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Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Who is caring for our elderly in Bolton ?

June 2010

Who is caring for our elderly?

Our town’s so called independent newspaper the Bolton News has given some attention to the story about two foreigners previously convicted of fraud who have been employed as care workers. This has been allowed to happen by means of a government funded scheme being run by Bolton Council called ‘New Chance’.

Some people have voiced concern that employing ex-criminal to care for vulnerable people is inappropriate, and that Criminal Records Bureau [CRB] checks are supposed to stop this happening. But the reality is that CRB checks can not identify the backgrounds of a great many people who are providing care for our elderly.

The reason for the huge loophole in CRB checks is down to the Home Office. When, for instance an asylum refugee wants to apply for a job in a care home it is in most cases impossible for the CRB to do a check on that individual: let’s face it if a foreigner is telling us they have been persecuted by a regime or political system how can we grant them asylum and then ask their persecutor if our new found refugee has a criminal record. In cases like this the Home Office supplies a letter, removing the requirement for CRB checks to be carried out.

As someone who has had quite a lot of first hand contact with care homes I know that there are many refugees working in these homes and for agencies. Now the question is; how can the Home Office know that these people are not ex-criminals, how can the Home Office know that these people will not harm or have not already harmed elderly people.

For some time I have been in pursuit of answers to these questions, but as so often is the case it seems someone in the Home Office and the Bolton News believes that the BNP are best ignored.

Anthony Backhouse

Political Correctness Gone Mad! It Is Now a Criminal Offence to Call Someone a “Coconut

Political Correctness Gone Mad: It Is Now a Criminal Offence to Call Someone a “Coconut”

The unfathomable depths to which political correctness has plunged Britain has been underlined with a court ruling that it is now a criminal racial offence to call someone a “coconut” in public.
The astonishing decision was made by Bristol Magistrates' Court after a Jamaican-origin black city councillor, Shirley Brown, referred to an Asian Tory councillor as a “coconut” during a council debate in February last year.
Although Ms Brown did not specify what she meant, she said in the council chamber that her “community” would understand the meaning of calling someone a coconut.
In the black community, to call someone a coconut means that that are black or brown on the outside, but white on the inside — in other words, they are traitors to their people and side with whites.
The Indian-born Tory, Jay Jethwa, had earlier in the chamber called for the £250,000 annual grant to fund “ethnic minority groups” to be halted.
Ms Brown, a proud Liberal Democrat, was given a 12-month conditional discharge and ordered to pay £620 costs after being convicted of “inciting racial hatred” against Mrs Jethwa.
District Judge Simon Cook said that he was “satisfied there was a risk to public disorder and stimulation of racial hatred” even though there was absolutely no evidence that any racial hatred had erupted or been caused as a result of the comment.
The issue here is not whether two immigrants seek to lambaste each other over whether there should be funding for a ceremony to mark the 200th anniversary of the ending of the slave trade or not.
The real issue here is that political correctness has reached such impossible levels that even a mild and humorous comment such as calling someone a coconut can now be classed as a criminal offence.
Where will it end? And what meanings will be attached to other fruit sorts in the future? Will it be illegal to call someone a banana because they get blacker with age?
This is an extremely dangerous precedent to set, and one which needs to be opposed by all sane and rational people, no matter what their political party.
It is nothing less than an attack on the very principle of freedom of speech and democracy, and one more step towards George Orwell’s predicted totalitarian state.

How Domestic Budget Cuts Will Affect You:r Bolton Welfare

How Domestic Budget Cuts Will Affect You: Welfare

The domestic spending cuts — which are in marked contrast to the increased spending on foreign aid, EU membership and the war in Afghanistan — will directly reduce the quality of welfare services provided to the British people and place additional strain on the NHS.
A report in the latest issue of the British Medical Journal, authored by a combined research team under the leadership of University of Oxford lecturer Dr David Stuckler, warned that “ordinary people may be paying the ultimate price for budget cuts.”
According to their study, analysis of European data showed that a £70 reduction in welfare spending per person is associated with a 2.8 percent rise in alcohol-related deaths and 1.2 percent rise in deaths from heart disease.
The study was released in the wake of a ConDem announcement that there would be reductions in tax credits for families, housing benefit and maternity grants.
The new study looked at the effects of welfare funding on health and analysed government spending in 15 European countries, including the UK, from 1980 to 2005.
The researchers found without exception that when social spending — including support for families and the unemployed — was high, death rates fell, but when they were low, rates rose substantially.
“For every £70 drop in spending per person, there is a 1.19 percent rise in overall deaths,” the report said, adding that the biggest effect was seen in illnesses linked to social circumstances, such as heart disease.
This is specific to social welfare spending and completely independent of healthcare spending.
The analysis also showed that reducing other forms of government spending, such as on the military or prisons, had no such negative impact on the public's health.
Dr Stuckler said in the report that although governments may feel they are protecting population health by safeguarding the healthcare budgets, welfare spending may actually be more important.
He also warned that the added burden of poor health linked to welfare cuts could place more strain on the NHS.
"So far the discussions around budget cuts have largely focussed on economics,” Dr Stuckler said.
"But social circumstances are crucial to people's health and our study shows there could be quite significant harms.
"If we want to promote a sustainable recovery in Britain, we must first ensure that we have taken care of people's most basic health needs."
Once again, the British people are put last.

Contempt of Court - more like abuse of power by EHCR

Contempt of Court - more like abuse of power

The Guardian is salivating over the fact that Nick Griffin MEP BNP and two other BNP officials could have their assets seized which includes the BNP Chairmans MEP salary, investments, pensions and property they own for contempt of court.  The Guardian shamefully announces these dreadful and undemocratic threats in this way.
The case shows that no political party is above the law.
Indeed the law should be, that no matter how high, no person is above the law.  But the law in this case is being used to silence the voice of the British People and those that use and abuse the law to attempt to silence the British National Party will one day be brought to trial, judged and if found guilty and if there is any justice.  Hung for the rats they are.

The Guardian also seems to have a problem with people of any descent or origin only being allowed to join the BNP if they; "agrees with or supports or does not oppose or does not disagree with the principles of our party".

Now what sort of warped mind has a problem with the above?  People do tend to join a political party because they support their principles not oppose them.  By their warped logic, I should be allowed to join the Labour Party even thought I totally disagree with everything they stand for and would destroy it in an heart beat if given the chance. 

Perhaps that is what the entire membership of the BNP should do.  Join enmass the Labour Party and return it to the party it was when first created.  One that cared about British Workers instead of the self seeking politicians own pockets who are its masters now.

They also have a huge problem with the BNP
maintaining the "integrity of the indigenous British" and "restoring and maintaining" the indigenous British as "an overwhelming majority"
These mad marxist bastards find that, the wish for the British People to continue to exist, as being offensive to possible non-indigenous members as this would deny them their racial and cultural identity.  So f++k the British racial and cultural identity because they are no longer allowed to have an identity any longer.

And it is easy to see why the marxist would have a problem with new BNP members being welcomed into the Party by two BNP officials.  How much better to let nutcases, state agents, red provocateur join the party without check, so they can be used to bring the party into disrepute or destroy it from within.

Any person who cares about democracy must see that what the EHCR are doing here is morally wrong, if not downright illegal.  Regardless of whether you love or hate the BNP you must, if you care about Freedom of Speech and democracy help stop the EHCR dead in their tracks.

Listen Radio Red, White and Blue Interview with Richard Barnbrook on Goresbrook By-Election

Radio Red, White and Blue Interview with Richard Barnbrook on Goresbrook By-Election

Richard Barnbrook AM has called upon all activists to help out with the upcoming Goresbrook by-election in a breaking news interview with Radio Red, White and Blue.
“The response on the door is very positive,” Mr Barnbrook said. The by-election was called after the trade union supporter Labour candidate resigned only a matter of days after the election.
A quietly confidant but realistic Mr Barnbrook appealed for supporters to come down to Barking and Dagenham this weekend, for which accommodation is available.
Goresbrook ward was held by Mr Barnbrook until May this year and although the party is facing an uphill battle, he is determined to show that the BNP has not gone away.
Mr Barnbrook provides further details in the interview, conducted this morning, which can be found at the Radio RWB website’s breaking news section. Click here.

How Domestic Budget Cuts Will Affect You:r BoltonHealth Services

How Domestic Budget Cuts Will Affect You: Health Services

The domestic spending cuts — which are in marked contrast to the increased spending on foreign aid, EU membership and the war in Afghanistan — will directly reduce the number of healthcare professionals available to serve the British public.
According to the British Medical Association, the NHS faces “devastating cuts to jobs and patient services as the Government’s austerity drive hits the health service.”
A survey carried out for the BMA and recently released to the public found that “thousands of doctors and nurses face being made redundant or not replaced if they leave, while many hospitals have cut treatments.”
The BMA researchers asked 361 doctors, who between them represent committees at all of Britain’s hospital trusts and some larger primary care trusts, how the NHS was being affected by the demand to make £20 billion of cuts.
Around 43 percent of respondents confirmed that there was a “freeze” on doctor and nurse recruitment, despite increasing demand for services.
Another 40 percent of respondents said that patient treatments, including varicose vein operations and blood tests, were being “rationed.”
According to doctors in Bedfordshire, instructions have also been given not to refer patients with certain ailments, such as skin lesions and cysts, to hospitals “except in exceptional circumstances.”
Furthermore, the BMA said that 25 percent of respondents confirmed that their NHS Trust was planning to make workers redundant.
Chairman of the BMA, Dr Hamish Meldrum, said in the report that “Whilst we accept that difficult decisions need to be taken in this tight financial climate, there is a real danger that cutting back on health now will have a long-lasting impact on our ability to maintain high-quality, comprehensive and universal care in the future.”
The Royal College of Nursing said earlier this year that about 5,600 jobs were under threat across 26 hospital trusts. In a “worst case scenario”, the true figure could be as high as 30,000, it said.
* Figures from the NHS Information Centre, released in August last year, said that the health service was already facing “unsustainable pressure" as it struggled to recruit nurses and hospital doctors.
The figures, which analysed jobs unfilled as of March last year, found that 5.2 percent of all NHS medical posts, which includes hospital doctors and dentists, were vacant, up from 3.6 percent the previous year.
The proportion which had been vacant for three months, considered an indication of hard-to-fill posts, was 1.5 percent, up from 0.9 percent.
Vacant midwife positions also rose, from 2.1 to 3.4 percent. Of those, 1 percent were long-term vacancies, up from 0.8 percent.
The Royal College of Midwives (RCM) has previously warned that England already needs an extra 5,000 midwives to provide an acceptable level of care.

How Domestic Budget Cuts Will Affect Your Bolton Policing Services

How Domestic Budget Cuts Will Affect You: Policing Services

The domestic spending cuts — which are in marked contrast to the increased spending on foreign aid, EU membership and the war in Afghanistan — will directly reduce the number of police officers despite rising crime figures.
According to the President of the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO), Sir Hugh Orde, it is "misleading in the extreme" to claim otherwise.
Addressing ACPO’s annual conference in Manchester, Sir Hugh said budget cuts would inevitably lead to a reduction in the number of police officers.
To suggest the size of the police service is sustainable, Sir Hugh said, is "misleading in the extreme... quite simply it is not."
“A balance must be struck between the understandable demand for more officers on the streets and the less visible, but equally critical duties they perform.
“Chief constables face hard choices over where to make savings and the government must take the lead.
Last week, Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson said his force would "shrink" as a result of budget cuts.
* The budget cuts come at a time of increased crime in Britain, which is at least in part due to the immigration invasion which has disposed British people of many areas of the large cities.
Figures released earlier this year showed that immigrant-heavy London and Manchester accounted for 20 percent of all of Britain’s 15,000 “prolific and priority offenders.”
The third and fourth areas with the most prolific repeat offenders are the West Midlands and Nottinghamshire, both epicentres of the black gun crime plague.
The lowest number of regular offenders is found in Wiltshire, for reasons which are obvious.
Other statistics from the House of Commons Law Library released in March this year showed that violent attacks in Britain are 44 percent higher than they were in 1998. The study revealed that “violence against the person” increased from 618,417 to 887,942 last year.

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Manchester BNP’s Derek Adams: “Losing Our Islands to Immigrantion

Manchester BNP’s Derek Adams: “Losing Our Islands”

Manchester British National Party’s super activist Derek Adams has launched his most powerful video yet, explaining in detail how Britain is being overrun through mass immigration and identifying the enemies who have brought about this disaster.
In the video, Mr Adams shows in graphic detail how British society has been changed from the once peaceful, cohesive community it was, into a multicultural nightmare.
The reasons given for the immigration invasion are analysed, dissected and shown to be nonsense.
The images of aliens voting in the recent "British" election are particularly shocking and will without doubt serve as a wake-up call to many who were unaware of just how bad the situation has become.
He ends off with an appeal to British people to join the British resistance – the BNP.
This is a sensational recruitment video and deserves the widest possible circulation. Send it to your friends, family and work colleagues. Do it today.

Well done to the BNP members in Salford

Salford BNP Makes Big Impact with “England for Life” Petition

The hardworking activists of Salford British National Party are back on the streets promoting the “England is for life, not just for football” petition which is proving to be highly popular, reports organiser Gary Tumulty.

“Over the last couple of weekends, the Salford team has been active in public precincts to personally thank voters for supporting the BNP during the recent election,” Mr Tumulty said. Some 2,632 people voted for Tina Wingfield, the brave BNP candidate.

“We also took our ‘England is for life, not just for football’ petition and leaflets out on the stalls,” Mr Tumulty continued.

“This campaign has gone down a real storm in Salford with many people signing up.”

Mr Tumulty said the response on the street was different even compared to that of the election.

“Salfordians cannot get enough of the Voice of Freedom newspaper, and we have given out hundreds of copies which in turn has led to a large number of subscribers,” he said.

“Information packs are also still in high demand. All party activists elsewhere in Britain can be assured that Salford BNP continues the fight to save our homeland.”

Asylum” Plague Which Is Sucking the Lifeblood from The UK

The “Asylum” Plague Which Is Sucking the Lifeblood from Our Nation

The evil curse of “asylum” and mass immigration propagated by decades of Tory/Labour rule has provoked a plague of swindlers, thieves, crooks and vermin from across the globe to descend on Britain and suck the lifeblood from our nation.
The situation has become so out-of-hand and rampant that even the controlled media is struggling to ignore the parasites descending on Britain. A series of unrelated articles published over the last three days illustrates the point:
Richard KombeRichard Kombe(1) 27th June 2010: Bogus asylum seeker Richard Kombe, 49, set up a crooked aid agency and used fake IDs and passports to get more cash off councils.
Kent Police found he stole more than £270,000 over four years.
At Maidstone Crown Court, Judge James O’Mahony jailed Kombe for four years on nine counts of fraud. He described the Congo-born thief as being “utterly hypocritical”.
(2) 27 June 2010: Jailed for three years: Iraqi asylum seeker Mahira Rustam Al-Azawi used a series of false identities to milk Britain's lax benefit system over eight years.
An asylum seeker bought three homes and sent her son to a fee-paying school by illegally claiming more than £700,000 in benefits, a court heard.
Mahira Rustam Al-AzawiMahira Rustam Al-AzawiMahira Rustam Al-Azawi, 49, used a series of false identities to milk Britain's lax benefit system over eight years.
Although she never worked, she was able to purchase three properties — two of which she rented out — worth in excess of £1 million.
The court heard that Al-Azawi first came to Britain as a student, and went back to Iraq once she graduated. She later returned to Britain to claim asylum, and was given income support and housed by Lambeth council in south London.
She travelled to Ireland for a brief period and claimed asylum under a different name, and was also given Irish nationality, as was her son.
(3) 26 June 2010: Asylum seeker Ahmed Warfa sexually assaulted two women.
The 36-year-old, of Stamer Street, Stoke, approached his first victim as she waited for her friend outside Wetherspoons in Hanley on the evening of November 5 last year.
Stoke-on-Trent Crown Court was told yesterday that Warfa began rubbing the top of her arms and she told him to go away. She then decided to leave. But he pursued her and put his hands on her breasts.
A few hours later he approached another woman, pushed her against a window and placed his hands on her breasts. The woman's boyfriend called the police and followed Warfa until they arrived. Warfa, who came to the UK from Somalia, was arrested. He later spat at a police officer who tried to take a swab from his mouth.
He pleaded guilty to two charges of sexual assault and common assault.
Judge Robert Trevor-Jones handed Warfa a community order with 12 months' supervision, 200 hours unpaid work and ordered him to sign the sex offenders' register for five years.
(4) 25 June 2010: Stowaways hiding in the back of a lorry headed for Harrogate have been captured by border officials at Calais.
Five Afghan men were caught by border police crouched in the back of the truck amidst a lorry-load of electric fans.
A body-detection dog had led officers to a Spanish registered freight vehicle, driven by a Spanish driver, at around 8.45 am on June 17.
The five men were passed back to the French authorities, and the truck allowed to continue on its way, although the driver and haulier may now be liable to a fine.
Samuel AlongeSamuel Alonge(5) 25 June 2010: A Nigerian man arrested at his wedding rehearsal is the latest person jailed from a UK Border Agency investigation into sham marriages in Northampton.
Samuel Alonge, aged 39, was arrested while preparing to get married at the Holy Sepulchre in April to his Dutch 'bride'.
Northampton Crown Court heard how he provided a forged Nigerian passport, which held a false visa to remain in the UK, along with a fake gas bill for a flat in Northampton House, Wellington Street, along with a forged tenancy agreement.
The sham marriage to an EU national would have granted him the right to stay on the UK, work, claiming benefits and use the NHS.
Alonge, who overstayed his visa after arriving in the UK in the mid-1990s, was sentenced to 14 months after pleading guilty to immigration offences.
Alonge's conviction brings the total sentences for the 13 people arrested and convicted during the UK Border Agency's Operation Sandford to 20 years.
Komba CisseKomba Cisse(6) 26 June 2010: An illegal immigrant peddled cannabis and "minded" thousands of pounds worth of crack cocaine for his landlord.
Komba Cisse came to the UK from Nigeria in November. He was told he could stay in a house in Beresford Street, Shelton, on the condition he worked for the man who let him stay there.
Prosecutor Scott Coughtrie told Stoke-on-Trent Crown Court that police went to the house on 31 March to make inquiries as to the immigration status of people in the property.
They found a total of 87.5 grams of crack cocaine, potentially worth £8,750, and 21.455 grams of cannabis with a street value of £220. Police also seized £1,538 cash.
(7) 25 June 2010: A group of illegal immigrants were found in a lorry at the Port of Dover suffering from exhaustion and dehydration.
The 17 men were discovered at the Eastern Docks after banging was heard coming from the back of the vehicle and it was stopped.
One of the men was taken to the William Harvey Hospital in Ashford, while the other 16 were treated at the scene by ambulance staff and are currently with officers from the UK Border Agency.
The Polish driver of the articulated lorry, which arrived in the UK by ferry from France, has been arrested and is now in police custody.
- 25 June 2010: Four illegal Vietnamese immigrants have been jailed for a total of nearly nine years for running a ring of cannabis farms in the Midlands — including one on ‘Millionaires’ Row.’
Tung Le Nguyen, 30, of no fixed abode, was sent to prison for 30 months after he pleaded guilty earlier this month to conspiracy to produce cannabis.
Huang Hoang, 37, also of no fixed abode, received a two-year jail term after her guilty plea to the same charge plus one of producing the drug.
Linh Aka Nguyen, 48, and Son Van Nguyen, 37, both of no fixed abode, were jailed for two years each after both men pleaded guilty to cultivation of cannabis.
Cops discovered the ring after they saw Tung Le Nguyen acting suspiciously on the B&Q car park in Axletree Way, Wednesbury, in February.
He was found with a set of keys to one drugs factory, nearly £3,000 in cash and a supply of food for others staying at a “safe house”, Sandringham House, Gorway Road, Walsall.
When police raided the premises they found up to 13 Vietnamese people there and £35,000 cash. One of the people was Huang Hoang.
Tung Le Nguyen was arrested at a house in Birmingham Road, Walsall where 400 cannabis plants were found. A car parked outside contained papers which led to three other cannabis factories being raided.
Three defence barristers said the quartet had come to the UK to raise money for their needy families back home.
These incidents are merely the tip of the iceberg as they are the only ones to have actually made it into the pages of the controlled media.
Make no mistake, Britain is being subjected to an invasion, aided and abetted by successive criminal Tory and Labour regimes who are responsible for creating the system in the first place.

Police, Sunday Telegraph, Forced to Admit Link between Black Immigration and Crime

Metropolitan Police, Sunday Telegraph, Forced to Admit Link between Black Immigration and Crime

The British National Party’s repeated warnings on the link between violent crime and black immigration have been proven correct after the Sunday Telegraph published police figures which confirmed that black people are responsible for the overwhelming majority of inner city crime.
The statistics, which the Sunday Telegraph had to forcibly extract from the Metropolitan Police through a Freedom of Information request, provided an ethnic breakdown of the 18,091 men and boys against whom police took action for a range of violent and sexual offences in London in 200910.
The figures revealed that among those proceeded against for street crimes, 54 percent were black; for robbery, 59 percent; and for gun crimes, 67 percent.
According to the newspaper, street crimes are defined as “muggings, assault with intent to rob and snatching property.”
The figures also show that black women are responsible for a disproportionate amount of violent crime committed by females.
In addition, the statistics also show that black men are twice as likely to be victims of their own peoples’ crime wave. Black males make up 29 percent of the victims of gun crime and 24 percent of the victims of knife crime.
Conversely put, 71 percent of the victims of this black gun crime epidemic are white or another race, and 76 percent of the victims of black knife crime are white or another race.
The Sunday Telegraph deliberately ignored the latter statistics, and instead went on to quote some brainwashed liberal who blamed “Britain’s long history of racism and imperialism” for the black immigrant crime wave.
However, that same newspaper would no doubt have led an outraged protest if the figures had shown that black people were the overwhelming victims of white attackers.
Figures released in 2008 showed that black males made up 124 of the 225 under-18s legally ‘proceeded against’ for knife offences in a three month period and that the overwhelming majority of victims were white.
In addition, a report in 2006 showed that black people account for 46 percent of all arrests generated by the Metropolitan Police’s automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras.
The technology allows car registration plates to be scanned and automatically run through databases to determine whether a vehicle is stolen, uninsured or has not had its road tax paid.
In the period under review, it was revealed that of the 2,023 arrests, 923 were black, 738 were white and 183 were Asian.
* The figures released by the Sunday Telegraph do not take into account the impact on the crime wave caused by Asian-origin criminals.
The figures simply confirm, of course, what everyone already knows and which only the BNP has dared to say in public till now.
This is the reason why police forces up and down the country have had to establish task forces such as London’s “Operation Trident” which focusses specifically on black crime.
The BNP sounds the warning once again: British people ignore the consequences of mass immigration at their peril. It is not too late to do something about it.

Monday, 28 June 2010

SOMALIA — Muslim Convert to Christianity Abused & Beaten by Family

SOMALIA — Muslim Convert to Christianity  Abused & Beaten  by Family

A 17-year-old girl in the Gedo Region of Somalia was severely beaten by her family recently after they discovered she had converted to Christianity, according to Compass Direct News. Nurta Mohamed Farah, 17, was later taken to a doctor, who prescribed medication for a "mental illness." When she refused to abandon her Christian faith, her family forced her to take the medication.

Nurta's family has read Islamic scripture to her twice a week since May 10, when they learned of her conversion. Somalis traditionally believe that the Quran cures the sick — especially the mentally ill.

Nurta has been shackled to a tree during the day and held in a small, dark room at night, according to Compass. "There is little the community can do about her condition, which is very bad," a Christian source told Compass. "I have advised our community leader to keep monitoring her condition but not to meddle for their own safety. … We need prayers and human advocacy for such inhuman acts, and for freedom of religion for the Somali people."

The Voice of the Martyrs encourages you to pray that Nurta will be encouraged and emboldened as she suffers for her faith. Pray that her steadfast commitment to Christ will soften the hearts of her parents so that they, too, will come to know him. Pray that God will grant wisdom and guidance to the Christian community in Somalia as they share the gospel with their neighbors.

Sunday, 27 June 2010

USA Michigan police arrest Christians for talking to Muslims

by Chris Thomas
Jailed for Jesus in America...Michigan police arrest Christians for talking to Muslims

Four Christians were arrested and jailed for talking to Muslims about Jesus, by order of police chief Ronald Haddad of Dearborn Michigan, who defended the arrests one week after the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals ordered those same police to let Christian evangelist George Saieg preach openly at a Muslim festival there.

"We didn't distribute literature, or preach anything," said one of the four jailed evangelists. "We spoke only to those people who first approached us, we talked only about Jesus' love...and within minutes we were handcuffed and jailed." But Haddad was unrepentant. "We did make four arrests for disorderly conduct," Haddad told Worldnet Daily. "They did cause a stir" [with their free speech about Jesus]. Is talking quietly about Jesus now disorderly, just because some Muslims get angry?

"Allah Akbar!" shouted two Muslims as the Christians were taken away in handcuffs, by police who also seized the Christians' video camera evidence and refused to return video footage of the arrests.

Live video is now on YouTube of another group of three evangelists being detained by the same police the very next day, because they distributed the Gospel of John on a public sidewalk outside the Muslim festival. This new video got 15,000 hits in 3 days, after the police told those being held that city policy states Christian literature is not allowed within 5 city blocks of the Muslim festival, creating a "banned-Bible zone" in violation of the First Amendment. Let's demand an FBI investigation by petitioning Congress.

"The police are enforcing Sharia law in America," said one of the four arrested Christians, explaining that Muslim Sharia law is not just about putting Burkas on women, but also prohibits anyone from talking to Muslims about Jesus, and prevents listeners from escaping Islam by converting to any other religion.

Richard Thompson, President of the Thomas More Law Center (TMLC), defends the Christians from the ministry called Acts 17, saying: "Contrary to the comments made by [corrupt Dearborn] Police Chief Ron Haddad, our Constitution does not allow police to ban the right of free speech just because there are some hecklers. Not all police officers approve of the way their department treated these Christians."

TMLC told Worldnet Daily, "Judge Paul Borman had affirmed the city's ban on handing out Christian material near the festival. It was last year when Dearborn police threatened Saieg with arrest if he handed out information on Christianity near the event." The city's ban was temporarily restrained by the Sixth Circuit, but the Police ignored the court, saying the TRO only applied to Saieg, not to any other Christians.

Arrested on charges of "Breach of the Peace" are: Negeen Mayel, Dr. Nabeel Qureshi, Paul Rezkalla, and David Wood. TMLC reports Mayel, an eighteen year old female, whose parents emigrated from Afghanistan and a recent convert from Islam to Christianity, was also charged with failure to obey a police officer’s orders, [because she raised her voice while being physically violated.] She was approximately 100 feet away and videotaping a discussion with some Muslims when her camera was seized.


Police Chief - Ronald Haddad


Armed Forces Day: Remember the 13,950 British Heroes Killed and Injured by the Lib-Lab-Con War Lie Machine

Armed Forces Day: Remember the 13,950 British Heroes Who Have Been Killed and Injured for the Lib-Lab-Con War Lie Machine

This year’s Armed Forces Day should first and foremost be conducted in honour of the 486 British soldiers who have lost their lives and the 13,464 soldiers who have been wounded in the Lib-Lab-Con’s Lie Machine-generated wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, said British National Party leader Nick Griffin MEP.
“Today should be a day when Britain celebrates our armed forces, their history, heritage, sacrifice and service,” Mr Griffin said.
“All British patriots will indeed stand in honour of our forces. We are immensely proud of them and all that they have done for our land.
“The shadow over today’s services is the war which our army is currently fighting in Afghanistan and the conflict in Iraq,” Mr Griffin continued.
“As the record shows, the Lib-Lab-Con Lie Machine deliberately tricked the British people into supporting the invasion of both those countries on the basis of the most shocking lies yet seen in public life.
“The public were told that Afghanistan needed to be invaded to stop terrorism. In reality, nothing has changed and Islamist terrorist attacks have actually increased since the invasion.
“The public were then told that Iraq needed to be invaded to stop Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction, mobile chemical laboratories and atom bombs. All of that was a lie as well,” he said.
The price Britain’s armed forces have paid for these lies have been horrendous. In Iraq, a total of 179 British soldiers were killed and 5,970 suffered injuries, many of them serious and life-changing.
In Afghanistan, the latest fatality toll is 307, with a further 7,494 injured.
“The life of one British soldier is not worth even a syllable of the lies uttered by Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Nick Clegg,” Mr Griffin continued.
“Our brave armed forces are more than prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice for the good of our nation. That is their tradition, and our nation’s collective heart fairly bursts with pride at their valour, dedication and sacrifice throughout the ages.
“So as we today honour our armed forces, let us not forget those heroes who are still out in the field. Let us join the increasing chorus which is rising across our land: support our troops but bring them home, for humanity’s sake, bring them home.”

The following poem was given to Mr Griffin by one of our members in Cumbria, Helen Stevenson, whose son is currently on a tour of duty in Afghanistan.
It shows the emotions and the unseen suffering of the families and loved ones at home. It is a potent reminder of the scale of suffering unseen by the public and unremarked upon by the mass media.
Helen has showed great courage in sharing this with the chairman. Please read it and ponder on this conflict.  
To hold my precious grandson
To hear the pride of his dad,
It should make me so happy
But it makes me scared and sad.

Will he ever come back to cuddle him
And stroke his tiny hand?
Will he ever return from fighting
In that far off, foreign land?

Will this loving little baby
Ever chuckle to his dad?
Or will 'Dad' just be a story
That will always make him sad?

Will daddy be there to take him
On his very first school run?
Or will he be among our Fallen
Killed by bomb or by the gun?

Will his dad be there to help him
When he takes his driving test?
Or many years before that
Will we have laid my Boy to rest?

If the bloody politicians
Sent their own sons off to fight,
Oh, then they'd quickly change their minds
"This war just isn't right".
Mr. Brown, while you're tucked up
So safe in bed each night,
My son is out there with his mates
Prepared to stand and fight.

Why can't you do the right thing?
Tell them, bring home their guns.
Set me free to place my grandson
In the arms of my soldier son. 

PAKISTAN - Christian Man Faces Death After False Blasphemy Accusation

PAKISTAN - Christian Man Faces Death After False Blasphemy Accusation

Washington, D.C. (June 23, 2010)– International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that a Pakistani Christian was imprisoned on June 19 and faces the death penalty after a Muslim man accused him of blasphemy in Faisalabad, Pakistan.

Sajid Hameed Bajwa accused Rehmat Masih of blaspheming the prophet Muhammad. According to article 295 C of Pakistan’s penal code, blaspheming Muhammad is punishable by death.

Rehmat’s son, Boota Masih, told ICC that the family is fearful of attacks by Muslim mobs. Female members of the family and their children have already left their homes and moved to other areas because of safety concerns.

He also said that the real reason for the accusation stems from a land dispute between his father and Muslims. This has been awaiting trial for sometime.

Rehmat is held at the District Jail Faisalabad. He has not been tortured or mistreated by police.

Boota told ICC, “We want to make peace. We don’t want to leave our home. We have been living here for long time. We own property in this place. We want peace and justice and my father should be set free from jail.”

Several Pakistani Christians have been falsely accused of blasphemy by Muslims. The charges have resulted in mob violence against the accused and other Christians. In August 2009, 11 Christians were killed by Muslim mobs in Gojra, Pakistan after accusation of blasphemy.

ICC’s Regional Manager for South Asia, Jonathan Racho, said “Once again, Muslims are using the blasphemy law in order to settle a personal vendetta. We are extremely concerned for the safety of Rehmat and his family as well as other Christians in the area. We urge Pakistan to protect the Christians from any attacks by Muslims and to immediately release Rehmat.”

Please contact the Pakistani embassy in your countries and politely ask the Pakistani officials to release Rehmat and protect his family and property from any attacks. When you call the embassies, give them the following information: the name of the victim (Rehmat Masih), the name of the police station where he is detained (District Jail Faisalabad) and the names of the police officers in charge of the police station (Qaisar Mushtaq and Sardar Dogar).

Pakistani Embassies:

USA: (202) 243-3254 (phone), (202) 686-1534 (Fax)
Canada: (613) 238-7881 (phone), (613) 238-7298 (Fax)
UK: 0870-005-6967 (phone)
PS How much Longer before this is the case in the UK & USA

Latest EHRC Court Case Update from Nick Griffin

EHRC Court Case Update from Nick Griffin

By Nick Griffin — Yesterday, the British National Party was in court again with the twisted leftwing fanatics of the Equality and Human Rights Commission. Once again, this sinister Orwellian body —backed by all the Establishment parties — is using taxpayers’ money to try to cripple Britain’s only real opposition party.
Make no mistake, people like Trevor Phillips and EHRC’s legal director John Wadham are slippery players. Whilst at first they demanded that our leader and deputy leader be jailed for over matters which they hadn’t even raised in their earlier legal attack, they now seem to be back-peddling.
In the face of a clearly well-prepared BNP defence team, and perhaps now realising the backlash jailing the highly popular leader of the British National Party would create, they have now switched to demanding the ‘sequestration’ (i.e. seizure) of the party’s assets.
 Accordingly, the hearing yesterday was mainly to arrange to transfer the case from the County court to the High Court.
There are two crucial points to grasp here:
First, this is not a criminal hearing, subject to high levels of evidence of some kind of wrong-doing.
Instead, this is a civil action, the kind which can be brought without there being any case against the opposition. It’s not a matter of right and justice, it’s about using taxpayers’ money to abuse the legal system in order to persecute the British National Party.
Second, any sequestration on the issue of contempt of court is strictly temporary. Such a move can only stick if contempt is proven in court, and can only last while the defendants are in contempt of court.
The EHRC’s seventy taxpayer-funded lawyers know full well that their allegations that we are in contempt are extremely weak, being based on their own biased opinions and a highly suspect reading of the law. So provided we can afford to keep up the legal fight, they face an uphill struggle even to get the judgement they seek.
Even more important, they know that the BNP’s new constitution was designed precisely to deal with this kind of totally unjust, always moving the goalposts, attack. It gives the leader the power to change at the stroke of a pen anything the High Court does conclude is ‘unacceptable’ in today’s PC Britain. So even if we are held to be in contempt, which contempt can be undone (‘purged’) within minutes.
So the ‘threat’ of sequestration is in reality merely the EHRC’s reaction to their belated realisation that I am willing to go to prison meant they cannot win the case. So now they are trying to save face, to give Searchlight and its ‘useful idiots’ bogus grounds on which to criticise our leaders, and to bleed us of funds.
Fortunately, we can win this case, and so avoid the huge costs bill which is the last potential weapon they have. The good news is that we have already won the political, moral and constitutional battle. There is nothing they can do now to harm us organisationally. The only threat left is the question of costs, so that is why they are still coming for us even though it is pointless, and it is why we have to keep fighting.
The first step is to collect and submit our evidence, and to deal with theirs. Then we will be applying to force EHRC to drop their persecution of East Birmingham activist Tanya Lumby, who was wholly unnecessarily made a defendant even though she has nothing to do with it. We will then be applying for costs over that part of the action.
Meanwhile, we are in the final stages of working out a separate series of legal counter-attacks against the Equality Commissars. More news of this will be sent to you shortly.
So Round Two of this fight has begun. It will be a fight that will be waged with several things: determination, funds and tenacity. Determination and tenacity are not in short supply: Our enemies should know from my years as leader of the BNP that I will never give in, ever.
Have you wondered why they have launched this fresh assault now? Because they know that our party war chest is low after the election! It is time to rise up again and swing into action, and donations are urgently needed, that’s the bottom line.
I am the leader of this party and thus I am totally responsible for its future, so I won’t lie to you: we need donations urgently. Without your continued loyalty and generosity, we will be unable to keep our legal team in the field over the crucial weeks ahead. Properly funded, this is a fight we can win, but it is also one we could lose for lack of funds to pay for our legal ammunition.
We have two options: 1) sit and let them win judgement on a technicality and cripple us with costs, or 2) summon our British spirit once again and fight like lions in the proud tradition of our hero ancestors. I have chosen option 2, I hope you join me on the front lines because we will win this battle; our children’s futures are at stake. “We will defend our island no matter what the cost may be  . . . we will never surrender!” 

Saturday, 26 June 2010

British Public Experience the True Costs of Electing Madmen

British Public Experience the True Costs of Electing Madmen to Parliament

The British people will soon be experiencing the cost of electing a gaggle of madmen to parliament as domestic “budget cuts” begin to bite with a vengeance through massive job losses — while millions are spent “creating jobs” in Afghanistan.
Military budget cuts.Military budget cuts.According to a post-budget analysis by the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS), at least four in ten courts and police stations are to be closed down in terms of the budget cuts announced this week.
In addition, the IFS said, government departments face enforced savings of at least 33 percent, and not the projected 25 percent.
This will mean, the IFS said, that 20,000 civilian staff and 4,000 community staff will be axed in the police forces alone.
The Ministry of Justice has already come clean on the rationalisation plans and released a proposal to close 40 percent of all courts and what they called “old fashioned police stations.”
In his budget speech, Chancellor George Osborne said there was a need to a “25 percent savings” in domestic spending so that “ministers can protect the NHS and overseas aid.”
The IFS report pointed out that to achieve this goal, domestic cuts in services to British people will see the Home Office, transport, higher education and housing budgets cut by 33 percent.
IFS director Robert Chote said the spending cuts planned by the coalition would more than reverse the entire increase in public spending under the 13 years of Labour.
“We are looking at the longest, deepest, sustained period of cuts to public services spending at least since World War II,” he was quoted as saying.
* Justice Secretary Kenneth Clarke also said that “millions” could be saved from the £2.2 billion prisons budget by “jailing fewer offenders and slashing sentences.”
Rather than going soft on crime, a sensible government would cut prison costs by simply deporting the 13.7 percent of all offenders who are foreign nationals.
The IFS said that if benefits were reduced by a further £13 billion, the average cut in departmental budgets “excluding health and overseas aid” would be 20 percent.
It said the Government was open to the charge that “putting aside announcements already made by Labour” the Budget hit the lowest paid hardest.
* * Meanwhile, the Department for International Development, which coordinates Britain’s foreign aid programme, has confirmed that International Development Secretary Andrew Mitchell will announce details of a new £200 million aid package to Afghanistan at a conference in Kabul on 20 July 2010.
This money is in addition to the £510 million already committed to Afghanistan to “make government more effective, create jobs and encourage economic growth, promote stability and development in Helmand and provide alternatives to poppy growing,” according to the DFID country programme.

Schools in Birmingham and London at Breaking Point

The Colonisation of Britain: Schools in Birmingham and London at Breaking Point

The Third World colonisation of Britain has pushed schools in Birmingham and London to “meltdown” as this country’s population has risen at a rate double that of the last decade, new figures have shown.
According to figures released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), Britain’s population now stands close to 62 million.
The ONS has ascribed this increase to immigration and the higher birth rates of Third World colonisers.
“The latest leap in numbers has also been pushed by growing birth rates,” the ONS said.
About 45 percent of last year's population rise was brought about by immigration and 55 percent by what the ONS called a “natural increase.”
At least 25 percent of live births in Britain last year were to women not born in this country.
When second and third generation Third World immigrant mothers are added in, this figure rises to 51 percent of all live births in the 2008/2009 period.
This colonisation via the womb has placed unbearable strains on our nation’s schooling system.
In London, it has been reported that primary schools face a “meltdown” due to a demand for 103,000 extra places.
Official projections show 16 percent more pupils will need to be accommodated by 2014 because of the rising birth rate, reports said.
Primaries in many parts of London are already full, and the Government admits that the surge in five- to 11-year-olds is of major concern.
The increase in numbers will also place further pressure on the education budget which is set to be cut by up to 25 percent in order to increase foreign aid, the Afghanistan war and EU payments.
London will need to build extra classrooms, with the primary school population set to rise from 645,000 this year to 748,000 by 2014.
London's rising birth rate is the result of the immigration tsunami and councils will need to open the equivalent of 294 new average-sized primary schools by 2014.
In 2007 it was reported that white British children were already a minority in London’s schools.
In Tower Hamlets, 15 percent of primary school pupils are classed as white, while in Newham the figure was 12 percent.
In Birmingham, “emergency funding” worth £1.3 million will be used to build temporary classrooms at nine oversubscribed primary schools.
The city’s cabinet property committee heard this week that there is now less accommodation in Birmingham schools than there was in 1991.
The committee heard that the growing birth rate will mean that Birmingham will have a shortage of 3,000 reception places between now and 2020.
Evidence presented to the committee showed that there has been an increase in the birth rate in that city of 21 percent between 2001 and 2008.
In January this year, Birmingham City Council announced in a report on schools in the city that Asian children outnumbered white pupils in primary schools for the first time.
Only 39 percent of kids aged seven at school in the city are white, the report said.
* In Bradford, only 53 percent of pupils are white, while in Blackburn and Manchester, less than 60 percent of primary pupils are white.
In Leicester, 41 percent of pupils are white.
Recommended reading: The Immigration Invasion: How Third World Immigration is Destroying the First World and What Must be Done to Stop It.
By Arthur Kemp. A shocking book detailing the full extent of the Third World immigration wave which is swamping the Western World.
Using the latest numbers and projections, it explains why Third World immigration will destroy the First World, with individual chapters on Britain, Europe, Russia, Canada, the USA, Australia and New Zealand.
This book shows that, if left unchecked, the First World will be overrun within the next 50 years.
Finally, the last chapter discusses what needs to be done to prevent this catastrophe. Softcover, 140 pp.

Cameron Is about to Abandon “Capped Migration” Nonsense

Tory Media Awash with Speculation that David Cameron Is about to Abandon “Capped Migration” Nonsense

The Tory-supporting media is awash with panicked reports that David Cameron’s ConDem coalition government is about to abandon yet another of its election promises, this time the patently ridiculous “immigration cap” policy.
This policy, which Mr Cameron promised to introduce on top of the already failed “points-based-system” introduced by his Labour colleagues, was supposed to bring immigration down to the “tens of thousands” — as if this was some type of answer to the colonisation problem.
According to a report in the Financial Times, “senior Conservative ministers are forcing a rethink on the party’s flagship immigration policy to make it more business-friendly after warning that a rigid cap on migrants could damage the British economy,” a claim repeated by the Daily Telegraph and other newspapers.
According to the reports, the entire policy is now under “reconsideration” and Home Secretary Theresa May is going to launch a “consultation” on immigration policy which will “reflect the concerns of the City, industry and cabinet colleagues” when the final policy is drafted.
The panicked Tory papers have not pointed out the obvious fact that there should in theory be no need to “draw up a final policy” as the Tories promised to implement the cap as their main immigration platform during the election.
The Tory activists however know this well, and a hysterical article posted today on the Tory Home website by Conservative MP for Wycombe, Paul Goodman, called the move to drop the cap policy a “serious strategic blunder.”
Mr Goodman’s remarks provoked interesting reactions from Tory activists in the comments section on that site.
“A line in the sand must be drawn on this. We will lose thousands of activists and a few million votes, if it is not brought in for 2011,” wrote one commentator.
Another said “You're right about losing activists. Wriggle out of this one and a significant number of us will be saying cheerio” while a third pointed out that “Labour lost a lot of members to the BNP and these were people concerned about Labour's open-door Immigration policy. I foresee the Tories starting to lose members also to the BNP . . . they renege on the promised immigration cuts.”
According to the media reports, Education Secretary Michael Gove and Universities Secretary David Willetts and Minister of State at the Cabinet Office Oliver Letwin are “among those who have warned that a rigid cap could call into question the coalition’s claim that Britain is open for business.”
Astonishingly, Mr Gove and Mr Letwin were closely involved in drawing up the Tory manifesto in which the cap policy was central.
All of these debates merely illustrate once again that none of the Westminster parties have any clue on the real issue which mass Third World immigration creates, namely the steady transformation of Britain into a Third World country.
The only way that this demographic disaster can be avoided is by halting all immigration and implementing policies designed to encourage the repatriation of exiting immigrant populations.
Any policy which aims at less than that is merely rearranging deckchairs on the Titanic.