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Monday, 28 February 2011

Foreign Aid Costs £479 for every household in Britain. As Tories Admit that British National Party Was Right All Along

Foreign Aid: Tories to Admit that British National Party Was Right All Along

A leaked draft copy of the government’s foreign aid spending review, has all but admitted that the British National Party has been correct on the topic — but still insists on increasing the amount of British money handed out to the Third World.
The document, leaked to the BBC ahead of this week’s spending review to be announced in parliament, apparently states that British foreign aid handouts are to be stopped to at least 16 countries, including Russia, China and Iraq.
In addition, aid to India will be “frozen,” whatever that might mean.
The dramatic turnaround comes after months of sustained pressure from the British National Party on the subject, which finally forced the issue to the forefront of politics after having been deliberately hidden for decades.
Although this move is a major concession to growing popular opinion on the topic — and an understanding that it is the British National Party which is responsible for it coming to the public’s attention — the manoeuvre does not in fact reduce the foreign aid spend.
Instead, the spending review merely redeploys the billions in the budget, and, to add insult to injury, will increase the total amount spent.
According to the document, the international development budget will rise by a third because “aid spending is good for Britain's economy and safety.”
This blatant Tory lie — that it is “good” for the economy — is exposed by the simple fact that the foreign aid budget is twice as much as the total cutbacks on university spending, which is set to cripple higher education in Britain.
In addition, the document apparently says, by 2014, some 30 percent of British foreign aid is to go to “war-torn and unstable countries.”
Afghanistan will continue to be a major aid recipient, being “war-torn.”
Of course, the only reason why it is in that condition was because the Labour/Tory elite waged war on that nation in the first place.
The Department for International Development’s budget for 2009/2010 was £7.8 billion,  but the total foreign spend in all sectors for that period was £8.4 billion.
This figure is set to rise to £12.6 billion per year by 2014, equal to £479 for every household in Britain.
Furthermore, at this rate, the total foreign aid spend over the next ten years will amount to £126 billion. This figure is a conservative estimate, as both Labour and Tories have promised to keep increasing the budget year-on-year.
The halting of aid to Russia, China, Iraq and India does not meet the demands of the British National Party on the subject, which is the complete halting of all foreign aid while there is need or want here at home.
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“Right Wing Support” Survey: Another Establishment Sleight of Hand, analyis By Nick Griffin MEP

“Right Wing Support” Survey: Another Establishment Sleight of Hand

The newly-released “survey” which claims that 48 percent of British voters will support an anti-immigration party, is an Establishment sleight of hand which will backfire on its producers, Nick Griffin MEP has said.
Reacting to the release of the survey, which has been reproduced widely in the media, the British National Party leader said the report was a mixture of the obvious, the truth, a good deal of not-so-subtle propaganda and Establishment conniving.
“The reality is that no-one needs a new poll to become aware that there is deep dissatisfaction within society at the levels of immigration which, left unchecked, will plunge indigenous British people into minority status within a few decades,” Mr Griffin said.
“In that sense, the British National Party’s place in history, and destiny, is assured.
“We are the only party which has consistently warned about the dangers of unlimited mass immigration, and now the Establishment is slowly being forced to grudgingly concede that we were right, we are right and that all future trends are toward our political direction,” Mr Griffin said.
“There are however, contained in both the ‘report’ and the media coverage thereof, some important considerations.
“The first is that the media has tried to portray the report’s authors, the ‘Searchlight Educational Trust,’ as some sort of objective think thank devoted to ‘antiracism.’
Searchlight founder Gerry Cable, guest of honour at Communist Party meeting in 2008. Searchlight founder Gerry Cable, guest of honour at Communist Party meeting in 2008.“In reality, as all informed journalists are already aware, Searchlight is nothing but an extremist Communist Party front organisation, whose founder actually stood as a formal Communist Party candidate and who as recently as 2008, was the guest speaker at a prominent Communist Party meeting in London.
“There is therefore, no question of ‘objectivity’ in anything Searchlight produces,” Mr Griffin said.
“Furthermore, Searchlight was closely involved with the setting up of the ‘UAF’ organisation, whose leaders are all senior members of the Socialist Workers’ Party.
“In fact, the only reason why Searchlight eventually left the UAF was because the latter organisation filled up with Islamist radicals and became anti-Zionist.
 “Searchlight, whose founder is also a radical Zionist whose son served in the Israeli army, objected to the anti-Israeli stance, and, complaining about anti-Semitism, left the UAF in a huff.
 “The Zionist nature of Searchlight offers another key in understanding the prominence given to the new ‘survey’ by the media.
 “Searchlight commissioned polling agency Populus to carry out the survey upon which the 48 percent figure is based.
 “It is no coincidence that the founder of Populus and that organisation’s Strategic Director, Andrew Cooper, has recently been appointed Director of Political Strategy at 10 Downing Street, working directly to David Cameron,” Mr Griffin continued.
 “All political observers have seen how influential Zionists, both Jewish and Christian alike, have identified radical Islam as a threat to Israel’s support base in western European nations, and have jumped on the anti-Islam bandwagon for their own purposes.
 “Thus it is in their interests to boost populist anti-Islamist organisations such as the English Defence League as a means of pressuring the rest of the political Establishment to do something about the problem.
“This development is becoming more and more blatant, with recent weeks having seen not only the Daily Star but also BBC’s Newsnight shamelessly promoting the EDL.
 “It can be seen in the ‘new’ survey that accent is given to what is described as ‘assertive English nationalism’ and the call for an English parliament as being key ingredients to the electoral possibility of a ‘new’ right wing political party.
“The British National Party does indeed believe that the creation of an English Parliament is necessary to stop the unfairness of the present devolved governmental system leading to a total break-up of the United Kingdom, but the fact that the EDP were beaten by the Monster Raving Looney Party in the Oldham by-election shows that this policy, in itself, is politically insignificant.
 “Obviously, however, the report’s authors hope that by stressing the ‘English’ angle in this way they can encourage organisations such as the EDL to resort to electoral politics, all with the obvious intention of sidelining the British National Party,” Mr Griffin said.
 “While the British National Party is obviously different from the EDL, and would not welcome a party emerging from that organisation, we are quite happy to let the Establishment proceed with its plans.
 “We are safe in the knowledge that all British people who have commonsense and political depth know, or will see very quickly, that the only avenue for real political power lies with the British National Party.
“Perhaps more significant still, the powerful people at present trying to boost and manipulate the EDL are playing with fire.
“In addition to politicising a whole generation of English working class youth (as the middle class would-be thugs of the UAF are already discovering to their discomfort), the whole operation has the potential to spark public disorder and communal violence on a scale never before seen on the British mainland.
“It is a massive and dangerous gamble for the media bosses now plugging the EDL to hope that this can be controlled and provide a safety valve to stop more people turning to us. It’s far more likely to blow up in their faces.
 “All-in-all, this new survey – and the bigger picture of manipulation behind it – only confirms what we know, namely that history is moving in our direction, and that no matter which way the Establishment tries to spin it, the end result will only be in favour of our party, and not against it.
 “This latest scheme will backfire against its producers and we will be the long-term winners,” Mr Griffin concluded.
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Sunday, 27 February 2011

Another Election Promise Smashed: Budget Constraints Mean NHS Job Losses Will Total 53,000

Budget constraints introduced by the Tory/Lib-Dem alliance will see the National Health Service will lose more than 50,000 jobs, activist group “False Economy” has announced.
Original Conservative Party election poster, 2010. Original Conservative Party election poster, 2010.The organisation, which campaigns against budget cuts, said that its studies show that 53,000 NHS staff will lose their jobs in NHS Trusts across the country over the next five years. 
The figure is double previous estimates and reveals precisely how much the ruling regime’s budgetary contortions will cost the British public.
Although it was promised that spending on the NHS would not be cut, the real time increase is around 0.1 percent year, which is way below operating cost increases.
This disparity will inevitably lead to a lowering in NHS service levels as trusts will be forced to make major job cuts to reduce operating expenditure.
Contrary to ConDem denials, a number of doctors and nurses across all trusts will be among those affected.
The data was released after False Economy submitted a large number of Freedom of Information requests, which are available online here.
The figures from False Economy are double those forecast by the Royal College of Nursing forecast last November.
One of the biggest culls they uncover will be at Belfast Health and Social Care Trust, where 1,755 full-time posts will be cut, including 120 doctors and dentists, and 620 nurses.
Overall a minority of jobs are expected to be lost from ‘natural wastage’, but False Economy believes the majority of losses stem from the health service’s need to meet the so-called Nicholson Challenge which requires the NHS to make around £20 billion in efficiency savings by 2015.
During the 2010 election campaign, the Conservative Party promised in election posters and in its manifesto that it would not introduce any policy which would harm the NHS.
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Welcome to fascist Britain, Salford BNP organizer is Unjustly sacked for his political affiliations

Gary Tumulty, BNP organizer is sacked for his political affiliations

Gary Tumulty, Salford BNP organizer is sacked for his political affiliations

Today it has come to my attention that Gary Tumulty has been sacked by Spar (he worked in Spar city tower in Manchester city centre) because he is the Salford organizer for the British National Party.
This is a message that I received from one of Mr Tumulty’ friends and I want to bring it to the attention of nationalists.
Gary Tumulty is the Salford Organiser, he worked for a company called MITTIE as a security guard and did a great job, recently he was confronted by a few UAF from the local MAFA, then a few weeks later he was mobbed at his workplace by about 60 MAFA chanting and shouting the usual rubbish, he was then suspended until a investigation was held resulting in him being sacked today. This is unfair and unjust.
Here is the link to the antifascists’ demo.
Pyongyangcitysessions Judge for yourselves the significance of using Pyongyang as part of a blogsite name.
So far I’m unable to give more information, except that Pat Harrington has been informed and he will I am sure assist Mr Tumulty in his claim for unfair dismissal.
I will give an update as soon as I have more news.
Welcome to fascist Britain, a carbon copy of 1930′s Italy.

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Immigration fears of our young Almost three-quarters say it's a problem British National Party Chairmans Update

Fellow Patriot,
Did you see the great poll news the other day? Young people are waking up! The number of 16-24 year-olds who say that immigration is a big problem has risen form 60% to 70% in just twelve months.
Despite years of brainwashing in schools and on TV, more youngsters than ever before are seeing through the lies and spin of the Political Class.
For the first time, people in the 16-24 age group are now more worried about immigrant numbers than those in their 30s, the MORI poll showed. Mind you, opinion in that age bracket is also very much on our side - 68% of 25-39 year olds now say immigration is a big problem.
I believe that the poll shows that young people are now more receptive to our message on immigration than ever before.
The economic crisis means that there will be increased competition for jobs and public services.
Last week it was revealed 965,000 young people are out of work and hundreds of thousands have never worked. One in five 16-24 year-olds is jobless and looking for work. As the banksters' bust and ConDem cuts hit home, even more people are going to realise that we've been right all along.
Am I the only one who thinks this?
Well, No I'm not. Our far-left opponents say:
"With unemployment likely to hit two million by the end of the year and house prices dropping 15% in the past 12 months, most people are feeling the pinch. The government’s response to the credit crunch might have boosted its poll ratings in the short term but it could be the far-right BNP that benefits when the recession really bites."

A leaked Home Office memo has said that “Increased public hostility to migrants” was predicted to result from heightened competition for employment.
It's really no surprise then that there has been a concerted campaign to disrupt and smear the British National Party.
Put simply they don't want us around because they believe we are entering a period of opportunity.
Sadly for them, we have weathered their storm and I have gathered round me a central team of dedicated, highly motivated and talented Nationalists.
We’re working flat out to revamp our Publicity Department and totally overhaul our Elections machine. I’m criss-crossing the country speaking at meetings and organising for the future. I’m determined that we’ll be ready when the stormclouds really break.
Yes, they’ve underestimated us. More importantly they underestimated you. Our enemy believed that you would not renew your membership, join or donate if they attacked and smeared us.
Having no loyalty themselves they don't understand loyalty in others. They don't understand how much you care about our country.
Through thick and thin ordinary, decent people like you have backed the British National Party. Renewals, donations and new memberships have floooded-in. Subscriptions to our new, improved Voice of Freedom newspaper are at an all-time high. As a result the British National Party is back in the fight - stronger than before.
As we enter this time of opportunity we must up our output of literature and our activism on the streets. To do this we need your help.
Please donate today and give us the tools to do the job.

Please accept my sincere thanks,
Nick Griffin
Nick Griffin
Member of the European Parliament

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Friday, 25 February 2011

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  • War against being Normal Continues Unabated the Christians View

    The war against being normal continues unabated as desperate and radical homosexuals and “sex educators” attempt, often aggressively, to stage-direct the opinion-forming media - and the thoughts of society thereby - often in a way to exclude Christian and absolute moral views, and values, from our society. “If we cannot corrupt you” they seem to say “we will corrupt your children”.

    It is a delayed-fuse takeover of civil society by all means - usually more foul than fair; and always to an evil end. One of the ultimate objectives is, I believe,  the re-introduction of the ancient sin of child sex abuse, or pederasty, especially for the benefit of some of the male homosexual elite who have a taste for it; possibly of the Labour party but with a few Tories, Liberal Democrats and Greens thrown in. The ancient elites of the Greeks, Romans, and Persians were infamous for this form of child sex abuse and the whole aim of the “Homophobic Hate Screen,” that some radical homosexuals are frantically throwing-up, is to try to shield this movement from exposure to the public and the wrath that might bring, from mothers as well as fathers, if they suss out what is really going on. The BBC, it seems,  is not interested in child protection, or the human rights of children, where this is concerned, any more than it is over cases of Muslim paedophile gangs. The morally relativistic elite have a clear agenda of hate, themselves, against all things that are normal and moral; and it seems that they do not care what they do to get it, or how truculent they may, at times, appear.
    The Coalition Government, following New Labour, is proposing to teach disgusting homosex to primary school children!  This really is a tell-tale sign of what is being planned for our children.  What is the point of teaching homosex to primary kids unless one has an ultimate, not necessarily immediate, pederastic intent with little boys? What possible other reason could there be, long term? Even the normal sex lessons that I have supervised for secondary schools are done in such a way as to sexualise and corrupt, not educate, the youth: the ill-effects, there, tending to be both immediate and long-term. A lot of “sex education”  is plain “promiscuity-propaganda” and “obscenity-promotion” under a fake “respectability guise” or a fake “need to cut teenage pregnancy guise”;  and its known intent and effect is to corrupt the children and the pupil-teacher, adult-child relationship. At 13, 14, and 15  the children and young people  are talking about things that they should not know about, and they can do so in the most disgusting and depraved way that would shock and offend any reasonable adult or parent. And they learn to experiment and practise what they have seen and been taught to think and talk about.  If the parents knew what was going in their name, in the schools, there might be violence as a result.
    One of my pupils was pregnant at 13.  I asked her what happened to “”, the baby.  She said, now aged 14, “They came and took it away”.  I could have broken down at that point.  The moral relativism that dominates officialdom is a pestilence, and not an enlightenment.  How dare they talk of  Hate Crime when they are perpetrating it against the helpless.  The aim seems to be to destroy our children and any sense of normalcy and morality they may still have.  And they try to pulverise any who oppose this with their Orwellian sounding programme to “promote equality and diversity” which is nothing more than the “promotion of iniquity and depravity”.   If we stand back from the canvass, so to speak, the Coalition government intend to promote homosexuality in primary schools to little boys as being normal (ugh…why?); they intend to promote civil partnerships of “two daddies” as normal, and such inverts having adoption rights for children as normal (ugh…why?); and if all sexual proclivities are equal (equality and diversity?) then why not, ultimately, with children - especially if some elite homosexuals have a penchant for it.  Disgusting, I know, but we have to examine the facts; and we need to be aware of them.
    Patrick Strudwick, himself a radical homosexual activist and writer, is an example of the kind of aggressiveness that comes over, from the general homosexual quarter, that is, against people who stand in the way, however inoffensively, of the radical sodomising agenda.  He recently targeted Lesley Pilkington to seek advice on how to give up what he implied was his own sexual deviancy and disorientation; something that had apparently imprisoned him and that he did not really want to be captive to any longer. Fair dos, you may think, except that he was not being honest and straightforward about any of this. It seems that he was seeking to entrap a Christian professional simply because she was a Christian - a clear case of bigotry, belief discrimination and prejudice - from homosexuals, not against them. Mr Patrick Strudwick agreed to meet Lesley Pilkington but in the context, only, of a Christian moral framework, which, as we all know, condemns homosexual disorientation as being “…of the nature of sin…”, and the deeds of buggery and sodomy as being “unnatural” and an  “…abomination…”. He had two sessions of counselling with her - which he secretly recorded - in which he told her that he “wanted to change.” But later he lodged a complaint to the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and alleged that Lesley Pilkington had tried to “…force…” her beliefs on him when he had actually approached her and agreed to the terms of the counselling sessions as being in a Christian context only. How helpless the instigator now postured himself to be; playing the “I’m a helpless homosexual card.” How persecuted he is - he deceptively wanted us to think - by a woman he had actually targeted and undoubtedly misled. When he published, through the Independent newspaper, an article having a go at Lesley Pilkington, he subsequently received a “Journalist of the Year Award” from the sexual deviancy group, Stonewall. This all suggests some kind of set-up. It seems that radical homosexuals are rather good at that, they think.
    So are radical homosexuals doing themselves any honour? Are they doing anything other than being utterly dishonourable? Are they the ones with the pugnacious spirit, sizing everyone else up for a fight? Are they the ones with the irrational hatred and phobia, and obsessive dislike of anyone who cannot see things the bent or twisted way they do? Their personal mores seem, from this case, to be as distorted and unnatural as their sexual mores - but then I represent the normal and moral majority. “No Mr Strudwick, homosexuality is not normal. Get it? You have even admitted it to others, however dishonestly, yourself!” Shortly before Lesley Pilkington’s hearing, the BACP required all witness statements to be passed to them with contact details. Immediately after supplying the statements, an expert witness for Lesley Pilkington received several menacing phone calls, threats and intimidation, telling them not to attend. As a result the police were informed and the BACP had to adjourn the hearing. We await further news from the sodomite rights groups about how they feel they have the right to behave in this way, and how they feel that everyone else has got to fall in with their threats, intimidation, and sexual perversions.
    I wonder what the mothers and fathers will do when they find out that all this is not unconnected to teaching little children, as young as 5, 6, or 7, about sodomy and buggery in their class lessons at primary school and how it is “normal” for someone to have “two dads”? Childhood is supposed to be a time of innocence. These monsters will not have it so, if they get their way. Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ said:  “But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in Me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea”. (Matthew 18: 6, Authorised Version).  This is the judgement of God, not the intimidation of man.   Do you understand that, Mr Strudwick?  Where do you  and your prize-givers stand on the promotion of such perversion, especially  in primary schools?
    May I ask David Cameron and Nick Clegg what they intend to do about the new pederasty-tending campaign in primary schools which is being shielded and defended under the pretence, cover and screen of “Sex Education“ and “Stopping Homophobic Hate”? It is the getting at our children in schools which will cause justified anger, concern and contempt! Is this homophobic hate, Mr Strudwick? Or is it child protection and the right to be normal, not bent? We all have life choices to make when we are adults. You have clearly made yours but we do not have to follow you or approve of you and what you do, and - as for the radical homosexual agenda for our children - it is time for the cohorts of radical homosexuals to leave primary children alone! Would you not agree with that Mr Strudwick? Adult obsessions and phobias should be left for adults and not be imposed through schools upon other peoples’ children or any children, at all, for that matter!
    The belief that homosexual disorientation is normal does, logically, lead on to the view that other forms of sexual deviancy and inversion are normal - and that, ultimately, and sooner than many of us think - leads on to the issue of child protection and care.  It is vital to shield our children from all child abuse and perversion and to ensure that they do have a childhood.  Likewise it is important for homosexual activists, like Mr Strudwick, to recognise the need to respect Christian views and values, and those who hold them: they are the only life-line, any of us have, to repentance from sin and salvation through our only Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.  There may well come a day when Mr Strudwick, and others,  may wish to avail themselves of that life-line; and it is only right that they should ensure that they have the opportunity to do so by currently respecting those commands of the gospel, to saving faith and repentance, to be heard by all, even if, especially if, they expose our sin and condemnation.
    Yours in Christ, 
    The Revd Robert West 
    Christian Council of Britain.
    The Christian Council of Britain holds to the Holy Bible which teaches that buggery and sodomy are an unnatural lust and an abomination, a sign of God’s wrath upon the ungodly, as well as bringing God’s wrath upon them. However we also know, and acknowledge, that where Satan is at work to bind men to destruction, God-in-Christ is also at work to redeem them from sin, Satan, hell and the power of the grave. Though therapy may be useful, it is the gospel of Christ itself which is the alone power of God unto salvation (Romans 1: 16) and that all who put their trust in the Son of God will be saved from both the power and the penalty of their sins.

    Thursday, 24 February 2011

    Yes, Says The British National Party ! The Immigration Problem can be Solved?

    Can The Immigration Problem be Solved? Yes, Says The British National Party

    The immigration invasion which has been highlighted once aga in by the new Migrationwatch report on how the Labour regime deliberately flooded Britain, has begged the question: Is the problem now so pervasive that it cannot be solved?
    According to the Migrationwatch report, titled Immigration, Labour’s enduring legacy to Britain, more than three million people entered Britain under Labour’s tenure while more than a million British people left the country.
    In addition, at least another one million illegal immigrants arrived and stayed in Britain.
    According to a press release issued by Migrationwatch, the key points of their report are as following:
    - Nearly a migrant a minute now arrives in Britain.
    - Of the 3.2 million immigrants who have come to the UK some 80 percent came from outside the EU.
    - The UK population is heading for 70 million in twenty years time and 68 percent of the increase will be due to immigration.
    - Since 1997, some 75 percent of the extra jobs created went to foreign born workers.
    - Over one third of new households will be a result of immigration, requiring 330 new homes every working day for the next 23 years.
    - Waiting lists for social housing in England have risen by 70 percent since 2001.
    - Children born to a foreign mother almost doubled to 25 percent.
    - An extra 500,000 children arrived in our primary schools and a similar number do not have English as their first language.
    - The number of migrants has increased under Labour’s new Points Based System. In 2009, economic migration fell by 27,000, helped by a major recession, but students increased by 43,000.
    - Research by one of the country’s leading demographers has concluded that if immigration continues at its present level, the white British group will become an outright minority in the UK by the late 2060s.
    “This has been a clear failure of democracy due in large part to the left’s deliberate tactic of stifling reasoned debate with accusations of racism,” said Sir Andrew Green in a statement.
    He added that the raw statistics were difficult to envisage.
    “But when you consider that three million extra people on this island equates to the creation of three cities the size of Birmingham, seven the size of Manchester or 20 the size of Harrogate with all that that means for the pressure on our roads, railways, housing, infrastructure, the environment, schools, hospitals and the general quality of life it gives some idea of the scale of what Labour has bequeathed to us all.”
    The figures are shocking, except of course, to readers of this website who will have read all the statistics as they appeared.
    As shocking as they are, the list of statistics raises the obvious question: is it not too late or too far gone to be remedied?
    The British National Party argues firmly that it is not.
    It is the party’s openly declared aim to restore Britain’s demographic balance to where the indigenous population remains the majority population.
    This means adopting a series of measures designed to halt, and reverse, the immigration invasion and its resultant ethnic extermination of the British people.
    The first step that is necessary is a complete halt on further immigration. No caps, quotas, “free trade deals” and other tricks employed by the Tories to hide the fact that their immigration policies are identical to Labour.
    The second step is to use the full resources of the state to identify, track down and deport all illegal immigrants. This is a task which can easily be accomplished, particularly when our army is withdrawn from the pointless and illegal overseas conflicts.
    The third step is to halt all the outrageous benefits and ‘human rights’ laws which encourages the illegal immigration flood and which fuels the ongoing ‘asylum’ racket.
    The fourth step is to revoke all the utterly bogus asylum seeker processes and applications of the last 20 years or more, based on the undeniable fact that all of them are false.
    Asylum seekers have the right to seek asylum in the first safe country bordering the one they are fleeing. They do not have the right to cross dozens of safe countries to reach Britain.
    There are in fact, no, zero, none, legal asylum seekers in Britain.
    The total number of asylum seekers totals in the hundreds of thousands, and all of them can be returned to either their home countries or the first safe one closest to those nations.
    The fifth step is to institute the already legally constituted voluntary repatriation programme and encourage all the immigrants who claim to be so unhappy, so ‘discriminated against’ to return to their home nations.
    Finally, the British National Party undertakes to do a complete re-evaluation of the entire demographic issue.
    If it transpires that British people are still destined to become a minority in their own country, a British National Party government will reserve the right to take whatever steps are necessary to ensure that Third World immigration never again threatens our very existence as a nation.
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    Pakistan Soon to Have More Nuclear Weapons than Britain: But Still British Foreign Aid Flows There

    Pakistan Soon to Have More Nuclear Weapons than Britain: But Still Foreign Aid Flows

    Pakistan is about to acquire a larger number of deployed nuclear warheads than Britain, just as British foreign aid will reach over a billion pounds within the next four years.
    One of Pakistan's nuclear missiles on display. One of Pakistan's nuclear missiles on display.According to reports, “American intelligence agencies” say that Pakistan now has 110 deployed nuclear weapons, an increase of 40 percent in just two years.
    Britain has at most 160 deployed nuclear warheads, a figure which is set to decrease over the next few years.
    The American estimate is based on the increased production of plutonium and highly enriched uranium in Pakistan.
    During the 2008/2009 period, UK bilateral aid spending in Pakistan totalled £120 million, a figure which was increased in £140 million in 2009/2010 and which has just been boosted by a four year £665 million extra spend.
    Mr Hague’s increased foreign aid spend includes £250 million for an “education programme” in Pakistan and £50 million “to support stabilisation and reconstruction in areas affected by conflict on border with Afghanistan.”
    This boost comes at the same time that the education budget in Britain has been cut and spending has been increased on the continuing war in Afghanistan, caused by Mr Hague and his neocon fellow-travellers, which is the primary cause of the conflict on the Pakistan/Afghanistan border.
    According to the Department for International Development (DFID) website’s page dealing with Pakistan, the “normal” UK bilateral aid spend in that country is made up of 33 percent humanitarian assistance; 20 percent governance; 18 percent education; 15 percent on growth; 8 percent on heath and 5 percent on “other.”
    Pakistan’s defence budget is ranked 35th in the world, and is some £2.95 billion. Despite this, Pakistan begged for money to help cope with floods last year and to “educate” its own children.
    It is not just British taxpayers who support Pakistan. Last year in October, American Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced that the Obama administration had pledged $2 billion annually in military aid to Pakistan over five years “to help that country defeat violent extremism.”
    This means that over the next four years, Pakistan will receive over a billion pounds from Britain and over £4 billion from America.
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    Wednesday, 23 February 2011

    Look Out Bolton ! Latest “Big Society” Trick: Paving the Way for Mass Privatisation

    Latest “Big Society” Trick: Paving the Way for Mass Privatisation

    David Cameron has turned his “big society” trick into an excuse to justify the mass privatisation of almost all remaining public services such as the Royal Mail, schools and even local authorities.
    In an article in the Daily Telegraph newspaper, Mr Cameron said that the transformation from a “big state” into a “big society” would mean that services could be transformed without the need for repeated legislation.
    The only areas he identified as exempt from privatisation were the national security services (the police, intelligence services and army) and the judiciary.
    These services were exempted only because not even they could possibly be made profitable in any sense of the word.
    The pledge to create a “big society” has however now been revealed as nothing but an excuse to turn the rest of the civil service over to the profit-driven private sector.
    The claim that privatisation was lead to a better service is exactly the same “reasoning” provided by previous Tory and Labour regimes when the railways and household utilities were handed over to the private sector.
    Since then, without exception, service levels have declined and prices have increased.
    In October last year, ConDem Business Secretary Vince Cable launched the Postal Services Bill which will privatise Royal Mail.
    At the time, Mr Cable said that private buyers will be allowed to own up to 90 percent of Royal Mail, while the Post Office may be mutualised.
    In addition, he made it clear that the government would not oppose a foreign company buying up the Royal Mail.
    The Dutch Post Office was one of the first to be privatised, and is a yardstick by which all such undertakings are measured.
    According to an earlier report, privatisation in Holland led to the closure of nearly 90 percent of the country's post offices.
    In addition, complaints about the reliability of Holland's privatised post are widespread.
    The Dutch Post Office was also one of the first to adopt EU directives and allow new companies to compete in its postal market, a move which was supposed to increase competition and lead to better services.
    In reality, the complete opposite has occurred. New firms which pay far below the minimum wage have cherry-picked the most profitable routes, and have brought the Dutch Post Office’s finances to its knees.
    There is no reason to think that the situation will be any different in Britain, and this is only the post office sector. It can only be speculated upon what will happen to schools and health services, to name but two.
    But at least Mr Cameron has finally come clean with what he manes by the “big society.”
    Previously, the naïve might have thought that he meant that everyone would have to somehow “work together” to make society better.
    Now however, it is clear that what he actually intends is to sell the very last of the state assets in a privatised free-for-all which will make all previous privatisations seem like child’s play.
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    Watch your Jobs Folks Economic Migration to Britain Set to Double under Secret ConDem Plan

    Economic Migration to Britain Set to Double under Secret ConDem Plan

    Economic migration to Britain is set to double under details of a secret ConDem plan to import Indian IT workers, the Migrationwatch organisation has revealed.
    In a further expansion of the European Union’s “Free Trade Deal” with India, first revealed to the public by the British National Party’s MEP for the North West of England, Nick Griffin, Migrationwatch has detailed a number of “leaks” from Brussels on the agreement.
    “Just as the Prime Minister is promising that ‘this year the government is determined to help deliver many thousands of new jobs,’ Vince Cable is secretly negotiating a deal that will admit tens of thousands of Indian workers to Britain,” Migrationwatch said in a statement.
    “The deal is part of a Free Trade Agreement being negotiated between the EU and India which is expected to be signed this spring,” it continued.
    “India is insisting on access for Indian workers as a condition of a wider agreement that would reduce tariffs on European products and lift some restrictions on businesses bidding for public procurement contracts.
    “The proposed deal will allow Indian companies, which have obtained a service contract in Britain, to send over their own employees to do the work,” Migrationwatch said.
    “This would cut out any opportunity for British workers and would also allow Indian companies to undercut British firms employing British workers by using cheaper migrant workers from India.
    “According to leaks from Brussels, the EU Commission is planning to offer India up to 40,000 work permits a year of which the Indians are demanding that the UK share should be 20,000.
    “Negotiations are believed to be continuing between the Commission and the British government.
    “As this is part of a trade agreement, Cable’s Business Department is in the lead,” Migrationwatch pointed out.
    “If the government cave in to Brussels the numbers admitted could double economic migration which the government have, after much debate, limited to 20,700 a year.
    “These visas will be limited to 12 months in any 24 month period so that these workers are not here long enough to be officially classified as immigrants.
    “There are even suggestions that ‘independent consultants’ should be allowed to come in under the same scheme. Significantly, the scheme would include the IT sector where British workers are already feeling the effects of immigrant Indian workers.
    “The government already allow, at Cable’s insistence, an unrestricted flow of workers transferred between international companies for up to 12 months provided that they are paid £24,000 a year.
    “These new arrangements would add further to that flow but, in this case, the arrangements would also be effectively irreversible because they would become part of a trade agreement that falls within ‘community competence.’
    “The number of jobs in the economy is not fixed. Some new jobs might be created but this flow of cheap labour, however it is classified, is bound to affect the job prospects of British workers,” Migrationwatch continued.
    “Furthermore, with no exit checks there is no way to ensure the departure of these workers at the end of their contracts. Those who stayed on would add to the net migration that the government has committed to reduce to tens of thousands.”
    The Migrationwatch statement then quoted Sir Andrew Green, chairman of Migrationwatch UK, as saying that the “secrecy surrounding this deal has gone on long enough.
    “Britain's 2.5 million unemployed have a right to know what is going on and to be told why the Prime Minister's pledges both to help create jobs and to cut back net immigration are being seriously undermined in this way.
    “This scheme makes a nonsense of efforts to limit economic migration,” said Sir Andrew, who was previously a supporter of the Conservative Party government.
    * The Migrationwatch statement ended with a reminder of David Cameron;s pledge to a meeting with business leaders on 10 January at which he said "This year the government is determined to help deliver many thousands of new jobs and I am delighted that the companies joining me today are part of that. Across a whole range of areas you are going to see the most pro-business, pro-growth, pro-jobs agenda ever unleashed by a government…by developing the right skills and jobs I am determined that the many not the few will share in the country's prosperity."
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    War Criminals, Gangsters, Murderers and Rapists Win Right to Stay in Bolton via Britain

    War Criminals, Gangsters, Murderers and Rapists Win Right to Stay in Britain

    War criminals, gangsters, rapists and murderers have won the right to stay in Britain under the “human rights” law, but Tory Justice Secretary Kenneth Clarke has now specifically refused to do anything to stop this ongoing swindle.
    Perpetrators of the Rwandan genocide have been given shelter in Britain. Perpetrators of the Rwandan genocide have been given shelter in Britain.According to the latest figures released by the Home Office, it appears as if no less than 139 alleged war criminals, from countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan and Rwanda, have been given permanent residence in Britain.
    The flood of suspects seeking ‘asylum’ in Britain has now made this county the world’s “war criminal capital,” media reports have claimed.
    Britain has been compelled to accept the flood of alleged criminals (some of whom are claimed to have taken part in the massacres in Rwanda) by a combination of EU human rights legislation, the UK’s Human Rights Act and the EU’s Convention on Human Rights.
    Earlier reports revealed astonishing decisions by the courts which have allowed serious repeat criminals the right to stay in Britain because deportation would “affect their right to a family life.”
    In one instance, a murderer won the right to stay in Britain using the logic that deportation to his home country would place the citizens of that country at risk.
    The European Convention on Human Rights has recently been in the limelight after the European Court of Human Rights ordered Britain to give prisoners the vote and a decision by the Supreme Court in London that sex offenders in England and Wales could appeal against having to register with the police.
    The court’s decision was based on the finding that the lack of a review was incompatible with the European Convention on Human Rights.
    Speaking during a BBC radio interview, Mr Clarke said there was no chance that his government would abandon the EU regulations.
    The British National Party would not only remove itself from these increasingly insane international bodies, but also withdraw completely from the European Union as well.

    UAF Conference cancelled: Due to lack of Interest ? Oh dear how sad

    UAF Conference cancelled: Oh dear how sad…

    UAF Conference cancelled: Oh dear how sad…
    Excellent news. The idiot foreigners, Communists and Trots, assorted Labour freaks and great unwashed of the Unite Against Freedom Party have had to cancel their National Conference in Central London (collective outpouring of sympathy). A little bird tells me this was down to the efforts of a London Patriotic group who alerted the authorities to possibilities of a riot at the venue and civil disorder on a massive scale by the UAF Party. Well done to those concerned. ‘UAF Off Our Streets, Whose British Streets, Our British Streets…Good effort. (Why not give them a ring to gloat).
    From their website.
     UAF supporters
    The UAF has had to postpone its conference scheduled for Saturday 26 February, due to problems outside our control.
    We will announce a new date shortly. Please call us at the UAF office on 020 7801 2782 or email us if you have any problems or queries as a result of the postponement. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.
    UAF Leader arrested for violence
    The conference will bring together people from across the country, from all sections of the community and from trade union branches, student groups and community organisations to discuss how we can defeat the fascists of the British National Party and counter the growing threat of the English Defence League – racist thugs with fascists in their midst.
    Watch this space for a new conference date soon. Hopefully that one can be cancelled as well.
    UAF Conference cancelled: Oh dear how sad… | at the London Patriot: for more London Patriot News

    Tuesday, 22 February 2011

    British National Party has the Answers to the Immigration and IT Industry Problem in UK

    British National Party has the Answers to the Immigration and IT Industry Problem

    By David Hannam—The British National Party would halt immigration by tightening border controls and would revitalise the IT industry through investments in technology universities. 

    The Party reiterated its policies after it emerged that the Government admitted that they would allow tens of thousands of Indian worker migrants into Britain.

    Prime Minister David Cameron had recently announced his intention to see immigration numbers capped, however, the news of the next migrant wave into Britain illustrates that his and the Coalition’s policies are completely ineffective.

    The influx will hit British IT workers hardest as they see an increase in competition for already scarce IT jobs in an industry that is lacking in investment.

    Most migrant workers eventually try to take permanent residence in Britain using the “intracompany transfer visas” that allow foreign owned companies in Britain to send cheap home grown labour to Britain for a maximum of five years.

    Eventually, after five years, the migrant workers have spouses and children in order to permanently settle in Britain.

    As well as the increased competition with British workers and the undercutting of wages forcing struggling British graduates and workers to accept lower wage rates, the migrant workers will not pay National Insurance in their first year but will still be able to use the already stretched NHS for free.

    The British National Party researched the figures and found that the figure of 20,000 migrant workers is misleading. The figure of 20,000 is yearly, so if the agreement lasts an expected minimum of five years, the actual figure is more likely in the region of 80,000 by 2015.

    In fact, considering that many migrants apply to bring their families to Britain, the actual figure is a lot higher. The estimated size average for an Indian family is around 4 .00 – 6.00, meaning that the real figure is around 320,000, or in other words, roughly the same size of Kingston upon Hull.

    The British National Party is the only political party offering real answers to the immigration and IT industry problem.

    As stated in the party’s General Election Manifesto, we will:

    * Regain sovereign control of our borders by raising the funding of existing border controls. This will allow for an expansion in infrastructure and an increase in personnel which will secure our borders against intrusion.

    * The BNP will reinvigorate the IT sector in Britain with massive investments in technology universities.

    * The BNP will institute a policy of protectionism for the local IT industry and jobs.

    * The BNP will invest in technology universities to provide the skills to our people to take their rightful place as world leaders in the IT industry.
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    Monday, 21 February 2011

    Latest Radio Red, White and Blue Euro File Show for Bolton and Horwich Residents Available Here

    The latest Radio Red, White and Blue Euro File Show features a debate between Nick Griffin, Simon Darby and Arthur Kemp on topical issues, and includes a very interesting exposé by Arthur Kemp on the Global Warming Swindle.

    As well as this interesting talk, the Reverend Robert West has given his latest Sunday Service Sermon.

    Radio RWB is at the very front of the technological revolution in making the British National Party’s message easily accessible through its own radio station.

    You can find the latest shows by clicking here to take you to the Radio RWB site.

    Once there, click on the RWB Player launch icon on the right-hand side of the page and the shows will start automatically.
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    USA lesson for EU on a European Single Currency

    US lesson for EU on a Single Currency

    FEBRUARY 2011: Whilst the euro is in deep trouble, another continent-wide single currency, the US dollar, is facing its own possible breakup.

     That's because it is continually trying to cope with the strains of imposing a one-size-fits-all currency on a collection of diverging economies make themselves felt in the current global economic crisis.
    Moves are afoot in the State Legislatures of South Carolina, Georgia and Virginia to pull out of the US dollar and set up their own local State currencies, whose values can better reflect their own economic needs, rather than being imposed from above.
    When the European Single Currency, which became the euro, was first mooted, economists warned it would fail because it was trying to set up one currency for many separate economies. When the needs of those separate economies conflicted, either some economies would be badly damaged by being forced to follow suicidal policies for them which made good sense for other member countries, or the single currency would be torn apart. The first has now of course happened and the second will quite possibly follow.
    It now seems the US dollar is in trouble. Even though it is the currency of a single nation, whose people all speak the same language and therefore find it much easier to move around to other parts of the currency area to follow available work.
    Culturally, politically and economically Georgians have a lot more in common with Californians and New Yorkers than Irish folk have with Germans or Greeks have with Frenchmen. If even then their single currency is showing signs of strain what hope is there for the euro?
    If the US can’t keep one currency, the EU certainly won’t!



    Christian Council Of Britain Archbishop John Sentamu fled his own country, Uganda, for ours but has brought the spirit of political and religious persecution with him!  Ungrateful for the haven he has found, here, in Great Britain he has become instrumental - as a bad bishop, a very bad bishop some would say -  in bringing, a stage nearer, persecution for one’s peaceful, if “politically incorrect,” beliefs.  According to Christian Concern for Our Nation, Christianity is already one of the main targets of this, not just the British National Party.  The only article of faith some Bishops have is nearly always something to do with this party; a peaceful, legal and registered political party undergoing some success in the polls and challenging the complacency, not to say delinquency, of all three main, overly secularised, parties.

    Many see John Sentamu’s theology as poor, like his grip on the Bible and the truths which it teaches.  Certainly a Bishop of his position - whatever you make of his moral and cultural stature - should be more circumspect in any lack of regard he may have for the fundamental human rights, and civil liberties, of freedom of association and affiliation.

    But, it has to be said, that he is in bad company.  Black Bishop has White Bishop!

    Rowan Williams almost makes John Sentamu’s catastrophic failings - such as spitting in the face of religious and political liberty - look like success!

    This is acknowledged very widely at the grass roots of the Church of England, which remains a Church that will live, if it lives at all, at parish level.  I have been surprised by how ordinary parishioners and parish “priests” have little respect for their bishops who are seen as menacing, out of touch, wishy-washy, hangers-on for media prestige and elite status.  This is not very Christ like, and certainly not very pastoral.

    Rowan Williams favours the Islamic sharia which persecutes Christians and Jews and which is designed to apply to both Muslims and non-Muslims; so any comparison with Jewish law is out of place.  And White Bishop has practically split the Anglican Communion worldwide by his dithering over the issue of homosexuality in the clergy and laity.  Why does he not come out and condemn it - the Holy Scriptures do.  By the Bible of the Church of England, homosexual practise is a  heaven-denying sin: “Do not be deceived” says the apostle Paul.  The Bishops seem to be taken in and seem to want to take everyone else in.  All the main political parties are pushing this ancient Greek and Roman sin as if it were somehow new and modern - the Bad Bishops have clearly not been reading, and inwardly digesting, their Bibles; nor their ancient histories.   Hello?

    And yet they claim to be ordained.  But if you are ordained to the ministry by God, or the Church, there ought to be some evidence for it!  All we have here is evidence of the loss of a moral compass, and the loss of mountains of moral fibre; and they are generally without fire, ardour, or love to God and for the souls of men - something for which they will surely answer for in the great day of judgement.  Ordained of God?  You must be joking!  I am almost persuaded to think that they are not Christians at all, let alone ministers except in the sense that perhaps Judas or Caiaphas were.  The former betrayed Christ and the latter crucified Him… …though each was ordained in some merely ecclesiastical sense.

    This may seem a little harsh but it may well be a little too accurate.  It is better to warn people now rather than allow them to continue on the broad road that leads to destruction.  It is their job to call people to faith in Christ and to repentance from their sins. That includes homosexual practise, buggery and sodomy.  But it does not include moderate nationalism.

    Nationalism within proper bounds is not a sin: rather it is ordained and approved by God.

    Nations are groups of people of a common descent and all such nations have been made by God - no racism in that, see Psalm 86:9AV/NKJV and most versions.   It was His idea to have nations, in Genesis 10 and 11;  and it went against the global elite’s idea who built the tower of Babel - a kind of ancient Old Testament globalist project.  This theologically challenged African Bishop, at least on the matter of nations, who does not seem to appreciate political freedom as he should, needs liberally and theologically educating in more ways than one.  And yet he is leading the Church of England.   Jesus spoke about the blind leading others into a ditch.  We all know that the Church of England as a whole is in some mighty big ditch.  And at the bottom of it are these two Primates.

    If Sentamu thinks that “nations” are wrong he is siding not with Christ or His Father in Heaven but with Nimrod and all the other polyglot dictators who have befouled the course of history.  Yes, nationalism can go beyond its proper bounds and then it does become sin.  But so can Bishops and Synods.  Did not Jesus say something about taking the beam out of our own eyes first?   It would be nice if the Bishops provided leadership in that role, first, by setting a good example in it themselves.

    Let us invite the accused British National Party parishioners and “priests” to general synod and see what they really do stand for, unfiltered by a biased media, which promotes the things - including the mass killing of human life in abortion - which will surely destroy us, either in this life or in the next.  Let us not drive them underground or out of the Church of England for the Church of England needs as much help as it can get.  If you cannot love your own kin how can you possibly love others?  See what Paul says about his love for his own kinsmen in Romans 10: 1-3.  And yet he was the apostle to the Gentiles, not his own stock of Israel, seePhilippians 3:5.

    And let us all start to value, for clergy and laity alike, freedom of political opinion and association being peaceful.  The exercising of such freedoms, peacefully, are not sin; but are an essential part of the political process in a liberal and democratic society.  They are also the mark of a Christian society.  After all that is why Archbishop John Sentamu came here to Britain in the first place.

    Didn’t Jesus, also, say something about hypocrisy?

    © The Revd RMB West, Dip. Th.
    Minister of the Gospel.

    The Rev Robert West uses the Book of Common Prayer (1662) of the Church of England and ministers to all churches or congregations.  He was trained in South Wales and was ordained presbyter in 1979.  He stood for the Lincolnshire Racial Equality Council in 2005 and joined the British National Party in 2006, having earlier founded the Christian Council of Britain as a Conservative District Councillor.
    read more at the Christian Council Of Britain