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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Dr Satoshi Kanazawa, his Research and the Call for his Dismissal. fron the LSE

Dr Satoshi Kanazawa, his Research and the Call for his Dismissal. PDF Print E-mail
Written by Frank Ellis   
london-school-of-economics signFrom: Dr Frank Ellis
To: Professor Rees, London School of Economics (LSE)
Date: 27th May 2011 AD
Re: Dr Satoshi Kanazawa, his Research and the Call for his Dismissal.

The quality of arguments deployed against Dr Satoshi Kanazawa for his article on the theme of black female attractiveness does not inspire confidence in the intellectual calibre of the authors. I suppose this is just one consequence of applying a policy of affirmative action for students and faculty who do not have to meet the same standards as whites. Too many black students and faculty do not seem to grasp the abstract concept of free speech and the role of academic freedom in the pursuit of truth and the eradication of error. Black hostility to free speech and academic freedom is not surprising, since blacks have shown themselves to be quite incapable of creating advanced societies or sustaining any kind of intellectual milieu in which the right to dissent is enshrined in law and custom. At times we whites find it a strain in dealing with white dissenters: for blacks with their generally less developed capacity for abstract thinking it is an impossible burden.
Unable to grasp the abstract nature of free speech and its essential role in scientific and technological progress blacks perceive the exercise of free speech by non-blacks, especially as it concerns the discussion of low mean black IQ, black educational failure, appalling levels of black crime in First and Third World states, incompetence, unbelievable savagery and the pitiful state of sub-Saharan Africa and, of course, Islamic terrorism, as racism. This is always at all times, in all places, the default position for blacks and their white manipulators when confronted with evidence of black failure. This is the reason that blacks, encouraged by whites who should know better, are attacking Dr Satoshi Kanazawa and demanding he be sacked. I have read articles by Dr Satoshi Kanazawa and I have found them to be well researched, clearly written and very interesting.

Despite all the accusations of “scientific racism” and the associations of Kanazawa’s research with Jim Crow, Apartheid, the Holocaust and the slave trade, the genetic, psychometric and historical data demonstrate beyond any reasonable doubt that the mean intellectual and cultural achievements of blacks are way below those of whites. The only conclusion – and it is not a happy one for blacks and their white, xenophiliac manipulators – is that intellectually and culturally blacks are, as judged by the objective, unforgiving measure of achievements, not by sentimental, emotional, ad hoc evasions and multicultural propaganda, inferior to whites, Jews and north-east Asians. Denouncing Kanazawa as some version of a racist does nothing to change this state of affairs. It merely encourages blacks and their white manipulators always to scream racism when unpleasant truths emerge or are posited.

Behind the public debate of this matter I have no doubt that the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) has already demanded that LSE take some form of action against Dr Satoshi Kanazawa. In the first instance this will mean that Dr Kanazawa is expected to withdraw his research and issue a suitably grovelling apology. I can only hope that Dr Kanazawa will resist any such demand. He has said or written nothing for which he should apologise.

In the event that Dr Kanazawa refuses to grovel the EHRC will threaten LSE with a diversity audit, arguing that by failing to take action against Dr Kanazawa, the LSE is violating its obligations under the Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000. At this stage, in order to propitiate blacks, their white manipulators and to remove the threat of a diversity audit, the LSE will move to suspend Dr Kanazawa and seek to secure his dismissal through an internal hearing. As far as LSE is concerned, this has the advantage of immediately reducing the negative publicity for LSE and creates the impression that LSE has responded in a politically correct manner to the clamour of so-called anti-racists. The threat by EHRC to carry out a diversity audit will be made behind the scenes so as to avoid the impression that LSE is being placed under any pressure to act from outside the institution. I urge LSE to stand up to the bullies, the ignorant, the plain gullible and above all the viciously anti-white racist EHRC.

In 2006, when teaching at Leeds University, I was subjected to the same sort of treatment when I highlighted the complete failure of multiculturalism. I was profoundly shocked by the despicable cowardice of administrators and faculty members. I argued then, and I argue now, that for all the words in their charters on academic freedom and free speech, universities on the themes of multiculturalism, feminism, non-white immigration, race and IQ are craven and corrupt. I hope that LSE proves me wrong. For all the unpleasantness, I nevertheless learned a great deal. Be advised that should LSE succumb to the temptation to suspend Dr Kanazawa and initiate an internal hearing with the aim of securing his dismissal, I and others shall contact Dr Kanazawa and offer our experience and services as witnesses for the defence. Please, do the decent thing and reject the mob and the hideous EHRC and all its works.

Yours sincerely

Frank Ellis