Christians are just not respected in Britain.
    “The idea of tolerating the major religions, particularly the Christian religion which has been at the heart of our civilisation, and our right to express ourselves in this moderate way is a very basic aspect of religious freedom.”
    Brent Council, which has banned this procession, boasted last year that it had held the biggest Diwali event in the country, after more than 60,000 people turned out. In July last year, the council appealed to the Muslim community to notify it of any Eid events so it could promote them free of charge.
    But they will now not do the same for Christian religious festivals. It is totally ridiculous that a Christian religious group cannot be allowed to walk just 400 yards to celebrate one of the most important events in the Christian calendar, yet the selfsame council hosts a Diwali street celebration each and every year, and will bend over backwards in order to please their Muslim inhabitants.
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    Saturday, 16 April 2011

    An Open Letter to the Prime Minister, Mr David Cameron MP ,ref The Prime Minister’s Speech on Immigration to Conservative Party Members in Hampshire, 14th April 2011

     Written by Frank Ellis   
    From: Dr Frank Ellis
    To: An Open Letter to the Prime Minister, Mr David Cameron MP
    Date: 15th April 2011 A.D.
    Re: The Prime Minister’s Speech on Immigration to Conservative Party Members in Hampshire, 14th April 2011
    Dear Mr Cameron
    Once again I am compelled to write to you on the subject of immigration and the related ills which are gnawing away at the fabric of British society and destroying us. Having read your speech, I can say that there are parts which show some awareness of the immigration threat, for example, the connection with the welfare state. Whether of course you act is another matter. The long-suffering, white indigenous population has heard the cry of “It’s time to get tough on immigration” so many times before and on each occasion nothing has happened. Once any election is out of the way the immigration assault on our way life continues its relentless path. Nothing is done to stop the invasion. Whole neighbourhoods are taken over by immigrants and we whites are supposed to pretend that we are being blessed when in fact we are being dispossessed.
    You begin your speech by pointing out that last year we were in the middle of a general election campaign. The highlight of that election campaign directly pertains to your Hampshire speech. Let me refresh your memory. When Gordon Brown took part in a choreographed visit to Rochdale last year he, thinking his microphone was switched off, referred to a life-long Labour Party activist as a “bigot” because she had earlier complained about high levels of immigration to Britain. Brown’s grovelling after his remarks were broadcast did him no good at all. His cowardice and disgusting duplicity were there for all to see and hear. His private response to a perfectly honourable concern about mass immigration reveals not just his horrible, cynical dishonesty but the huge gulf that separates the professional political caste in this country from the electorate. It confirms my suspicion that you and your politician colleagues despise people like me and others who object to mass immigration. You despise us because we categorically reject your hideous multiracial fantasy; you hate us because we see through your lies; you seek to punish us and humiliate us because we resist the Lie; and you long for the day when we are overwhelmed by immigrants and reduced to a cowed racial minority in our ancient lands.
    You note the following:
    Now, immigration is a hugely emotive subject and it’s a debate too often in the past shaped by assertions rather than substantive arguments. We’ve all heard them. The assertion that mass immigration is unalloyed good and that controlling it is economic madness, the view that Britain is a soft touch and immigrants are out to take whatever they can get. I believe the role of politicians is to cut through the extremes of this debate and approach the subject sensibly and reasonably.
    The reason that ‘immigration is a hugely emotive subject’ is because any attempt to criticize mass immigration has been portrayed by the political caste to which you belong, the BBC, the Guardian-reading classes, the universities and what is erroneously referred to as the teaching profession, as something too dreadful even to contemplate. The implicit, often quite explicit, assumption has been that any person who criticizes the level of immigration or who resents the changes that have been imposed on Britain without the consent of the indigenous population, is some kind of Nazi, hell bent on mass murder.  Those of us who have attacked the insane levels of immigration have not just made assertions: we have offered compelling arguments to which the BBC, to take just one example, has responded with hysteria and vitriol. Your party has contributed to ‘the extremes of the debate’ by denying Conservative MPs the opportunity to resist. When Patrick Mercer pointed out, please note, pointed out, some obvious home truths about race and the British Army you removed his shadow defence portfolio in order to be able to grandstand and make a display of your commitment to “anti-racism”. William Hague accepted the findings of the viciously, anti-white, racist Macpherson Report without so much of a high-pitched squeak and attacked the East Yorkshire MP John Townend in the 2001 election campaign merely because Townend sympathised with the concerns of his constituents regarding mass immigration.
    The filters of BBC censorship and of other monopoly stream media outlets through which anything to do with race, multiculturalism, immigration and crimes carried out by immigrants must pass before anything is broadcast or put in print mean that the grim truth is never fully placed in the public domain or only hinted at, as for example when the BBC reports violent black behaviour in London. You say that public debate was affected because public discussion was closed down and that: ‘It created the space for extremist parties to flourish, as they could tell people that mainstream politicians weren’t listening to their concerns or doing anything about them’. What are you trying to say here, Mr Cameron and what are you trying not to say, to acknowledge?  So the last Labour government with the support of your party demonised any individual or individuals who pointed out the failures of multiculturalism. It was left to small parties such as the BNP and non-affiliated individuals to state that ‘mainstream politicians are not listening to your concerns or doing anything about them’ for the simple, painfully obvious reason, Mr Cameron, that mainstream politicians were not listening to our concerns or doing anything about them. In other words, Mr Cameron, when the silence of cowardly, careerist politicians was broken by some lone voices, you denigrate them as the mouth pieces of extremist parties whose arguments are not to be heard, even when these supposed extremist parties and individuals are telling the truth and articulating the justified fears of a large majority. And you expect me to trust you and your call for a sensible and reasonable debate on this subject? You want this debate to be on the basis of your ideological assumptions; primarily that multiculturalism and mass non-white immigration are inherently beneficial. Those who object are cast as ‘extremists’, as somehow incorrigibly wicked.
    Again, you say that you want ‘to starve extremist parties of the oxygen of public anxiety they thrive on and extinguish them once and for all’. You acknowledge the public anxiety over the immigration issue so what exactly are these extremist parties doing or saying that is wrong and which warrants their being called ‘extremist’? If there is massive anxiety about immigration (more accurately fear, loathing and disgust), why does it exist? Who or what is to blame? The answer Mr Cameron is: cowardly and lying politicians x cowardly and lying politicians x cowardly and lying politicians = masses of cowardly and lying politicians. Ever since 1948 immigration has been an issue in Britain, punctuated by race riots and culminating in the Islamic terrorist attacks of Thursday 7th July 2005. Successive governments have tried to ram race-is-a fiction, we-are-the-world and multiculturalism down our throats and when we have retched and vomited this poison out of our bodies, politicians have then resorted to legal and administrative sanctions against us; they have indoctrinated our children to hate their country, its heroes, its past; they have turned children against their parents; they preach hatred of whites; they encourage immigrants to mock us and to take over our towns, cities and neighbourhoods; and our men returning from Iraq and Afghanistan are spat at and reviled by immigrants as war criminals. And in the UN-sponsored world view of multiculturalism which you seem to have totally internalised, we, the white indigenous population, are somehow reduced to the level of extremists because we have had enough of being lied to and because we resent our country being overrun by aliens.
    You say that you want ‘to get the policy right: good immigration, not mass immigration’. To begin with you need to deal, as matter of national priority, with the vast numbers of illegal immigrants currently in the United Kingdom. There must be absolutely no amnesty. Your mission is straightforward: hunt them down, round them up and deport them. What stops you from acting? When the indigenous electorate actually sees wailing illegals being deported, along with all the wives and hordes of other dependents; when the indigenous electorate starts to see that its neighbourhoods are being reclaimed, you might merit some trust: but not before since your credit is exhausted.
    As for what you call ‘good immigration’ you claim – politicians always do – that ‘Our country has benefitted immeasurably from immigration’. That is news to me. When I go through large parts of Britain – Bradford, Slough, Leicester, Birmingham, Leeds and whole swathes of London - I am assailed by sights and sounds that might be appropriate in the Third World but do not belong in England.  Third World immigrants recreate the Third World in First World countries. When I go to large parts of England I do not wish to see masses of black and brown faces, bizarre clothing, hordes of immigrant children, freakish behaviour, to hear the invasive cacophony of non-European languages and to see whole streets that look as if they belong in Islamabad or Mogadishu. I do not feel enriched by “diversity” or multiculturalism. My reactions are fear, disgust and a horrible nausea. I am course angry at people like you who have done nothing to prevent this from happening, even when warned of what would happen.
    What are people from Uganda, India and Pakistan doing in large numbers in British hospitals? Britain is quiet capable of providing enough staff from the indigenous population. Our training is superior as well. The countries you mention are not exactly known for high standards and good training. The Indian examination system is corrupt and riddled with cheating such that fake degrees and other professional qualifications are easily obtainable at the right price. Pakistan is a Third World slum whose sole export to this country has been terrorism, welfare parasitism and immigrant invaders. Uganda is a sub-Saharan, Third World basket case. Do you really expect me to believe that any training such as it is in Uganda meets First World standards and that lives are not being put at risk by employing Africans?
    The case of Daniel Ubani, the Nigerian with a German passport, is just one horrifying example of what can happen when First World standards are jettisoned in the name of multiculturalism and ‘good immigration’. One Primary Care Trust rejected Ubani because his command of English was so weak. Eventually he secured – somehow – a post and on his first day managed to kill one patient and nearly killed another. The chances are this Nigerian could not read or not very well and that he simply did not understand the correct doses of drugs required. Shortly thereafter he fled back to his ‘native’ Germany. The presence in small numbers of highly qualified immigrants form Europe in intellectually demanding jobs is not the problem (please note that Daniel Ubani is not European). However, if the numbers rose dramatically it would become a problem. The real problem is the mass influx of poorly or dubiously qualified or unqualified Indians, Pakistanis, sub-Saharan Africans, Somalis and Turks and others whose sole contribution is to overpopulate Britain and whose customs, religion and high levels of welfare dependency represent a massive drain on the public purse.  When one takes into account the social, economic and displacement costs borne by the white indigenous population and the huge emotional and psychological stress inflicted on whites by the presence of large numbers of non-white aliens in their country, there are no substantial benefits at all from mass immigration, especially from India, Pakistan, Sub-Saharan Africa, Somalia and the Middle East. Mass, non-white immigration is a curse.
    Your admission that the last government allowed the mass invasion of immigrants into Britain comes far too late: so much damage has already been done. Why did the Conservative Party not highlight this invasion when in opposition? You had every opportunity. Why during this period was it left to non-affiliated individuals and so-called extremists to highlight the dreadful consequences of mass, non-white immigration? By staying silent on the mass immigration invasion between 1997 and 2010 your party colluded with the Labour Party’s policy of allowing mass immigration. The Conservative Party therefore bears a great deal of responsibility for what has happened. Too many of your cowardly MPs who knew perfectly well what was happening, failed to stand up and be counted. This is why the Conservative Party can no longer be trusted on anything to do with immigration.
    You say that ‘real communities aren’t just collections of public service users living in the same space’ and that ‘Real communities are bound by common experiences, forged by friendships and conversation, knitted together by all the rituals of the neighbourhood, from the school run to the chat down the pub. And these bonds can take time. So real integration takes time’.
    When you say that ‘real communities aren’t just collections of public service users living in the same space’ whom exactly are you trying to deceive? Your point is so obvious (it has been recognised for a long time) and your reasons for stating it so patently insincere that I am at a loss to identify the target audience. This is just cynical and utterly insincere posturing on your part. The only community that matters Mr Cameron is the nation, in my case the English nation, not the fantasy multiracial communities which you have in mind. The common experiences of the English nation cannot be open to all.
    You say that ‘real integration takes time’. In America they have been trying since 1865 and they have still failed. Large numbers of different racial groups in the same territory is a design for strife, violence, unhappiness, discord and the destruction of individual freedom. For how much longer are you and Trevor Phillips going to tell us that more time is needed so that integration can work or should I say be made to work at the expense of the white, indigenous population? Integration can never work because most of us have a healthy and wholesome sense of who we are and what we cannot be or become. The natural resistance we manifest frustrates the ambition of the diversophiles, so harsh and repressive legislation must be enacted so that opposition can be bullied and intimidated into silence. In opposition your party, Mr Cameron, raised no substantial objections to the recommendations of The Macpherson Report (1999), Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000 and all the other rules and restrictions on intellectual freedom that the last Labour government sought to impose on the white, indigenous population.  At every opportunity your party has connived and colluded with the Labour Party and the emissaries of the European Union in order to silence, to humiliate and to crush dissenters from multiracial orthodoxy. And now you plead for more time so that the hellish designs of multiracialism can be brought to fruition.
    Our membership of the European Union is a huge obstacle to preventing and then reducing the levels of legal/illegal immigration. We are also extremely vulnerable to fraudulent claims submitted under various pieces of human rights laws and codes. All and any legislation which prevents us from deporting immigrants and imposing strict border controls must be rescinded.
    You mention forced marriages yet I find no mention of Pakistan or other Third World states. In what sense are these girls who are forced into marriages by Pakistani immigrants ‘British’? They may have acquired a British passport but then as you have conceded they and their families cannot speak ‘the same language as those living there’ and do not want to integrate. By what measure can these people be properly considered to be British?  I note that you say that these immigrants do not speak ‘the same language as those living there’. There is something evasive about this, a deliberate lack of clarity. You avoid saying that these immigrants are unable to speak English confining yourself to the fact that they are unable to speak ‘the same language as those living there’. Your failure to identify English as the critical language which these immigrants must learn leaves open the possibility that the language spoken by the people ‘living there’ might not be English but some language from the Indian sub-continent which the new batch of immigrants from, say, Somalia, cannot speak. This is yet another reason why multiracialism is so disastrous: it creates barriers and suspicion; it destroys any sense of community.
    There is an insuperable problem for your multiracial utopia, or rather a series of problems that very few people will state publicly and that will bedevil your plans. I speak for myself here – so others may disagree with me – though I suspect that many people will share my views. You want openness. Here it is: I do not want to live in a community where I am confronted with hordes of black and brown faces on the streets of our towns and cities; I do not want to socialise with non-white immigrants; if by mistake I walked into a pub full of non-whites, I would leave immediately; I do not want to have to work with these people if it can be avoided; I avoid non-white immigrants at every possible opportunity (if dealing with them is unavoidable, I am polite no more no less); I do not want my children to have to endure the presence of huge numbers of non-white immigrants in their schools; I do not want to be preached to by diversity propagandists, telling me against all the evidence and the screams of my soul that diversity is some kind of blessing (it is nothing of the sort). Diversity is bestial, hateful and loathsome: it is a psychological weapon of war which has been deployed against the white peoples of the world in order to undermine their natural sense of racial and cultural separation, their identity, their natural and proper sense of superiority across the entire spectrum of human endeavour. Diversity is a collectivist refuge for the failure, the loser, the envious and the nation hater-killers.
    God bless England, Ireland (both sides of the border), Scotland and Wales.
    Yours sincerely
    Frank Ellis